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Ever wondered what the difference between FIFA 14 and PES 14 were?

Well, here you go.

Warning: Explicit! (Click to show)

Warning: Explicit! (Click to show)
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Received a closed beta invite for Dawngate today. No giveaway, regular "signup for beta thingy" on their website. Servers should go live soon.
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First game 14/3/7, including a triple kill. So far it's fun. wink.gif
Second game, 13/5/13. I figured there would be much better players playing the closed beta. Maybe that was a while ago.
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How is it compared to lol?
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Well, it's hard to tell given that I'm a novice in LoL too (just level 27 and played for a short time) and have played just four games so far. I guess it's best to judge for yourself. I like LoL a lot, but Dawngate seems quite fun too.

Most apparent "differences":
- Map design.
- Easier for supp to gain gold.
- Different character customization.
- Towers respawn.
- Free wards.
- "Nexus" has three life bars, and unless you finish a bar, it regenerates if the "nexus" is out of combat. Also, it fights back.
- Different item system based on stats (unfortunately, just passives and no actives for the items yet).
- Oh, and no five-minute-loading-screens.

These videos give a good overview.

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First penta/omni kill. Finished with 15/13/8.. so overall not great, but who cares, penta! (and I didn't even use my power buff shog[1].gif)

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Bioshock Infinite. It's on sale on Xbox live for 20 bucks. Excellent game, totally worth it.
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F1 2013 released today! Got the classic version on PC which is a nice addition.
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World of Goo. I had played it years ago on Wii but it's on sale this weekend for 99 cents. Still a great game, and I usually don't care that much for puzzle games.
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I've also been replaying Knights of the Old Republic, which is also still a great game.
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^KotOR 1 or 2?

First game of DotA 2. Nyx Assassin or something. Our team got stomped by some Pudge with 19/1/11. I had 4/9/4 and no idea what I'm doing. Sigh.
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Originally Posted by b1os View Post

^KotOR 1 or 2?.

I said it was good, so obvs. KOTOR 1.

Joking, sort of. KOTOR 2 isn't bad, really, just an unfinished mess of a game.
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Originally Posted by munchausen View Post

I said it was good, so obvs. KOTOR 1.

Joking, sort of. KOTOR 2 isn't bad, really, just an unfinished mess of a game.

If you haven't yet done so, you need to play KOTOR 2 with the restored content mod. It, like the name states, adds a lot of content to the game that was cut from the original release and fixes a ton of bugs. It makes KOTOR 2 a worthy successor to the first one.
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Has anyone played Endless Space? It's on Steam sale and looks intriguing.
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Originally Posted by gort View Post

This evil within game looks badass

I really hope it lives up to the hype.
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