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I hear fire emblem is good but I never got into final fantasy tactics or games like that. I have resident evil and will probably get donkey kong because i fucking loved donkey kong country on SNES as a kid. God damn nostalgia. shog[1].gif
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3DS XL owners should buy Etrian Odyssey 4 immediately. One of the best games this year.
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Tuesday. I can't wait.
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I'm waiting to buy it on PC.

I know, I know.

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// dead. :crackup:Game of all time.

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I never got into the GTA games. Just running around killing people and stealing their cars got boring for me after 10 minutes.
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Well, you could always do that or complete the missions. The missions are what made the games. I stopped buying/playing them after SAn Andreas though.
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Think I'm going to look into EQNext this weekend. I need a game I can play casually (thought I'd never say that).
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Originally Posted by lesamourai View Post

I'm waiting to buy it on PC.

I'll probably "buy" it when it comes to the PC also for the graphic upgrade, but one of the best video game experiences I've ever had is playing MP with some of my friends shortly after the last GTA came out. Just pure ridiculousness.
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errybody caught up in dat dere GTAV?

I havent been able to play that much yet, but I'm enjoying it so far. Driving mechanics greatly improved from GTAIV
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Eagerly awaiting the PC version, though it may take some time.

Fifa 14 to be released soon. Still majorly pissed off about the reinvented 2-tier-system but I've been enjoying the demo.
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Preloading Fifa 14 at the moment. Playable from the 26th onwards in Europe (and other regions), however from the 24th onwards in NA. I'll probably use a proxy on the 24th & 25th.
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This evil within game looks badass
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Fifa 14 is pretty fun. FlyVPN works well. Anyone wanna play?
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I'm playing GTA V now. I really enjoy the overall look of the game. It's like a stereotypical LA without being too cheesy. I'm really enjoying Trevor and the inclusion of the Salton Sea. The game is so much better than GTA IV which I think had a lot work put into it, was fairly polished, but not very fun to play.
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