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Originally Posted by gort View Post

Bought it, haven't played yet. I still need to finish up uncharted 3.

Absolutely loved Uncharted 3.
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diablo3 beta was a massive disappointment. its not a matter of the content or the difficulty - which are obviously going to be limited in a beta - its that the game just isn't fun. "the same game but better mechanics" thing worked for starcraft 2, since its a strategy game which benefits highly from balance and polish; there's a lot of critical thought that goes into playing the game at a high level so building the game around that makes sense. now, we all know diablo always has and will be a mindless clickfest, but it just isn't fun to play. im still going to buy the full version, so hopefully they unfuck the game by then.
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Having got it in November, I'm still going through my Skyrim phase. I must have spent about a hundred hours on it so far. I know it's modest compared to a lot of others, but I don't usually have too much time to play video games on a regular basis. If it's not Skyrim, I'm often playing Minecraft or Europa Universalis III: Complete.

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Skyrim is modest compared to what? I am unaware of any games as immersive as anything in the TES series.
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I think he's saying his play time is modest compared to others. He has a point. I think Ive got at least 300 hours in that stupid game. Probably got to 100 in the first month.
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Anyone play Assassin's Creed?

Ubisoft just released the ACIII character. American Revolution FTMFW icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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Saints Row the Third - That was such a epic game when it came out in november and it still is consistently awersome, it wasn't a game i expected back in september to be any good at all. than boom - It was a overwhelming excellent game.


Now waiting for GTA 5 to be announced - Come to us this year hopfully!

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I have to say, the marketing for ME3 has been stellar. All the commercials are superb and make me want to play the game; even though I've somehow avoided playing any of the previous ones.
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i played the demo and it's pretty freaking awesome. i'm tempted to get the first 2 at a discount and play the entire story. by the time i'm done, 3 will be discounted.

i'm definitely gonna jump on assassin's creed ASAP. i love that shit.
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I just started playing - Star Wars MMO for the PC... It is epic! - Doesn't remind me of World of Warcraft!...Addiction fail. 

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I wasn't really feeling the ME3 demo. Probably just not in the mood for it.
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Originally Posted by DannyJman View Post

I just started playing - Star Wars MMO for the PC... It is epic! - Doesn't remind me of World of Warcraft!...Addiction fail. 

Agent is the best.
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Been playing a lot of Fallout 3....

Game started out really slow story wise. But starting to get interesting. I found Skyrim more enjoyable, but I like the atmosphere of Fallout with the nuclear fallout.
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Got ME3 yesterday - played through the two intro missions. The combat is very similar (you actually import your powers from ME2 along with your character) but there are some improvements to how you fire out of cover. The graphics though... it's really well done and if it were a standalone first game I would have no issue but it's such a different visual than ME2 that it's jarring. And the character import for faces doesn't work properly. Going to probably have to spend a couple of hours tonight starting over and trying to tweak the appearance thing to make my Shep look like she used to. It sounds a bit petty but someone complaining on a forum about this posted the best explanation of how much it interferes with your experience: "imagine watching Raiders, then watching Temple of Doom... then you go to watch Last Crusade, but instead of Harrison Ford playing Indy, it's Bruce Willis with Harrison Ford's voice dubbed in."
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