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Finished Hourglass a couple weeks ago, currently playing not shit. But next Tuesday, Mario Galaxy!! Aslo I'll probably use Toys R Us's crazy Mario gift card deal to get Zack & Wiki the same day.
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Currently playing Hellgate: London. It's pretty stupid while still surprisingly pleasant, and at least it refines Diablo well enough. Sadly, has less story and character than Diablo 2, if you can believe that. Also playing Stranglehold, which is basically Max Payne 1.5. It's alright, but nothing special. There needs to be a Max Payne 3. Also also playing Marathon, because I have no 360 and cannot play Halo 3. Will be playing Gears and CoD4 soon. Brian is wrong about Assassin's Creed because Jade Raymond is prettier than he is QED.
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If Jade Raymond sucked my dick, I'd say Assassin's Creed is going to be the most amazing game ever. But as it is, it looks meh.
Currently playing Hellgate: London. It's pretty stupid while still surprisingly pleasant, and at least it refines Diablo well enough. Sadly, has less story and character than Diablo 2, if you can believe that.
I downloaded the demo and didn't get too into it. I enjoyed it a bit but it felt like it lacked real polish. I am so amped for Mario Galaxy. The reviews have been amazing. Metascore is 96 so far, which is fighting with a few others for the top spot, period.
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dota .49 -rd us/ca NO NOOBS
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Anyone with the bad are the graphics? I hear only 480p? What are the best games to get for it?
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If there's one thing I've learned from Assassin's Creed, it's that the one surefire way for a game company to generate insane hype for a game nobody's played is to hire a hot girl and make it look like she's the entire development team.
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In all seriousness, Raymond really does know her shit and doesn't just play a developer in interviews. And Assassin's Creed looks pretty cool, though considering she and her team were responsible for the Prince of Persia games (which I fucking loathed), I'll wait and see.
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post
Anyone with the bad are the graphics? I hear only 480p? What are the best games to get for it?
I was going to make a quick reply but I might as well just open the flood gates for my Wii-love: It's a pretty big jump down in resolution if you're used to playing the HD-output systems and then going to the Wii, but that said the games on it are really fun and considering the low price-tag it's pretty much a must-own, if for nothing else than to be able to play Nintendo's games which are by and large excellent (besides, where else can you make a little 3d Freddy Mercury?). Just don't buy it thinking it's going to show off your 55" hi-def TV, because chances are it's going to make it look worse. Anyway, here is my Wii library: Zelda: Twilight Princess - pretty standard stuff as far as Zelda goes in terms of gameplay, that said the game is awesome from start to finish and despite being a little easy at times it's damn near perfect. Wario Ware - quirky mini-games, some of them lasting less than 3 or 4 seconds. It's a very Japanese game and it is without surprise that Japanese friends seem to love it. I like the game a lot and it's nice to pull out from time to time, especially since there are modes up to 12 players so if you have a lot of friends over, have a few drinks in you and want some good laughs it's fun. Wii Sports - comes with the system. This is what everyone buys the system for, it's decent but not amazing. Pretty shallow sports game with good use of the Wii Remote Trauma Center: Second Opinion - fun little game, you play as a surgeon and use the Wii Remote to perform surgery on patients, including suturing, removing broken glass from internal organs, re-assembling broken bones, etc. It's cartoon-gory and fun, but the story is nothing short of annoying and at high levels it gets way out of control with these crazy viruses, and on the higher difficulties it's *REALLY* hard. The sequel is coming out soon. All in all this game is pretty fun, good one to trade off with friends on. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption - this has to be one of my favorite games. I loved the original Metroid Prime, but the way this game uses the Wii remote is fucking awesome. Some people tend to enjoy this more than others - it's very exploration based with a fair bit of puzzles and a lot of collecting if you're down for it. The boss fights are very cool and combat in general is a ton of fun. This is my favorite game out on the Wii as of yet. Super Paper Mario - a retro-fest Mario game with many traditional side-scrolling platform elements, but with a chunk of dialogue / story-line RPG elements as well as leveling up and item use. Good game, quirky and enjoyable but a lot of people don't dig its cutesy style. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition - this is a must-have for Wii owners who haven't played through RE4 already. The controls make it really fun, and the game itself (originally released on Gamecube) is one of the best games of all time, IMO. The fact that it's only $30 makes it an even better deal. Zack & Wiki - this is quickly becoming one of my favorite games. It's a point-and-click adventure in the same vein as the old computer PnC games like Monkey Island. It's already been discussed in this thread. I would say not to let the cute style of this game turn you off because at its core its definitely an adult game and quite difficult. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn - the new Fire Emblem game, more of the same, which is to say that it's at the top of its class for strategy games. Reviews are pretty good, with a few stellar mentions. Doesn't use the Wii Remote for motion sensitivity or pointing, which is kind of a bummer, but it's only out on Wii so no other option for it, really. Future Wii Releases: Super Mario Galaxy - *spooge* Super Smash Bros Brawl - *spooge* Nights 2 - tons of press coming out on this one. A very long-awaited sequel to a cult-classic surrealist game, originally out on Saturn. Smarty Pants - Planet Moon-developed family-oriented trivia game which despite it's run-of-the-mill looks, is sounding like it's going to actually be really awesome. No More Heroes - Suda51-developed cell-shaded hack & slasher, so far I'm stoked but there's a long way ahead as this one keeps getting pushed back Day of Crisis - developed by the Baten Kaitos team (an amazing and highly underrated RPG series on the GameCube), about escaping from natural disasters. Could be very very cool Okami - port of a highly-rated but poorly sold PS2 game. Similar to Zelda, great game, beautiful graphics and it should be even better on the Wii since the drawing part of it will use the remote instead of an analog stick.
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Brian: I look forward to getting my ass kicked by you at SSSB.
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...waiting for Kotor3 and The Force Unleashed to come out.....

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Brian, thanks for the good reply. I'm just not a console guy but my wife's one failing (other than that she's neither a millionaire heiress or bi-sexual) is that she never had the slightest interest in EQ or WoW. She wants a Wii so we're getting one as I hope she might join me one day in an mmorpg and I figure this is the gateway drug
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Originally Posted by Brian SD View Post
dota .49 -rd us/ca NO NOOBS

+1. DotA is the only game I play.
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All i have been plaing for the last couple of weeks is TF2. Like jonglover, i finished Portal the day it was released (pity it was so short, thought it was brilliant, awesome atmosphere); and Episode 2 over the next 2 days (again, absolutely brilliant.. left me hanging for the next installment).

I think TF2 is awesome, and definately a worthy successor to the first. More maps are on the way, they need hunted, cz2, rock2 and avanti as the bare minimum. TFC was the first online game i really got in to (after playing HLDM for a while, which was incredibly fun); and i'm happy that the game is different enough to feel fresh, but similar enough to feel familiar. I played fortress forever twice, doesn't play as well as TF2.

Oh, and for the last 7-8 years, red team sniper .
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Guitar Hero III
Madden 08
Jet Grind Radio
Project Justice: Rival Schools 2
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I'm playing Vampire: the Masquerade- Bloodlines again since they had it for $10 on Steam.

In about a month I should be getting a new computer and playing a few games that have been collecting dust because my current computer cant handle them; namely GRAW2, Rainbow Six: Vegas, and Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.
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