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Originally Posted by dusty View Post
I'm playing the new Mario RPG and it is hilarious.

Awesome. Last DS iteration was kind of flat, so I was looking forward to this...

And thanks for the recommendations, guys. I've actually played Fallout 3. Batman game sounds like a good Splinter Cell starring Batman, so I think I might snatch it off of Amazon tonight. Hope that and Scribblenauts do well for WB so they'll continue to invest in good development rather than just churning out licensed shit.
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mario galaxy or what? just got a wii, behind the curve.
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Originally Posted by Lel View Post
Also, more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 news with some specific info on new perks, abilities, etc.

What can I say? Fucking awesome.

Amazing. Another GOTY for Infinity Ward. I hope the callsigns don't get too intrusive though.
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MW2 looks good but for some reason I don't think it will fare well in hardcore, which is all I play. Also, from the videos I've seen the graphics look too cartoonish. And sentry guns? Really? I'm starting to get cynical.
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I recently started playing Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Say peace out to my social life for awhile. This game is amazing.
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I also finished the story on Batman Arkham Asylum last night. Had a cold this week which sped things along At first I thought I made a mistake buying it. The riddler challenges were annoying, the storyline jumped around a lot, there were inaccessible areas all over the map, and the combat was just mashing X. Eventually I got into the riddler challenge. The first time I solved the ? puzzle was a big AHA moment and the ? visible from the tower was cool. The storyline was still jumpy but at least you get some cool gadgets that let you into the locked areas. Most importantly I learned how to free flow.
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I have an MSG4 question if anyone can help.

Can you fix the camera to stay behind Snake at all times even when hes moving instead of me having to adjust it as he moves?
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Man, I haven't played MGS 4 in a long time, but I've never had an issue with that, but you're supposed to be constantly watching around Snake to sneak about but tweak the camera settings a bit.
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Thinking of playing a new mmorpg called Aion. Fuck it. Iz bored with studying all the time.
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started fallout 3 last night.

...see you guys in six months.
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Uncharted 2 looks amazing. I can't wait to play co-op.
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Originally Posted by cheessus View Post
Uncharted 2 looks amazing. I can't wait to play co-op.

Multiplayer Beta goes public next week.
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Has anyone played the Brutal Legend demo? It's hilarious. I'm at most a casual metal fan, but Tim Schafer does some great game design. I love playing through Full Throttle again every few years too.
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I'm thinking of starting Grim Fandango again soon. Some nostalgic ish, heh.
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RE5 for PC is a good port- still better play it with a controller, though. I'm strill grappling with the controls, and I loved RE4.
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