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Ideal gym

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I just bought ths gym here in Md. I have 2,000 members and am looking to spruce it up a little bit. He have TV's on all cardio equipment and tons of free weight and cardio equipment. I have a few ideas but was wondering if anyone belong to a club that had something that they thought was good and that drew alot of customers.
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I go to what is considered a high end gym in Montreal (big gay clientel it seems). I'd definately have a very nice lounging area, make sure the change rooms are always VERY clean and don't smell, always 2 fresh white towels for every member when they enter, and update the look every 6 months. New paint job does it.
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Then raise rates. Many times when you buy into a new investment, you come to realize that the previous owner failed to raise prices enough along the way, if at all. That's one of my problems right now -- I have a client still paying 2001 rates negotiated by the previous management team. Uh, it's almost 2005 now. We are raising rates. We raised rates on all of our other clients and we have yet to receive a single complaint. Meanwhile, our profits are booming. Your situation may be different, but it's worth studying and considering to get your ROI up.
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An assortment of punching bags is always nice. I don't know what your client base is like, but I like punching bags.
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a good squat rack is something that people usually don't have at home. I love gyms with squat racks. on a higher level, I was a guest in one once that had the cardio machines set up in a ring, facing each other, so people could either wathc tv or talk.
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the gyms i've been a member at tend to have both free weights and machines. in general with plenty of exceptions, the women prefer the machines and the men prefer the free weights. (this generalization breaks down at several points though.) i tended to like the cardio machines that faced a window. sometimes i read a magazine - if you can get a good variety of magazines and newspapers, i think people would appreciate that. some gyms have a juice bar, but that's getting into food service and a whole nother can of management worms. sorry to put 'worms' and 'food service' in the same sentence. /andrew
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Definitely have an area with a speedbag and a heavy bag. There are variants that are fun/useful too, but those are the basics. For the women, mainly, a separated, hardwood floor area where they can set up and do yoga, stretches, etc...
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a friend of mine belongs to a gym that has parties. I really am not into that, but he likes it, and he is of a demagraphic with more disposible income than I am (I want the cheapest gym that I can walk to with a squat rack and opens early in the morning, if it fits that, I don't care if it has rats and doesn't heat, that works for me). I also belonged once to a 24 hour gym which was great.
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My biggest thing would be for you to hire good staff. Get some qualified personal trainers and make sure they are approachable and available to your customers. As a teenager, I was, briefly, a member of a gym where the workers were all huge bodybuilders and would stand around talking to each other without appearing to be available to help the clients. I, as a skinny teen, was intimidated by that and needless to say, quickly found a different gym. I would also have a nutritionist on staff and develop a good monthly newsletter that covers aspects of fitness beyond just exercise. Again, the idea of proper nutrition, rest and mental well-being. Bradford
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If asked what my ideal gym would be, it would have the following: - Large, clean weight room with both machines (in a circuit for women who tend to use them most) and free weight section (with at least 2 squat racks, 4 benches, 2 inclines, and 2 decline benches, along with the standard curl station) - Dry towels at several points, and just as many places to drop your used ones off - multiple water fountains too - Hot towels in the locker room - Clean locker room (no rust on the lockers, no paint chipped off, this is not our high school gym) - Multiple, sectioned off (with full shower curtains) showering stations + changing stations so we can shower and then get dressed quietly (and without having to be uncomfortable). Remember, there are fathers who will like to bring their children, so they still would like somewhat of a family friendly environment, even in a locker room. Hell, children aside, I, along with many others who I know don't like seeing naked guys all the time. - An employee in the locker room to provide toiletrees (sp?) and doubles to prevent wanton acts (I'd cancel my membership the first day I saw sex (gay or straight) in the locker room, and it happens) - Cardio machines pointed towards televisions in one section, cardio machines pointed towards a large window with a nice view. A lot of ellipticals too, I'm tired of the lines for them. I'm sure I could think of others, but above all, a friendly staff is a big step. Oh, and keep the music low, I don't want to hear your staffers pick of "Do the Rocawear" when I'm benching - though background music does make it friendlier. What gym is it and where is it located? I'm a Maryland resident.
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