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I also like the ticket pocket. I think it adds a little interest and panache. Also, it helps break up the verticle field -- good for tall guys. I get all my suits -- DB and SB -- with ticket pockets. Unless, of course, the suit has patch pockets.
Hmm...a patch ticket pocket... Jon.
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Here's a couple ticket pocket jackets I have to show how it can be formal or informal...
Is the second, SB jacket Kiton? If not, which Neapolitan company made it? Jon.
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(imageWIS @ 08 Oct. 2004, 06:34) Is the second, SB jacket Kiton? If not, which Neapolitan company made it? Jon.
That is praise indeed. Actually, I have the same question... Believe it or not, it is RTW Ralph Lauren Blue Label. I bought it a few months ago at the Polo store. Retail was $1295, I think. And I got it on sale - I don't remember how much I paid, but it was considerably less. You can imagine my reaction when I found it. It was the only one in the store, and a 36 short. It is, of course, made in Italy. The fabric is 52% silk, 48% virgin wool. My only complaint is that the fabric pulls all the time. There are so many pulls in the fabric, and I haven't really worn it that much. But, yes, there is very little padding at all in the shoulders. The jacket literally molds to my body. The shoulders are very soft and the waist is narrow. It was a good find.
Damn. That is a good find. I can never find 38 S, so forget about 36 S. the barchetta pocket is definitely not typical RL Polo (or RLPL for that matter) style. Jon.
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zipj, I notice that the RL Blue Label jacket has a (fashion ignorance here) Neck button or neck latch. What do you - or anyone else - think of that? I always associated it with hunting-type Orvis-y jackets, but I've seen it on sleeker Italian-style jackets as well.. What's the deal?
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On suits for business I think ticket pockets look affected. I would avoid it.
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I have ticket pockets on everything, including my overcoats. I got them without flaps, and on the left side (I am left handed). they are perfect for a treo, and the weight sits great at that point. I would say that most italians and brits that I know seem to have ticket pockets, including city boys. you can't get much more formal than that.
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I recently faced the same decision. I am in the process of having a navy blue pinstripe suit made by Dege & Skinner of Savile Row. When I asked William Skinner of D&S what he thought, he recommended no ticket pocket if the purpose of the suit was business wear. I tookj his advice. However, he showed me one of his own suits, a glen plaid model, that had a ticket pocket and the sportcoat he was wearing also had a ticket pocket. Since it seems that you are purchasing a conservative business suit, I would go with no ticket pocket.
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