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I think I have the navy version of these and mine have buttons instead of a zipper and kind of a high rise, I suppose that equates to a drop crotch but I am not sure which the photo you posted are. Anyway I said they have size 38 but they list 48 EU and 32 US which would be a 40 in my experience but again its yoox so it is hard to be certain

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Just received my black jeans. They are roomy in the thighs and tapers nicely. Thanks OccultaVexillum for the fit info. To those who own these jeans: How much do they bleed? Are they one wash or raw? Should I give them a cold soak before wearing?
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No worries, still waiting on mine. I ended up getting them for $73 ha.

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What size jeans did you end up with OV?

I'm really curious about these too. Especially interested in the thigh measurement.
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I got the black 34's from Ssense. Should be here Monday. CS assured me they are the "AMI fit" so they should fit the same as my washed AMI fit that I got from East Dane last year.

Fwiw my washed version measure as:
Waist - 17.5"
F rise - 11"
Thigh - 12.4"
And I had them tapered from about 7.2" down to 6.75".
And they stretched out a lot. When I first got them you could tell the weave was really tight like they'd just been washed and dried.
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Alright my black AMI fit just came in from Ssense and they actually fit bigger than the washed blue and washed grey version.


I posted the blue above, which is the same as the grey (except for the hem, which is just over 7" on the grey because I haven't had it tapered, probably wont).

The black, straight out of the bag, are:

waist - 18"

f rise - 11.5"

thigh - 12.8"

inseam - 33.5"

hem - 7.3"


I will have these tapered to a 6.75" opening too. Still a great, relaxed fit with a taper. 

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Wow, those sound great!

Do you think the black ones you got fit bigger because they are a newer version or because they're different denim?
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They're the same season as the grey wash so I think it must just be the washing process that makes the others a little slimmer. The black are just over dyed, there doesn't seem to be any wash at all, just solid black. So I'm guessing this is how they all fit to begin with but after they blue and grey got washed, distressed, washed again etc they shrunk a little.
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Thanks for the advice.

I'm strongly considering the acid wash grey jeans, hopefully they stretch out a bit if they fit smaller.
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Maaaaan. I really wanted the black leather ones from this season but only Ssense got the black in Nth America and apparently never got a 45, then I saw these for SS16.... Praying all the stockists picked these up in 45's.
Has anybody got experience with the footwear? If the ami webshop has a sale I will probably grab a pair of the black leather, anyway, I really really like these but oddly enough I have no interest in slp or any other variants of jodhpurs really.

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I really like the black AMI versions but don't have any interest in SeF, SLP Jodh's either. I dunno what it is about them, as they're not even styled that well on Ssense.

Where did you see the SS16 pics BTW?
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Yeah I don't know what it is about them either. The buckle even looks really flimsy on Ssense but I like them a lot. I mean I like that it's a pretty low sole and heel, slp is way to high and feminine for my taste and Sef is pretty much the same.
Did you see this seasons black ones anywhere else? I know east Dane had the brown leather (but no 45's) and Opening Cermeny had the moc toe boots. I don't know anywhere else with the jods outside of the webshop.
I saw those tan suede browsing Instagram, it said it was for SS16 but I don't know what the account was. I think it was a French boutique or something.
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Nah just on Ssense I think, I'll keep an eye out for you though.

I guess I'm slow on the draw as Now Fashion has had the SS16 show up for a while

I've been looking for some navy pleated pants for a while too

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Cool. Thanks.
While we're at it if anybody sees one of the oversized crew neck sweaters in the mohair blend in XL please let me know (pref light grey but any colour will do).

Ps totokaelo carried the navy pleated Ervell trousers which looked really good. Only S/30 and M/32 left though.
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do you guys have the standard AMI logo sweatshirt? Thinking of picking one up. How does it fit? I'm thinking of sizing down one so its a little tighter.


been following this brand since season one with interest, pretty nice stuff but yet to cop a piece from him.

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