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Originally Posted by TheNeedMachine View Post

Any ATL-area person want 2 tickets to Atlanta Opera's The Abduction from the Seraglio for Friday Oct 14th?  I have a voucher (bring to the box office, get 2 tickets).  I won't be going.  Free.  PM me.



Deets: voucher good for 2 D-Zone Grand Tier tickets.  Only good for the date, performance, and seating area listed above.  I'd suggest visiting the box office as far in advance as possible to get the tickets, to at least ensure you get 2 sets together.  Not sure where the D Zone Grand Tier is, aside from it being the upper-most level.  Box office hours are Mon-Fri 10a-6p, and Sat 10a-2p.


I highly recommend a night at the opera to anyone who hasn't been. These days operas have subtitles, so you don't miss out on anything by not speaking the language.

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i'd also heartily recommend ANYTHING Mozart. i've never heard Seraglio but i've seen The Magic Flute (and listened to it about 1000 times) and Don Giovanni and with the titles and stage action it's great. somebody near ATL should hop on those tix and take a date.

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First one of these for me.

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One moving sale, one thrift, and one TJX.





This stuff smells so good!










Yet another BB for me.













Don't know jack about this, other than I know the Callaway Big Bertha name...







"The" Fisher model 600-T professional series.  Works!






Buckhead Station TJX still had 3 on the racks as of a few hours ago, in sizes 0, 2 and 3.






Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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My fatwood smells good too.

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In field...

vintage bike lovers: sekai 400 series worth picking up? Under $50 in great condition for age. Not familiar with brand besides know it's Japanese and lugged.
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sure, why not.
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So that's why I haven't been finding any decent glasses/sunglasses at GW.......
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More on that later.

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Alain Mikli
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Vintage Robert Claude France

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the past couple of posts seem shady.
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Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

Not to be a downer in the thread but 15 years ago today I watched some really fucked up shit happen with my own eyes. Its hard to believe that it was that long ago but it still feels like yesterday. That first plane flew right over my head as I stood on the corner of 5th Avenue that morning and I'll never forget saying to my friend just before it crashed "thats weird, whens the last time you saw a plane in the city?" After that, I walked over to my fathers office on Lexington Avenue and went up to see him in his office - where he was on the phone with his best friend who worked for Cantor Fitzgerald….as the second plane hit and the line went dead (as did his friend). We left the office and scrambled to find an ATM and took out as much money as we could. Then we couldnt make any phone calls because the cell towers were down, so we waited 45 minutes amidst multiple fist fights trying to get to a pay phone to call my mother to tell her we were alright. We walked 5 miles across the 59th street bridge from midtown Manhattan into Queens and got a ride from someone from there. I got as far as Forest Hills, to my ex-girlfriends house, where I collapsed and cried for the next 4 or 5 hours, then finally made by way back to Long Island.

Make sure you take a second today to appreciate how lucky we are to be on this side of the ground and to have the freedom to be able to do and talk about things like this that we love.


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Some recent stuff.








Lo Sport

NWT PRL by Corn

PRL by Corn






Real or embossed? I'm thinking real but wanted a second opinion. @SpooPoker?



Locals will recognize these. They had been at this store for 6 months or so and were priced ridiculously. They had dropped them several time but no one bit. The manager was at the showcase when I was there and I asked when they were going to drop them again. He said to make him an offer. I ended up with all three for where they had the cheapest one priced. All gator. The RLPLs have sterling buckles.






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This guy was having a yardsale today, I was hoping for some great finds due to the close relationship to Tres ien, but either I got there to late or he keptnthe best stuff for himself heh..

Snagged these pieces atleast

The vibskov cardigan is insane, as every other vibskov piece...the gitman is nice and I wish it fit me, but its too big.. The pants are just a pair of whyred (swedish brand) that I was hoping to use this winter.. But too big also.

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