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The official thrift/discount store bragging thread - Part II (Return to the Thunderdome) - Page 2944

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I finally see what the big deal is wit these sweaters.




Tom Era?




POP for me...I just wish it fit me.





CoCo approved...


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@Fueco, my heart breaks for you and your wife.  I pray your trip will provide you some peace and an opportunity to refresh, communicate and heal.  I'm glad you had a few moments with Daniel.  Thank you for sharing.


- Scott

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@Fueco I can't even imagine how you and your wife feel. I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope this trip will bring you at least a temporary reprieve. I haven't posted on here in over a year but I felt compelled to send prayers and well wishes. 

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Hello gentlemen. I'm going to start creeping back into the thread. I really love this thread but it's so hard to keep up sometimes. I have sooooo many things to post. I'll start with a few random so, so pieces..




Land's End 100% Linen Baird McNutt 42 Reg--It was dirt cheap and stone cold mint



Been had Vintage Polo Sport Bball shorts



Been had Vintage Polo Sport swim trunks



BB fun shirt XL



RLPL 100% linen shirt Large 







Polo Bear hoody

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@Fueco I've been there, man. Not the same exact situation but I've lost a child to an ectopic pregnancy, as well as another in a late stage miscarriage. The first almost didn't seem real to me as it occurred much earlier in the pregnancy, but the second hit me much harder as I saw my tiny little angel's body in the ER. Fast forward a year or so and we were able to have our son Boston and he is the epitome of awesomeness. He's now just over 2. Life can suck beyond belief at times, but it can also be amazing. Best wishes to you and your wife, and may you find some peace and comfort on your journeys.
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You've been more then kind in all of our dealings. I want to offer up all of the love, support and prayers a fellow forum member can offer...
My parents lost a child unexpectedly at 18 months old (I was 8). I grew up thinking I could imagine what it was like to lose a child until I had a child of my own go through 3 brain surgeries. It was at that time I realized there's truly nothing like the feelings of helplessness a parent feels watching their child during these times. We received great love and support during that time as I'm sure you have been receiving as well. In the months in the hospital we made several friends who unfortunately ended up losing their child while we were there. We've stayed close friends with them and I tell you these things not because it makes it any easier today but to let you know if you ever need to talk, vent or anything please don't hesitate to reach out. One thing that has happened in 100% of the families I know is this will either bring you together in an unbreakable bond and inspire you both to be better then you would have otherwise been or you will allow this to break you apart and grow to resent each other and life in general. Please don't fall into the latter. After some time and grieving has happened please let Daniel and his life inspire and motivate you both for the rest of yours! Thoughts and prayers for you both!

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Originally Posted by matty long legs View Post

I've never been at a Buffalo Exchange before. Are y'all really paying $20+ for shirts or are you getting them when they're marked down?

@Fueco I can't even imagine. God bless.


I paid about $23 combined.

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Couple nice finds while waiting for a prescription to be filled. Finally found the beloved Polo Bear in person. I'll never really understand some of the Lo stuff.

Also found these beautiful v necks. My size, and green is my favorite color so I'm stoked.

Couple other things but nothing worth taking pics of yet. my wife is pissed as I've got quite the back load to sort out and dispose of properly. She's threatened that it'll all disappear so figured I'd better work on it. Have my first Z rack on its way to help with organization and marital woes, haha.
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A few more random things..Before I got into Menswear, I was a huge Jordan/sneaker collector. I had a collection that was between 225-250 pairs at it's peak. When I reached a certain age, I decided that I wanted to dress in a more mature fashion. That's when I got into thrifting/Menswear. I learned as much as I could about menswear/tailored clothing. I was all in. I sold all of my J's (over 100 pairs) and almost all the other pairs because I decided I wasn't going to wear sneakers anymore. I started thrifting more and more seriously throughout the years but I never even checked the sneakers. I didn't think there was much opportunity there. t was constantly looking for menswear and mens dress shoes/loafers. Then one day a light bulb went off---I am very, very knowledgeable in the area of sneakers. Why am I not utilizing that wealth of knowledge and thrifting sneakers? Now I do a ton of business in sneakers and sportswear as well as menswear. There is money to be made in sneakers if you know what to look for and don't mind having to do a little cleaning. Anyways here just a few things...




Pendleton Shacket great shape but then I discovered a small hole or two



Vintage Champion Sacramento Kings authentic NBA shorts---These sold for $150 within a few days---Don't pass on authentic NBA shorts men



Plato's closet find. 6 pairs of Been Had in my size for 12.99 each. All new with tags. I kept four and I am selling the other 3. 



Lebron IX all black GS boys size



Old Air Force One's deadstock for the infants



Jordan VI carmine for the infants



Nike Barkley CB 94 GS boys size



2005 Air Jordan XIV linen GS boys size





Nike Air Max 1 women's size 12



Vintage B. Altman Longwings--Gone



AE Park Avenues 12 D


AE Strand 8.5 D



2001 Nike Prestos size 12



Vineyard Vines belts size 34 found dirt cheap



I love these old Chipp ties. This is the 2nd time I've found this particular one

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Is this fake Armani tie? Thanks for answers

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^ No, thats real.
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Woolrich/Daiki experts - what is the approximate value of this jacket? I want to buy it for personal use, but it's priced at more than I want to pay. However, if it's worth the asking price, I may be able to justify it.

Thaks for any help!

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Pop goes the weasel

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I thrifted a Brioni solid navy blue sport coat (tagged 40R) that has a hole on the left arm.  If anybody wants a project, I can send to whoever wants it for cost plus shipping.  PM me if you want pics and measurements.

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@Fueco Sorry to read that and condolences to you and your family. Be well.
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