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Fueco, your story is heartbreaking. I hope the trip is cathartic for yourself and your wife and you both find some comfort out on the open road. Good luck.
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AE Cliftons

Size 10.5, Mint condition

Thrifty thrift

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Looked around and couldn't find anything good so I'll ask.  I just picked up a dark brown tie and there is a dark spot on it.  I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on how to clean it.  I have no idea what kind of stain it is.  You guys run into ties everyday.  You may have some ideas.  Thanks in advance.  

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Originally Posted by Fueco View Post

The Ebay Store is on vacation mode, and I'm wrapping up things in the office before my wife and I head out for a month on the road.

It's a horrible thing to lose a child, and I wouldn't wish that on even my worst enemy. The only upside is that we get to go do something we wouldn't normally have the ability to do.

We're heading north to Alaska after swinging through Northern California to visit friends. I've always wanted to drive the Alcan Highway. After that, we get to go to a Dolly Parton concert in Edmonton (apparently, my sister in law is a huge fan). There likely will be very little, if any, thrift stops; but hopefully the trip will help to recharge our souls.

Good luck out there. Come October, all your thrifts are belong to me.

For those who missed the post over in the Ebay thread, here's the condensed version of what happened... (Click to show)

We found out that my wife was pregnant back in the spring (early April, as I recall). Everything was going normally until we hit the 14 week mark. A routine ultrasound showed that the fetus had an enlarged bladder. We saw the one finest teams of doctors anywhere (certainly the best in Colorado). The diagnosis was a bladder outlet obstruction. After about a month, the bladder was shrunken back down, but the damage was done. Daniel had little to no kidney function. We knew going in that he was going to have little, or no, kidney function at birth. Our only hope was that the amniotic fluid levels would be maintained, as that is what allows for lung development. Unfortunately, we found a few weeks ago that the fluid was nearly gone.

My wife and I made the choice to pursue an Amnioport, which allows the doctors to add fluids to the amniotic sac through a port surgically installed. She had some contractions following that surgery, but they were controlled through drugs and she went home. Then last Monday night (August 22), she was having some heavy cramping and pain. We went into the hospital on Tuesday morning, where it was discovered that her cervix was dilating (anyone who's had kids knows what this means). She was going into labor, and the doctor suggested not trying to stop it, as there was likely a reason her body was rejecting the pregnancy (the almost certain cause is an infection allowed in by a ruptured amniotic sac); and we really do want to have kid(s).

Daniel was born at 8:11 PM on August 23, and lived for less than ten minutes. A team of nurses and doctors tried to revive him, but his lungs were not developed enough at 25 weeks to allow him to breathe.

Obviously, the last 10 days have been incredibly hard, but we are fortunate to have a small but supportive group of friends here. I'll leave you with this iPhone picture of Daniel's hand holding my finger. I'd like to think he was still alive at this point and felt the love of his parents.


Mike, you have my sincere condolences. I can't even imagine the pain. I teared up when I saw that picture. Take care and we will be praying for you two.
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Oh man.condolences from me too.
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POP on thrifted 'preme

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jealous. barrel and i went thrifting and he pulled supreme cargo pants. i've only copped fauxpreme. :fu:

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So sorry for your loss Mike.
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I've never been at a Buffalo Exchange before. Are y'all really paying $20+ for shirts or are you getting them when they're marked down?

@Fueco I can't even imagine. God bless.
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Thanks for that reminder, @Fueco. Life is precious. I was planning on hitting the Labor Day thrift / consignment sales tomorrow. FUCK THAT! I am taking my daughter to Six Flags and then out to her favorite restaurant. Mike, I can't imagine the pain of losing a child. Just know that my family's thoughts and prayers will be with you throughout your journeys. Thank you for helping me to re-organize my priorities.

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Originally Posted by impuntura View Post

Do I have a thing here?

Originally Posted by Dirt View Post

Added to my Ralph silk collection. Purple Label.

fucks to you both!
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

fucks to you both!

Says the man who recently acquired a tractor trailer load of women's RLPL...

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@Fueco I hope you
Find some peace and this trial brings you and your wife closer together. My thoughts and prayers will be with you.
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About how much trade do you get at Buffalo for a J Crew shirt?
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@Fueco  i am very sorry for your loss.

thank you for sharing. i will hug my little girl a little tighter tonight.

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