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The official thrift/discount store bragging thread - Part II (Return to the Thunderdome) - Page 2742

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That's a beautiful color.
Edit: colour
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Any way to find out what something sold for on 1stdibs?
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@Spoopoker ..... regarding your 1 pair of glasses situation, letting you know about a Man that exists, Possessing certain goods nobody has., all VTG, ALL deadstock, never worn, new with everything, full product lines collection dating back roughly 40 years....So like I said, goods nobody has..... (Click to show)

Spoo, I have not simply been just assuming, I've been more or less merely operating under the fact that there is no question, that you do not have one, but at least, one pair of Alpina M-1 Premium Metal and Swarvoski crystal framed Avtaors Honestly, I thought you for sure had both versions of those and even went in for those limited Edition ones with like a Diamond or something, for like 3,5k because completing that set and the phrase, Fuck it in conjunction, a simple flippant statement that is alarmaingly successful........side not: for all that clicked the spoiler....1. have I actually utilized that term to decide upon purchasing an something? Yes.,,2. Does it weirdlly just ease your stress and any hesitency about purchasing? Weirdly, yea. Is there every a time where this is smart, NEVER.Don't be dumb, you can't afford them.


Now Spoo, if your simply a man who utilizes sunglasses to simply block the sun from his eyes, and use a frame surroudning those medically responsibile parts of them, with a specific, classic Frame, and thats that, and the idea of even perhaps back up pair or something doesn't even interest, unless of course, they are the same exact ones that you were daily, just incase something happesn to your main pair. then no need to read on. But I got a giuy, and he's a special type of guy, his business happens to be Sunglasess. This has been his business for the past $40 years or so, and 2 be honest, I don't know anyone else who knows or knows abut Jack. I know about Jack though. And Jack isn't someone who simply sells special edition or vintage frames, Jack a man who probably has about 4,500 pairs or so, depending on brand and lines of production etc...you get an Idea, Jack though is someone who isn;t like a single other sunglass dealer in the Country. Because every single pair that he owns, all 5k or so, were purchased brand new and directly placed into locked storage. So he possess for example, every single separate collar model and frame dimension B&L produced for Ray Bans for the entire decade of the 70s, purchase includes all of the original packaging etc...


He has every single model of the first edition   releases of all Persol models, even the rare ass original versions pf the Foldables, all Carreras, every model of Cazal produced in it's true prime. Of course he has a great deal of shit like Caviar and deadstock 70s Dior Mobster Frames, fairly possible he's got a few pairs of LV millionaires never removed from the boxes and shit, I for sure that you'd own a pair of these....and of course, he's also got the vintage technical ones like BMW racing, as well as the fucking 80s fucking weird shit, like Gaultier or Matsuda....24k Cartier....but of course, you most likely know that the true point of this message is truly to simply inform you pf the Versace, because he has it, a ;pt of it, Probably Spanning 1980-1997.


I mean honestly, Jack only has two true, loyal monthly customers, Usher and Rick Ross, they stop by once a month, reup, and return.....Ross drops around 6 bills each visit, cleans out all the crazy shit that nobody buys. which Jack in return then must dedicate all his time and effort to locate them again.


So yea, if you've got any potential interest in Jack and Jack's passion and the goods in which he provides for sale, lemme know....I can rep you or simply pass along, information, paper with numbers, the numbers that you may use to contact him, however, I think, if you are at all interested, Telephone correspondence in this manner is dumb, i'll have him pass along his direct personal email, that opens a line of communication that allows sending a picture as easy as a sentence.


Lastly, I know this goes without saying, but this is not a thrift......with that said his prices are quite fairly priced, and I think you more or less probably share a similar consumer approach as myself, I could just as easily be wrong, but you being you, I think that you obviously thrift/trade/buy off clients, etc... whenever you are able, cuz your'er a thrifter at heart, With that said, a man that also possesses the intelligence that allows him to easily conclude that when you want something, sometimes you just gotta go to retail, tha sometimes hoping for something in a thrift to POP IUP, maybe not hopeless cuz we all know anything can happen...something like winning the Lotto for example, but I don't peg you as someone  with a a weekly ticket, lucky numbers and a fucking rabbits root. That the reality in this is world is sure , maybe you'lll find what you want tomorrow, next week or next year, but its's not the type of item that normally winds up in in lineup of 10 blazers or Suits, and with little challenge, I, will point out each piece that will never be thrifted, I'd even stake each item picked....but I cant win shit so that would be dumb.


welll anyways, lemme know



Speaking of thread Members......you're sitting at your computer, waiting to shoot off PMs in regards to possibie Proxy or whatever, you have a little text to read first....

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It has been a decade since my briefcase-carrying corporate drone days. However, this $2.50 (tagged $5 but 1/2 off)  vintage Starco tweed briefcase appealed to me. For something made in Thailand, it has a nice trad aesthetic. I like the leather flaps that cover the combination locks.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)






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I would call that a good knockoff of Hartmann.

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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Haha I know where you were - I guess Ill skip that one today then peepwall[1].gif

At stop #2 now. Are you following me!?
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Stripper's tits? I assume so based on the "SILK" written on the lining.

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^^ yes not sure why the like to fake dunhill so much.
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This is the Polo we want correct? Can't find any completed listings for this.

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Originally Posted by Shanejosephxxx View Post

At stop #2 now. Are you following me!?

Im ahead of you devil.gif

no I'm kidding. Im on my side of the island today
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Thrifted for $10 but wife doesn't want it. Anybody wants a nice gift LMK.

These belong in the trash.

Oldest I've seen. Working cuff and vented $5 but left it.

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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Im ahead of you devil.gif

no I'm kidding. Im on my side of the island today

Lucky you! Junk so far frown.gif
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Originally Posted by aging in rhythm View Post

only one thing today again.

Who's size 36 and likes 3 roll 2, double vented Thom Browne sport jackets?

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Errr...*hand up*
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Originally Posted by the2ndhandman View Post


You saw the blood stains inside one of the sleeves on that shirt, right?



Grabbed this guy, who was sitting right next to it:



Absolute mint. :sly:

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