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The official thrift/discount store bragging thread - Part II (Return to the Thunderdome) - Page 2735

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I found one of these a while ago in green and it has become one of my fave shirts, nice to find one in a different color. Rugger windblown oxford

Etro white linen, first nice Etro I've found

SI cotton/nylon halfzip. I'm impressed with this, interesting fabric and cool details

This isn't anyhing special I guess, but cheap and nice cut


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


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Originally Posted by timhortons View Post

Shoutout to Mr. BPK1
Glad it worked out!

Same here! Thank you again!
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Originally Posted by Jompso View Post

99% straight from my ass, 1% a little bit of knowledge....60s.

Thanks for the ass-essment, kind of what I was thinking myself.

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Originally Posted by Shoeluv View Post

Man I had a pop and left 3 jackets that a year ago I would have picked up.


Pop was Brioni Suit, only found ties and shirts before and an ate up old jacket I bought to salvage the buttons. This one had moth holes up and down both arms and stains all over it. Plus I am traveling in San Jose and didn't really want to bring it home.







Also 2 old EZ unvented jackets and a Canali Blue label unvented jacket. Plus a boat load of Bow Ties Countess Mara and a few other brands, all I took home was a minty J Crew Chambray shirt in Blue for myself.


I had same "woulda bought it 6 months ago, but know better now" experience last week. EZ, Canali, and Corn unvented, with Corn being an orphan as well. Left them all on the rack. I just moved this past weekend and dropped off 4 contractor bags of thrifted clothes that never should have come home in the first place. I consider it part of my "tuition" cost.
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Every time @Bon Vivant Life posts, I find myself suffering from Kevin Garnett syndrome.

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So, yesterday after work I decided to hit up one of the consignment shops around town because I had an hour and a half to kill, and I didnt think I would spend any money. Wound up giving the seamstress there a try instead of buying anything. Dropped off a DB Oxxford orphan that Im going to try to wear, but not sure what pants to pair; other than having a pair made.


What color choices might you pair with a jacket in this fabric?

Almost like a cash/wool flannel.

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dark, dark charcoal.
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Dark gray is always the answer
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Definitely dark grey.

I have a jacket in a very similar check that I wear with charcoal flannel in the winter, dark grey wool trousers in the summer.
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Originally Posted by rhyme View Post

Thread on fire.

@jompso that Rlpl leather is sexy.

Gracias man. Yea I saw that thing hangin there, did a double take cuz I saw the price on first glance also (which I'm not gonna post cuz if anything it would most likely just seem on the high side for thrift,actually without question it will, but in LA they KNOW ALL BRANDS, and they price like every other place does here, MORE THAN ANY FUCKING WHERE ('cept NY)....that said I peeped the tag and fucking grabbed it without second thought, then immediately scanned the fucker for every minute possible detail that could be off, cuz that thrift sells fakes and doesn't give a fuck...definitely one a my nicer item to price ratio grabs I've made in quite a while.


Originally Posted by coloRLOw View Post

i always think this stitch is handwork, correct me if i'm wrong


and i just handle an Italy made TF shirt. do you guys think the button hole is hand or machine made?

+1 100%....adding that fabric, at the gusset, this is a detail only seen on high end dress shirts, and Japanese Made flannels and Denim Shirts. Japanese because of pride in production and quality, and Dress shirts, because it's a minute detail, yet a detail that separates it from the cheap shirts that lack little things like this, as well as the, albiet it's not a insanely hugely important detail of these shirts, relative to other aspects of course, I'm sure there is a heavy set man or two every day whose grateful for the thing and the little bit of midrith that was saved from public view. But yes, this is an addition made towards the end of production, thus the shirt has been pretty much already constructed. It only makes sense it is added at this point, prior they wouldn't know the exact specifications for fabric measurements necessary.....and unless Tom Ford used some of his money to hire one of those artist that specialize in making those nearly microscopic, yet insanely detailed and near exact replicas of things, I don't think he has figured out a way to fit a sewing machine inside a constructed shirt, that would also allow for the the operator the visibly see what and where he's stitching, as well as give him the room necessary in which to make this addition. Of course, Ford is a man a mystery and me? merely a man of logic, so who knows......and cuz fuck it, why not hammer it home, I don't think I've have ever in my life, heard of anyone in the garment industry, either feel the need to, or literally have to use a stitching machine, to add a bar tack. Please blow my hair back with evidence to the contrary.......(the amount I am begging to see an image of the reverse side of the big blad of the Sean Jean tie pop up is beyond articulation).


I'm about to go grab my Italian ones from my car, but even when I pulled them earlier, without question, purely the quality of cotton alone, the detail and unique design these shirts possess (like the ties), unlike anything out there period, the intricate and highly detailed weaves, and the substantial heft, yet comfortable, soft hand, that alone puts these above the others, and I'm yet to go over them for detailed specs. May get around to it in a little but I think I have the answer I'm content with without combing over the things, but if anyone out there is actually curious to see the detailed specs og 2 different Italian premium models that I myself purchased, the differences etc..if you want to learn, are curious, or really just want to pretend to be interested but in reality just want to fuck with me, and have me do a bunch of shit for a laugh, to see the shit his premium line possess, lemme know, if so I will be more than happy to abide. Otherwise, later today perhaps.

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Originally Posted by Chotii View Post


Huh.  Well, fair enough. I'm still learning what this group considers attractive men's clothing. But then again, that's why I'm here. :)



Not to discredit your continued generous nature that you've blessed this thread with, with those exact shoes in question, you will be hard pressed to find someone on here, who would be in the market for them. I say this because, yes, on the surface, if anyone out there were to look at the bottom, they would without question see a leather sole, as well, a nailed heel. However these are no more than purely masking efforts, no more no less, these do not act as signs of quality, merely surface additions to do nothing more then give off the appearance of supposed quality, the same thing that made in Italy stamp on the interior is doing, because I'd bet...i dunno, who cares....point being that in reality, an overwhelming percentage of the construction of those shoes didn't happen within 500 miles of Italy, if not, further. In fact, those very nails, may actually be the last and only additions done in Italy, thus allowing them to place that stamp there.


Click if you want to learn about Goodyear welting...if not, don't, unless you like my walls of text. (Click to show)
With a nailed heel, this in turn means that the heel is indeed stacked, and not buy cheap composite pieces of wood, which is done by cheaper brands, which is why you should always know what your buying.....but solid constructed pieces, then nailed together, no glue, purely stacked and nailed. Now I am unaware of the exact retail of Abboud Dress shoes, but I can tell you without a doubt, that this process alone, would put those above Abbouds way out of the range of their target customer's budget. In addition, I think it's fair to assume that 95% or so of the men who contribute here, are also aware of Goodyear/leather sole construction also. A dress shoe of quality with a leather soul, 99% of the the time, will endure not just the process of Goodyear Welting (if they don't, a process that is more or less identical, or perhaps Superior, like Prestige Lobbs or something,.if that's legal)...that is a true sign of a quality leather soled shoe. On the exterior, the only evidence a Goodyear welt has been utilized in construction, is the mere fact that the soles themselves are in fact, a small set of pure leather stacks, these stacks are then cemented on the interior, to the insoles and uppers, as well as a layer of cork and/or other porous type product (historically its usually just cork, however Cork is starting to become less utilized across the board and companies have been known to switch things up so when their pieces are resoled, the can boast a totally worthless difference in type of thick, porous material they have chosen that allows your shoes to airrate and provides an initial, subtle, and appreciated, give to an otherwise very stiff product..., it's packed directly between the insole and cemented first layer of leather. Then to finish the shoes construction, stitching commences, then, starting at the top of the first layer leather and proceeding to penetrate all layers, all the way to the sole, then back up through where it came, and repeat....and this is what in fact keeps the soles together. Furthermore, what this method of construction also does that is equally as important, is that it allows for any cobbler, to easily take apart your shoes, layer by layer, piece by piece, and totally reconstruct them when time comes they are in need of a resoling. Thus, a $120 pair of Calvin Klein glued dress shoes will last a daily wearer, I dunno, a year? Meanwhile, not just dress, but the entirity of my casual wear shoes as well, are all Goodyear welted, which means, every 2 to 3 years or so, I gotta pay my guy 140, and a week later I get back a brand new pair of shoes. My collection, theoretically, can last me probably 15 years (my Cordovans will at least), very possibly even more. Now obviously they didn't cost me just a bit more then my purely those fictional pair of 120 Kliens cost....not the same ball park, not the same league, not the same level of Professional ball....I'd say a fair comparison would be perhaps, an unaffiiliated, semi pro, regional league team Baseball team, full of guys who will never be, not even on a Single A club, and then on the other hand, '96 Yankees.....on the surface, if you are in fact aware of what I am even referencing specifically....actually forget that, I myself have a home up there, so I will use an example you most likely will, think the 2091 Mariners, 116 wins......now this may in fact seem more like an exxageration to hammer home a point...it is not, truly, that is the difference in quality. And just as those Calvin Kleins I mentioned, those Joseph Abbouds, are in no possible way, Goodyear welted. I could probably go on for a while as to reasons that they are definitely not, but merely stating the fact that this is a a labor intensive, expensive production method, and the fact that I don't see any stitching on those soles, A list is seemingly unnecessary.


So with all that said, gave you simple reasoning, however more importantly, blessed you with vast addition to your current lexicon of Keywords to build upon and further be able to impress yourself with your acquired knowledge.


And lastly, please note, my reasoning behind this post couldn't in any possible way, have come from a more well intended, good natured place. I took a little time to type all that out and detail it specifically for you, purely because you have continually shown to be someone who not only has a great interest in the garment industry in it's entirety, but more importantly, someone who is is seemingly always looking to obtain more and more knowledge, never content, always wanting to learn.....this, a trait I share, and in turn strongly respect. Thus, in return, I felt that you deserved not only an explanation but a detailed piece of information, allowing you to now know the difference between the two, the reason for lack of demand, as well as a very important, foundational understanding of the construction methods, of many premium level shoes on the market today. I hope this is is as well received as I intended it to be.

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And @Chotii ....if any of that info either sparks further curiousity or perhaps may need a bit of a clarification or whatever, PM with whatever, whenever....never one to decline an opportunity to discuss anything related to any of this stuff.... in case that hasn't been clarified or made evident in the past....




And with that, I think I've hit my quota...good luck out there today guys....

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Pretty cool tie haul from Monday. Top row from left to right:

Ted Lapidus cashmere, Hermes, Turnbull gren, jcrew made in Italy, Etro, Turnbull and Brioni.

Bottom row left to right:

Turnbull, Bottega Veneta, Sulka, Rubinacci and NWT Ferragamo.

photo image_zpswzuwymip.jpeg

photo image_zpschdx2skw.jpeg
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Some really nice ties. Hermes colors are great!
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This is a thing right? Just want to double check its not some non mainline stuff. Can't find country of origin tag. Heavy cotton blend



Also <3 retail is $100

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