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The official thrift/discount store bragging thread - Part II (Return to the Thunderdome) - Page 2644

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Wedding Toast... that's more difficult than pleats, IMO. Haha.

I did find some stuff at a thrift store today also, so I'll bring that back to the thread and attempt to redeem my feeding of the thread derailment fire. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Originally Posted by winny94 View Post

Anyone have pics of pleats that look good? Not sure I can believe it.

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Looks like grenadine from here..
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A couple things today along with some shirts not pictured. Jackets are Canali and Zegna. 


I know nothing of shoes, but the ones in the pictures seemed worth a shot at only a few dollars. Tag reads "Maurizio for C & E Shoes" and beneath is "Made in Italy". 


Thanks for the help in interpreting Canali tags from yesterday. You guys are great. 




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Amazing haul...and just leftovers?
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You guys give way too many shits about pleats thats why ISIS is winning (TM)

Spoo amazing haulage.
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Originally Posted by TheNeedMachine View Post

Funny clean anecdote about groom, compliment bride, express love for both and wish them well, thank them for including you in their special day, encourage everyone to join you in toasting their marriage and new life together. Mic drop and peace out. Hit on every bridesmaid.


Then drink enough to hit on every bridesmaid again. Then take a bridesmaid back to the hotel and go back to bed. Learn from my mistakes and try not to decide that the couch looks like the perfect place for a nap when you get back.

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Originally Posted by richnet12 View Post

Amazing haul...and just leftovers?

I got first dibs for the stuff I wanted and wound up with over 1200 pieces that were discards. sure i probably missed some awesome stuff in the middle but hey, thanks Long Island for not having good taste and leaving these for me.
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

so after that ralph lauren mega haul the other day, i went back to the house to see if there were any leftovers that I could grab. Well, it seems they also brought in more stuff. This woman was if the the biggest, one of the biggest RL clients in New York - at least Long Island. So the guy said he would hook me up because i got a lot of stuff the other day and I picked out about 500 pieces of Purple Label, Black Label, or Polo. No filler, no Ralph line, no RLX, no Lauren line. Only premium stuff. thats the picture you see in the room with my haul on the rolling racks. A good 60-65% of it is NWT too. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

He tallied me up and gave me an awesome price and I agreed. Now, I had left about 750 similar pieces besides these because they were just kind of boring next to the prints, fabrics and vintages I had in my initial pick. But he says to me "Want to make me an offer for the rest of the house?" I say "Not really, I'm good". He says - take the rest of the house for $500 and call it a day. WHAT?! 75 cents an item? You got it brother. So I went and gathered another 750 pieces. I cant even guess the retail price on all this shit. Probably at least $750,000. A handful of jackets I had all had price tags of $2,000 or more. This is in addition to the stuff I got on Friday which had to be easy 40-50 grand at retail.

So net net for a 2 day haul I got (these are guesses, theres no way I could piece count today) the following - 99.5% ALL Ralph Lauren purple or black label and Polo vintage, with the exception of some Rugby :

200 jackets
100 outerwear including leathers, suedes, duffels and toggles, military etc
300 pants
100 sweaters
50 dresses and gowns
150 blouses/tops
like 10 shoes, all exotic crocs, lizard, etc
30-40 belts, including an INSANE hammered silver mexican carved leather concho RL and another sick carved leather one without silver (and lol at the fringed belt that she got from Lindas stuff lol8[1].gif)
10 pairs of shoes
30 scarves including a ridiculous bugle bead embroidered evening shawl NWT and probably $3K or $3.5K
assorted jewelry, mostly sterling silver, including a 1980 tiffany sterling bracelet
2 pillows
a few books

and the cool non-RL stuff which was like 10 pieces lol. A vintage 1980s the cure "boys don't cry" t shirt, a 1987 David Bowie tour T Shirt, vintage champion made in USA sweater, a pair of fucked up vintage Levis (small E but very cool), two pairs of Louboutins, vintage Oakley frog skins, and more that Im forgetting now.


the most amazing piece of this haul was balled up like a piece of crap next to the hot water heater. Its a (Very) vintage Ari embroidered Ralph Lauren carpet/rug. I have no idea what this thing is worth but its a goddamn masterpiece. its all hand embroidered in india and is probably 6x8. I took it immediately to get it cleaned and need to do some research on it, but I have a feeling this thing would pay for a good chunk of the whole haul.

My haul on friday was $21/item, today with over 1000 pieces, my take was $4 an item. FOUR FUCKING DOLLARS EACH. I cant even.

So needless to say, if any of you need a gift for your girl and she's a 2/4/6, i got you haha.

Heres some pics below, no way to do singles but trust me, its all primo.



How is this even possible??? Does the Estate Sale Company not even give a F? Advertised right and they could have made a mint right? These folks do resale for a living as well. How on earth would they not try to maximize their profits? Was there no relative around that said oh hell no we're not selling this 2K NWT garment for 75 Cents... Does the Estate Sale company not have the time to do a simple google search to realize what they were sitting on? What is the logic?


Congrats Spoo! Damn.


(will not post my meager Escada/St John Jeans/Capris haul later. LOL)

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if you think pleats are out, you aren't paying attention

high waisted pleats, not 1990's Zanellas

there's a difference smile.gif
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I've finally added a stop at a Dogfish Head Alehouse on my fourth trip to this part of the country...

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Just got caught up. Holy shit this place got weird for a bit yesterday.

Regarding guitar stuff, anyone from this thread can feel free to PM me if you're ever questioning buying anything. I've been playing and collecting since I was 12.

RE: Squiers - early 80s (Japanese-made are better than others) or recent Classic Vibe/Vintage Modified are the only ones you should ever grab unless they're a crazy one-off like the one Nataku found. If I had found that, i would have been pumped. NEVER EVER pick up Squier Bullet Stratocasters. They are complete garbage that will take forever to sell for $50.

Also, if you sell it, spell it Squier and not Squire unless you want someone to find it on typohound. Squiers are never going to be home runs but the newer Jazzmaster/Jaguar/Mustang/Thinline models will sell for close to retail.

Again, feel free to shoot me a PM if you ever need any buying advice and I'll do my best.
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Damn @SpooPoker you probably have more Ralph Lauren shit than Ralph Lauren.
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PS - oh shit whaddup

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Picked up 4 nice vintage knit ties today. Free to a good home.

L to R)

Polo - mercerized cotton (Made in Italy)

Brooks Brothers - wool, mohair, alpaca (Made in England)

Cable Car Clothiers - wool mohair (Made in England)

Polo - mercerized cotton (Made in Italy)




One minor detail... (Click to show)


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