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The official thrift/discount store bragging thread - Part II (Return to the Thunderdome) - Page 2617

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Anyone interested in a pair of cheap Z Zegna sz 9.5 black wingtips? Less than 30 minutes left in the auction (not mine).



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Hey guys I appreciate all the feedback with the dieting and working out. I really have gotten some great PMs and taken a lot of what you guys have said. Sorry if it caused a derailing..

I just listed the Free Briefcase that I mentioned yesterday. I will be paying for the shipping to your location. Preferably in the US satisfied.gif It is over in the free give away thread below.

Good luck to everyone and please respect the rules and only make one guess per day! I hope others will give away and get that thread going spam[1].gif


Well that was effing fast! green_machine is our winner. I dont like how this one ended this fast. I ll be listing something next week!
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Those AE strandmok are pretty sick @impuntura
And those blue suede shoes are perfect for when I'm out in Compton lol
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

frenchy whatever happened to that single yeezy you found?

they was fake AF

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Originally Posted by GM-H View Post

they was fake AF

I will take ur word for it as I have never seen a pair before real or fake.they did not feel substantial or make an impression on me so you could be right.

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Imp, the real ones feel pretty fake too. Many of the lightweight shoes seem cheaply made upon inspection. I've got a pair of Y-3 Qasa Racer lows that I'd think were knockoffs if I hadn't bought straight from adidas/y-3.

Today I picked up some AE Byron, AE Bimini horsebit woven(made in Italy), and Gucci horsebit loafers. All used but not horrible condition. Also a nice Brooks made in USA cafe racer style leather jacket.
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Originally Posted by impuntura View Post

Apologies to any Millenials from before.
Its just natural to think of the next generation as pussies.
You will do too when ur time comes.

From today BRAND fucking new Magnanis and AE and the AE from morning although those are worn.

I literally just deleted a whole thing about how everyone is fucking high and those boots are AE Daltos and retail for 450, but apparently you guys are still on abut the Yeezys...glad I caught that,that post would have been nothing short of immensly embarassig....so in that case, congratz on the boots, most over priced boots relative to quality on the market and every AE head in the country could give a fuck less and those will flip top dollar without question.


Oh and I guess while I'm at it, don't take anybody's word, simply write down the reference number from Kimyes size tag and search it. If the search comes back matching make and model you have some expensive kicks too. The true and the ONLY fool proof, fake/real test when it comes to trainers and athletic shoes and such, don't listen to anybodies opinion, just simply search the reference and you got everything you need. Good luck.


Oh and lastly I felt it was necessary to add, Ye is a genius without question, however probably 5 or so months ago the man also tweeted this statement verbatim..."I JUST SAW ZOOLANDER 2 FOR THE 2ND TIME!"


I love the guy's work but i literally walked out of that movie 15 minutes in and I downloaded it illegally :rimshot:...trash can get filled quick though ....this single statement will forever leave me so fucking confused. Ur all welcome.

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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

man, yeezys are so hot you don't know. and single shoe markets are pretty active for amputees etc.

Sorry nm.....I oce left a single Zegna Couture XXX hand numbered dress shoe behind that was dead mint. I turned that situation into a joke. It got dark quick so ima go ahead and retract that....and in no way whatsoever was the joke at the expensive of any individual who has lost any limb or part of their body...with that said, it shall remain untold.

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Valentino shirt
Probably my favourite shirt i've ever found. Really nice navy camo pattern on a thick cotton poplin.
I'm thinking the "2014 Milano" on the tag means it was a runway item from 2014, which is cool.
edit: not sure what's going on with the colours, no fading is visible in person.






Veronique Branquinho cotton blazer
as worn by spacepope HERE




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Being unable to know all of your sizes. A good pair of examples are @ barrelntrigger and me.
He powerlifts. And could squat lift the front end of a Camaro. Dude is solid. But not ripped. By choice.
He just prefers to be strong.

I worked on farms for 2 years, and road construction. Doing hard manual labor.10 hours a day. Both cardio, and heavy lifting. I legit looked like Wolverine. And was a powerhouse.

But Barrel was easily 40% stronger when we met. We never did arm wrestle. But i have arm wrestled enough people to know. He lost a lot of weight powerlifting. And that might work for you. I recommend sending him a pm for deeetz. He will be glad to help.
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Thread Starter 
^^ Looks like that Valentino shirt is camouflage… dope.
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Those Zegna shoes were a steal @ 6$. Damn, should have checked the thread before bed.

Nothing but pleats last night. These LB looked minty but couldn't get over the hard double pleats. Probably should have grabbed them but meh. The Zegna were a nice grey but the person who let the waist out did a shit job. I could have fixed them but didn't care enough because the pleats

I also noticed I mainly post things I passed on lol but that's because I enjoy the thread and want to contribute even when I don't find anything for myself.

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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

man, yeezys are so hot you don't know. and single shoe markets are pretty active for amputees etc.

why did this make me laugh? i feel terrible for laughing.
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Originally Posted by vexco View Post

Please don't look at his "wrestling singlet with enhancer pouch".


I give up.


What has been seen cannot be unseen. 

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