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The official thrift/discount store bragging thread - Part II (Return to the Thunderdome) - Page 2570

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Originally Posted by richnet12 View Post

Do y'all ever find stuff in GW from people you actually know first hand? I picked up a nice Zegna jacket from someone I have known for a long time. Can't imagine I would ever mention this to him...lol. This is the second or third time finding something from a familiar person.


I once found a bespoke orphan made for the CEO of my former employer. 

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Two estate sales and one thrift. Not the most impressive collection but everything was super cheap (coats were $5 each, ties $1 each).

Croc boots are blue
Polo shorts are for me N/A
Belvest was hanging in the women's section with the sleeves rolled up, a-la miami vice icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif. I only caught it because it was like 8" longer than the other jackets in the aisle.

And last, an awesome (hopefully) story of global networking.

@capnwes has a friend who lives in Virginia. She was vacationing in Tennessee, and found this jacket in a small shop She sent a pic to him in Pennsylvania, he passed, but forwarded it to me in New York. I showed it to friends in Minnesota, Osaka, and California. It was priced at $299. Its a 1943 Aero Leather B-6 Shearling. Only thing is that the zipper is broken. Nobody was sure. Someone referred me to a guy who does vintage leather repairs in Berkeley, CA. He pointed me to a guy who makes custom repros in Seattle Washington. Told me that if the zipper was fixed, it would probably be worth 900-1000.

I called the guy in Tennessee, ordered the jacket (talked down to $275, that was bottom line). Called the guy in Seattle back, and he found a website from Tokyo who had a stockpile of vintage M42 Talon zippers, deadstock from 1942-1945 - same era as the jacket. Bought the zipper ($60 shipped, not bad). Jacket came yesterday, but it had two huge holes in the collar. I called back and (after some resistance) they gave me $50 off on it, so I got the jacket for $225 and the zippers for $60. Zippers arrived from Japan today, and Monday, I send them both to the guy in Seattle to fix them. He's got an original sewing machine (single or double needle, I forget) that was the same machine that made the jackets back then. Hopefully he can fix the collar too.

Anyway, awesome networking there. I hope it works after all this effort.
This guy is amazing BTW if you ever need anything. Like, the best customer service ever.

and the site if you ever need authentic vintage zippers :

My friend says that he's the preeminent source in military leather - and has like a 3 year wait list to get one of his custom jackets.

this one (Aero's modern version of this original)

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Originally Posted by mco543 View Post

Couple of Versace mainline ties, not sure of age, or even how to properly list them, the first one is wild. Hopefully there's some value as it's been dry as the Sinai here lately.


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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

I look forward to the day I find a jacket like this, open it up and it DOESN'T say Sean Jean Fine Tailoring.
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@SpooPoker that Aero B-3 is amazing!

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I poped my Kapital cherry (hopefully, still need confirmation from the experts here), pics later, kinda celebrating a nice day:spam:

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Throwing up a Hail Mary on a white dinner jacket, size 41-42R. Need it within the next 2 weeks.
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Seersucker Saturday.  All available.


3x pents from Miller Bros. of Atlanta (sort of like Sid Mashburn's lesser-known competitor in town).  Blue/white (33 and 34) and sage/sand (32) seersucker.






And a Bill's yellow/white seersucker shorts, 34.



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Someone donated their jawnz collection:

Jeans Shopx2


And the star of this day Kapital Brand Kountry Jeans (38) it does look like this



NWT Steven Alan Reverse Side Pocket Shirt XL 

VV Belts

BB Brookstorm Sistem Loro Piana x Lardini 44L




Crappy pic but Salmon Pink Patch Pocket Surgeon Cuffs, the Derby is over but someone big and brave can definitely  rock this.

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Originally Posted by mco543 View Post


Vintage Gianni Versace Pre Death Crepe Jacquard Picasso Influence Art Silk Tie
Gianni Versace Couture Royal Purple Woven Silk Ribbed Gold Spotted Tie
Originally Posted by KamoteJoe View Post

that Aero B-3 is amazing!

B-6, but thank you! biggrin.gif
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I'm always amazed at what this group finds. And I recognize a few of your eBay stores that I've bought from recently. So I went and did some strictly amateur level estate sale purchases... I think they're OK. Especially since they're all my size.

The fuchsia shirt is linen...

And I think best of the bunch...

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yeah, Id say you did pretty darn good! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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I'll be wearing them with the 15mil zegnas I got from you. Thx
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@SteelGuy Nice shirts!
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Well this happened today. Very proud of my wife she did great. Twin boys 6 lbs each.

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