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The official thrift/discount store bragging thread - Part II (Return to the Thunderdome) - Page 2502

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Congrats and best of luck man! (welcome to the club!)
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You know what I love about thrifting and reselling? Turning a few skeets into a pair of Epaulet tennis trainers. This thread has also helped me to be a more savvy e-shopper since I know market values much more. I've been reluctant to spend my income on clothes so far (and still feel kind of guilty spending $200 on sneakers), but that's a big reason I started doing this... to get the clothes I actually want. I'm not anywhere near a luxury car yet, but it's nice to finally be at a point where I like everything in my closet.

Looking forward to posting some more thrift/thrift-funded fits in the future.
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

^ Probably real, almost certainly near worthless.

Can't tell if kidding? Looks like they sell ok. 

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Originally Posted by Tyrone MacStiophain View Post

Well friends, as of about a month ago, I have left the world of wage labor and become a full-time thrifter/reseller. Since I'll be thrifting and social media-ing a lot more, I'll probably post here a lot more. Starting with most of my finds from the past couple of days, all pretty much n/a.

Nice! Congrats!

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Nordstrom pick up.





49% cashmere/51% silk blend

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Whoa now thats a nice Zegna.
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Been a while. 2 stops. 







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i get so excited when I get a huge tie haul like that..but then theres usually nothing else in the store - its like, what the fuck did you wear these with, Calvin Klein suits?!
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This dude liked Oxxford the 80s/90s. So many low gorges. :cry:

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He's back!
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I didn't leave the house until 4pm today and thought there was no point in stopping at any thrifts. I stopped at one anyways. The parking lot was full, the place was a mad house, as it always is on the weekends. Everything seemed terribly picked over, but I found these two. 






I don't know shit about Julius, so I'm hoping you guys don't kill my vibe and tell me it's fake or some crap. Seems nice enough. The other tag says made in Japan, etc. 






Gangster-as-can-be ivory cashmere Brioni jacket w/ leather piping and silk lining. It has a couple small moth holes down low on a sleeve. Really, if it has to have damage, that's a good spot. The front and back are perfect, so I'll take that!


Both NA right now, sorry.


Grand total:


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Quick authenticity check

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Got home from Chicago earlier this evening. Had a great time with the lady, ate amazing food, saw incredible art and didn't find a damn thing at the one GW stop I made but that's alright. Beautiful city.

 What WASN'T alright was the airline losing my bag. Bag was nowhere to be found when I arrived back in Reno today. I know that I haven't been at it for long at all but that bag contained many items I have thrifted for myself in attempting to build a respectable CM wardrobe and, although humble by many standards, I'm damn proud of them and was fucking gutted at the thought of them being either lost in the bowels of Chicago Midway airport or in the hands of some oblivious traveler who grabbed my bag by mistake. My Brooks Brothers Black Fleece SC that fits me like it was made for suede Sutor Mantellassi chukkas that I have yet to even Iron Zegna sweater gifted by @mistermidwester that I absolutely Ricci and Hackett crocodile belt!



sad crying cry anthony michael hall breakfast club


So I collected myself and did the only thing I could think of to make myself feel better...hit the nearest thrift.


2x pop for me (nothing special but I've been wanting to find a Hermes tie since day one and the Tyrwhitt is an added bonus)


Just got a phone call about a half hour ago and they found my bag and are delivering it to my door tonight!



Good to be home. Hope you all have a great holiday!

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Originally Posted by rhyme View Post

Nordstrom pick up.

49% cashmere/51% silk blend

I saw this same jacket at my Nordstrom Rack yesterday - tagged at $1049 less 25%. How much was yours?!
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