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has anyone heard from him lately?

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Originally Posted by Bahljs View Post



has anyone heard from him lately?


I sent him a message the other day and didn't hear back. I looked on his eBay and saw that he had a handful of positive feedbacks from the last month so he's gotta be still around, maybe just busy.

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Could I get a weigh-in from folks who know about cameras/lenses?  I picked up this lot for ~$30, and while I know at least the small, silver sony/tamron should sell for enough to cover expenses I'm pretty clueless when it comes to this kind of equipment; it doesn't help that online results are pretty all over the place as far as pricing and cache when it comes to lenses.  All seem to be in decent shape (except the scope-ish one) but I haven't tested them yet.  Thanks in advance!

Tamron for Sony TV Zoom Lens

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Seagull for minolta 55mm - doesn't seem like too much of a comeup (seagull appears to be a kind of obscure germany company) but any information (on any of these) as to functionality, worth, intended use, etc. would be totally appreciated.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Couldn't properly id this one - the indicators have mostly worn off.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Hoping that bigger = better... Canon for Sony TV Zoom Lens 17-102mm

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


And a quick teaser of some stuff I'm a bit more sure of...

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Mint Wolf convection microwave. Now to find some combination of their oven and range to complement...

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Microwave lol gotta be a thread first
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Another pop.

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We put a Thermador range in. Wife likes it more than Wolf... but the Wolf was great too.
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Originally Posted by Takai View Post



I love my LVC 22's with their extremely lightweight denim. I havent experienced any weird anything, and I have washed and worn them quite a bit. I also like my 21oz IH 634s, and wear them for car repair, carpentry, and general hard labor. My IW's which are 14.5oz cone are ok too, feel very similar to my Raleighs. All of these pale in comparison to my Amoskeag XX. That is some of the most fantastic denim I've ever felt. right about 12oz, styled after an early 1900's converted O'all, super slubby and roughly loomed. Perfect. I have a pair of Roys KS1002s waiting for me when I get home, so I will compare them as well. Or maybe I wont, it really doesnt matter at all, because who the fuck cares? Wear whatever you want and what makes you happy. Stop seeking approval from people on the internet. 

Your selectiions is were I being, But I have so many questiosn about your specific collection, primarily since I do know a fair share about premium denim an dI have noever in my eer com eacross another indivual who alshared this shamme [assion however this person also ownd and shose to wear types that Couldnt by ay moree diffferent and dividual then ta had held semi I'd always have a certain couple pairs in the arsenal whcih onns are yours?........If in 24 hours, no PM nor is any of thsi acknowledged, cuz I knwo people whoo love denim anthere isnt a single woe who passed on teh opprutnity to trly spit about the stuff.........But you just wanted to take advantage of a certain situation where you believed you would come out looking like the big man, th greates differencial in core selection your lack of and dicrimination of anything or anyone in anyway ever for anythiing......Did you just wanna brag and be a dick and never discuss again" Was the hnestly the true mission and end gal here? Fuck it, Google is seemingly more friendly anyway, thank your for your enlightening opinions. (Click to show)
I would be a pleasure to here y0u discuss ll your different types, I hav a million questoins....However if your real intent was to post your number and type and then tell everyone that they are just seeking others aproal and never say anthing, well I getit thanks (Click to show)

Personally actually, if you wouldn't mid, I'd actually love for you to review some of the more odd ones eithe weight denim quaility fit etc... oraarity..Perhaps I may be the only one that would truly enjoy readig the denim reviw from somoen who ewearand enjooy sand appreciates a par of denim weights bleow 10 oucnes as much as he does his flagship IH, more than 3 times the previouos pairs weight and thatss just talking weight, how much thicker tione than other, I mean that change has gotta feel weaid, Where is Amoskeeg sourced from looomed and crafted, Never once at any of the premium denim stores I've been to, in my howtime or NY or online, have Iever heard thse, I dont think not once. I do not worry just icase you may be, I'm definitely not fishin gfor new brands or jeans or an\ything that is for sure, my rands have literally beeset for nearly 5 years now and I see zero ask as to why I would ever buy anything else. I will ever feel right in antyhing lightter than 14, and at 14 there isnt a finer denim make available in looomates, then the denim that Flat head canoffer, at least deifnitly nothing I've ever experience, perhaps PBJ, but they textured slubbiness and such, that diss isnt something I'm goiing for, I prefer a more classic wear. Iusd to have Roys know how amaig those are. I guss essentailly iss just 2 things, anything about those Amoskeags you wish to share, and also Id like for you to compare and contrast two pairs, your Ralieghs and your IW Cone Mills, I'd like to here reasons as to why tou like them both, yet my curioisty lays in their differences that you lie. I am loooking intto just to see how much of a juoke the US denimindsutry is, I have an idea alreeady, this is post book complietion type of resarch, your did your homework, your submitted it your done, now your just chillin and going through and just double checking eerything  you were pretty positve about but never got confrimatioon, Like Baldwins, IW, Raleighs, Gustin, New Levis sanforized 14 Left feilds, umm Selvedge Earnest Sewn too I believe..... I know more but thats fine"


Curiious if you have any personal feelings or statement or perhpas slight aregument you can make with a reason or two as to why anyone should spend abround the250 for any of these brands regardless of cut fit or whatever, due to this racket and mionopli that factory possess.....


Now of course if you'd like to discuss this privately.....which I Don't see occuring ....please feel freee to soot me a PM, however it you rmeant to take this out pubclicallfor all to read your statements, which is another option however I also do not believe he had any inention on  on really sharing anythign aby of theanore more than what hewrote 



Cuz your post was to strictly make your claim on all yiur denim that you own, but more imporantly for you to brag aboutt, the differences in all of the denim, how you like it all, and to finsih off weigh weirdly telling people to  laslty some thing that I don't kno wwho it was directed at cuz it didnseem like anyyone sharing an oinion of their personal likeswas agreeing with a single or ther person on any to ftheresa at all, howeer you got offended somehow


 have zero pans on changing my game up in anyfashio, however at the same time,\. I am hardpressed to think about a topic that I am ablle ti discuss for longer tand greater lengths, with greater details differeces, reaaons for admmiration, diffeaults fualts, etc... then talking about quality premium denim. Literally, I could jus  spit for fuckkin ghours and always love to learn more. Now first of all, an ability t seamless go from jeans that are below 10 oucnes iweight \post soak to going to a pair of eans that weighs 3 times as much, not to mention is probably 4 times thinkcer, seamlessly, while enjoyin gthem both equally as well, well I've never quite seen nor hear of anything like that before, I am finding thsi quite interesting. I have been almost entirely out of the US  Beenim industry game, because besides companies like Stronghold and Rising Sun, both institutions who in faked loom fabric on site, there's that one facrotur that opened last year and hasn't been open since the 60s that has a ton of shuddles that is just gonna be a CONe Mills part 2, but then there is just con mills. And as much as I love denim, is as much as I equally despise sheet of fabric that is bottom of the barrelll mass rpduced sanforized to death death in at 14 ounce weiightt, and the fact that its 114ounces ,oh and there

s roughly a mile of it loomed also necause all the run of the mill2-250 US jean bransm ake all of there cust with sanforied 14 ounces cone hills denim which eventually you have not just concluded but literally witessed the fact that the only difference between these US brans is literallly their leather page and their price tag, all the denim here is teh same and it's awufl I dont care if they figur out a way to call the stuf actually super selvege or something, because without question, that cotton is not great to say the least, and also without question, the Sanforization process that Cone Mills puts there denim through is more than likely closer that of a torute dungeon then any type of equipment, quality fabor is to come into contact with and to finish being unharmed.


Lastly, if you would Breifly, I'm gonna assume Amoskeeg are Japanese although they do not sound Japanese, I am entirely unfailiar with this denim and know that the main intnernational stores do not stock the, are these something you are able to get your hands on because of where you are, did you aorder diectly from anotehr country? .... Don't worry I have no intention onpurchasing any of the jeans that you own, or styles ini some ways are kinda vagely, like in same enighborhood, ust totallly two different sides, maybe, but your pure differentiatiaon fuels minterest to far greater extebts, this is what makes me want to know more, 


Whatever you doo choose to not share at all with my, well you can rest verymush assured, that althought I dknow that you are well aware about a greeat ddeal of denim brands anh, I surpsingnly or not, happen to know a couple two, the few I do are the onnes I live that ones I buy, Im like and aold man i n his ways with his denim, I dont seek the apprvalcuz I dontneed it, cuz in my eyes I posses 6 pairs of the best us adollar can reasult in getting.




What's the time fram, as straight shtom is there a chance yoru share anything of sinceretiy of opinon. npt just your message to others who didnt really need to hear it?


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Originally Posted by Bahljs View Post



has anyone heard from him lately?



Originally Posted by dukedishin View Post


I sent him a message the other day and didn't hear back. I looked on his eBay and saw that he had a handful of positive feedbacks from the last month so he's gotta be still around, maybe just busy.



You know who also has been totally MIA for like at least 6 months, the ORiginal Frenchie, The True FRenchie, the fucking 6'6 or someshit giant ass fucking Frenchy Canadian, He was funnny as hell, and those boes he woudl comeup on were aboslute inane.....I want OG Frenchy back, dude was actuaullly frrench so it made sense, and also helped you fucked over French ebay sellers who suck, Thus owning the name.


Probably the only person on the thread whos subsizdized income buy only sellingthrfited clothes that were purchased abndowned byhim but alwaysnever actually thrfiting anymof them at all, nevespending a dadoing any piece of the work, but he would only sell thrifted clothes, and he would only buy tthfited clothes also, but never spend a day thinfrting either, hahahaa. Only guy here that canclaim that, Spoo could maybe when First startign out I guess, acutallly no cuz Frenchie sold zero consignmenttotally his inventory.


Honestly that was such a sweet set up he ad, If I just full time thrifted, theres zerp change I wouldn't  have take over his inveotry source,pay  a guy 3 grand to thrfit San Fran for a month and then give you all the shit, donedeal, thats asoi businesss relatioshtip. Only flipper whose japs were strictly measuremand phot and flip,, and never ever half to thrift,


AHH I remeber




Freenchyyy where you been uduude????

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Sure, why not.
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Is this some kind of sign from the thrift gods? A Patagonia Synchilla Bunting for 99c...

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Slow afternoon. Womens bell botton khaki type pants but they are Gucci....
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Anyone know Armani labels? Recent or not so much? Also, 4 button. Reunited it with the pants too but don't know if I should do
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He has to be crazy,I mean you people can see this right.
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