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Haven't seen a TT in decent condition in a long time. Definitely won't replace the Thorens from Nat, but not a bad TT for the price. Dual 1257. Available

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lookin' very main, man!


those stair-step planters are crying out for some rosemarinus prostratus. or something. lol. sweet place.

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Congrats @My Main Man!
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New houses and trips to Milan shopping Meccas ....all from thrifting thread
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@My Main Man, congratulations! One of the pure joys in life is getting the keys to a new home. Enjoy it!
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dis trread doing big tings wah gwan thrifters, nuff respect
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Originally Posted by OolongT View Post


Also, isaia has a new content tag.  Sorry I didn't take a pic of it, but I assume we'll be seeing it soon enough.  Much more plain, smaller, less distinctive, like the generic Italy BB tags or so.

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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

dis trread doing big tings wah gwan thrifters, nuff respect

Ali G, or Yo-Landi?
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Originally Posted by txwoodworker View Post

Many pics, quick recap. (Click to show)
First stop LBM 1911, bought 2x linen pocket squares

They had spring/summer out in full force.  Store was small, but 2 stories.

Rubinacci, bought an army square and tie

They had this at Rubinacci, just a navy blue bomber, but that lining!  They made one custom for a client, then made 4 more while they were at it.
Did not kop, but seriously, seriously considered it, had one that fit me perfectly.  Reversible if you want to be all loud about it.

Gelato stop.

Isaia, retail upstairs.  Cool thing about all these flagship stores was they had stuff you just wouldn't find in NM or even a local boutique.

Hermes window, just now seeing those random shoes, don't know how that tied in.

This was from the bespoke room at Brioni.  3 floors, maybe 10ksqft. Brioni only has 3x bespoke tailors, two of them are here, one in NYC. One has been a tailor 45 years for Brioni, my guide told me he can practically size you by looking at you.  Besides their own exclusive fabrics, they have Scabal and Dormeuil.  My guide was gracious and showed me everything, was a great experience.

Zilli was absolutely nuts.  Leather jackets for 30k euro.  No price on these shoes, but the polo shirt in the ad in the upper left was on the shelf for 990Euro.  A fucking polo shirt.
Right after we walked in, a group of umm... boldly dressed people stormed in, pulled some stuff off the racks, bought it and left.  Was really odd.

Not shown, the inconsiderate RR owners blocking traffic while they casually piled in.

Versace Home store.

Kopped these linen shirts from a local tailor next door to my hotel. Couldn't get decent pics, bottom one is a deep denim blue, the top is a light blue with a subtle pattern.  Collar roll is the bomb.

Milan is a menswear mecca, the staff at every store was attentive and friendly.  The wife was burned out before I finished, and honestly, since I wasn't going to drop serious coin, even I got a little burned out myself. I could easily see how, if I had the means, I wouldn't want to shop anywhere else, I'd make a pilgrimage to this neighborhood, stay at the Oriental, get a years worth of clothes, and donate last year's clothes to a GW near you.
Don't know how my post got all out of whack, but essentially above is my quick recap of a shopping day in Milan. There is no other place in the world with this concentration of stores.  The Armani store was an entire city block.  There may be other cities that have most of these stores, but not all in a couple city blocks.

Wow, amazing write up. How much did brioni bespoke start at?
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Some things I bought!  At thrift stores!  Available unless otherwise noted.

Ties have been light lately, but mostly new, which is always a plus.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

3x "The Polo Tie", new but pretty rumpled, and one sick v. recent self lined silk/linen (n/a)

Jumping penguins 'gamo, VV custom for national finance

All on a soft bed of burberry cashmere.

A few odds and ends for personal use:

Well, not this one.  Gonna sell this one.

Minty prepster prl suspenders (n/y)

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

HBC collection (hudson bay collection, as it turns out.  pop!) monochrome stripe - made in scotland, 75/25 wool/angora (n/a)

Some record picks... been working the LP bins lately and I swear, I thought sifting through haggar and stafford was dispiriting but I never could have anticipated the psychic toll of seeing engelbert humperdinks smug mug so many times over

Aphex twin circa 95, the who live at leeds, and a collection of speeches from JFK, all in excellent shape (n/a)

Tee medley, all made in usa save the allsaints, all n/a save the dad tee

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Ibex striped merino 

Jerzees 50/50 world class father

Allsaints (pop! although I've left a fair amount) faded/patchwork bandana 

Ringling bros x screen stars 50/50, featuring one soulful lion

snoopy/joe cowboy ringer tee in a real light poly/rayon blend

And just to remind us of our tinyness and insignificance in the face of a vast, dark universe:

also a 50/50 cotton poly blend, this time from fruit of the loom

Pents, from dark to light

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

BLK DMN (pop!) blk crdry, size 32 but vanity sized to fit a mcconaghey-waisted dude like myself, n/a

nwot crispy VV chinos.  pop! on vineyard vines for personal use, n/a.  I've thrifted alden shell and a wardrobe full of kiton, but somehow a pair of perfectly fitting chinos has eluded me until now.  

ditto on basic black pants.  Twill 5 pockets from uniqlo, n/a

Incotex tan chinolinos, 36 waist

Peter Millar blue summer patchwork, 34

Previously teased Brioni, n/a

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

White herringbone french cuff, my new best shirt.

white herringbone with gray stripe french cuff

Pale blue standard cuff

Mixed media shirting, brought to you by the color red, n/a:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Viyella wool/cotton for patrick james, made in canada

Classic candystripe bb makers ocbd 

"Finissimo" pura seta summer shirt

can't nail down the maker, but finissimo is a semi-common fabric designation for Brioni tailoring, and the "made in italy" font looks a lot like Brioni, so... Brioni?  either way, crepe weight silk and black mop buttons.  Going to get a lot of wear this summer.

Some local places have already cut way back on the sweater and jacket sections, which is a shame.  still some gems out there though... 

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Brioni merino for big fellas

EZ 70/30 wool/cash with an odd abstract geometric 

And a scottish cashmere cableknit cardivest (vestigan?) for me

big ol mops - although one fell off not long after this picture was taken.

Not much in the way of jackets lately (read above) -

pop! on invertere - wimmenz, but I couldnt leave it behind. n/a, going to be a gift for my mother

Windowpane tweed outer, wool lined inner, and a polar bear fur shawl collar (well, maybe not.  but maybe)

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Cotton blend burb london, made in the good ol' USA, large

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



Best in show lately has been tailoring, by a mile:

BB classic db for tall skinny fells, 42 XL

Great subtly checked herringbone sc

signs of quality...


but I'm not about to start leaving sulka behind.

does sulka have a particular they use for tailoring?  no "made in" tags

This beauty you've already seen.  NWOT super recent unstructured hackett f/u tweed.  n/a

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Choice, choice details on this one.

Cell pocket

mmm basting


And then, on an unplanned last minute stop into a store half an hour from closing time, this happened.  N/A



Somebody recently mentioned they loved the sight of a completely unadorned liner in a jacket.  Now I get it.

pop pop!  my first time seeing the row in the wild, and not in a shy way: some dude up and donated a wardrobe of tommy nutter bespoke.  

First off the rack - totally mint, dry cleaned, and quickly reunited with... two pairs of trousers?! why not

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Navy flannel herringbone stripe, the most conservative of the bunch

Next up, a super sick striped herringbone with peak lapels and a ticket pocket, and backup pants!  This guy covered all the bases.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Third times the charm!  Striped and textured gray wool, peak lapels, ticket pocket.  Just one pair of pants.  for now...

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


And one lonely orphan that I just couldnt leave behind - brown broken stripe, three button instead of two.  Going to keep a weather eye out for its missing half

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



Kennedy approves.  Best of luck out there in the racks gentlemen.


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Thought one of you crafty guys might be into this. Guy on reddit has a bunch of Filson fabric and it sounds like he doesn't want a whole lot for it. 

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Tommy Nutter.... Wow. For anyone not familiar with him:


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3 day weekend spent mostly adulting, did stop in a couple places without much to show for it:


















Also stopped in my local vinyl shop for RSD; they only had two of the titles on my want list: Clint Mansell / Kronos Quartet "Requiem for a Dream" 2xLP soundtrack, and the Coltrane "Roulette" 10".




...but in digging the bins I also found these 1970's Stash label LP's, both still sealed:


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@PGRoadhouse unreal haul man. Although the lion might be a tiger peepwall[1].gif
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Nutter is WOW. Found an orphan once. Amazeballs
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