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Its hard to tell from that pic but isn't that the Swift?
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Best gif ever.legit spit out my gucci scarf!!!!!
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Im off to the origin of most of our coveted menswear stuff.

Travel day fit, LBM, JCrew cash, JCrew pin dot OCBD, Isaia PS.  Will be checking in from Venice and Milan.

deet (Click to show)

Hmilton khaki

Antonio Mauritzi, J. Hilburn

My new messenger bag


Was trying out 2 outfits for when I have to "work", ignore the knots, I had to throw them on to see how they look

Cuci suit, Isaia shirt, Brioni knit tie, noname PS

There's more contrast between the tie and shirt than this pic shows, it's a peachy pink


EZ glen plaid suit, Isaia shirt , RLPL tie, RL PS


Thanks to the thread for making this hobby/addiction much more enjoyable.  I will still be surrounded by Germans in charcoal suits for the most part, but I couldn't stand going low key in Milan.


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This made me laugh. @eazye
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Originally Posted by Fueco View Post

PSA for the Seattle peeps...

Dang. I'd be interested in any Snow Peak clothing if anyone were to go and proxy.
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I really want to find a Kiton... Might have to travel to London.
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Tx Woodworker is turning up the style meter!
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sharing is caring:


spring tie haul: missoni, j crew (!), ferragamo...


valentino, pink, pink...


pink, bullock and jones random english silk...




a surprisingly good property


60s blah Paradise Hawaii. nice blue tho.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


bjian by isaia (spare me any hairsplitting idgaf)


brokedick brioni. 



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


buttons are good tho.


no belt. boo.


60s lauhala shirt, what a great print


also: seen but not copped, this is the chassis of a vintage tube amp (not guitar, it's a craftsmen "maestro" prob early 60s)

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Been sourcing all day and nothing good but a patagonia synchylla monogramed with some veterinarian logo

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Really hoping I didn't overpay on an RLPL peak lapel tux, made in England. Will post pics after moving new bed into house.
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Ethrift came in. Thanks Linda.

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Few things from today.
Talbott silk/wool/linen blend for me.

Nwt corduroy Sammy for Saks.

Sammy is Available for trade.
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Anyone recognize this tie tag?

Nice tie but no other indication.
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I don't usually get to thrift on the weekends but my middle kid had a birthday party. It was in an area of town I'm not in much so I searched for stores on maps and stopped by a store I'd never been... Glad I did.... First charvet and all cost $1 each!!! Thank you birthday party!!....

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7 hours of hustling. Most available for a short period of time.

J crew ludlow black grey mini check, Current Canali, burb London staple blue striped suit, Current zegna couture peak lapel jacket w a subtle purple and Grey check

Epaulet trous, j crew ludlow peak lapel jacket (n/a), dunhill by zegna, Louis V pants in like a 26 waist

Rlpl black wool pants (n/a), brooks 1818 by lardini

Post & etro

And the finale...

Anderson and shepphard peak lapel pin dot orphan, and FINALLY a Loro piana twenty K cotton jacket.

Few stains on the inside but otherwise solid

Now for some help..

Tag was def fake, but can anyone confirm the Hamilton is too? Felt too light to me so I left.

Thanks gents
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