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The official thrift/discount store bragging thread - Part II (Return to the Thunderdome) - Page 2171

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Should I or shouldn't I buy...


$10, teak floating desk made in Denmark






Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

without the cool sleigh legs, and pretty trashed. Would have to get rid of the destroyed drawers and refinish the whole thing.





Edit: bought it and they're holding it for me to pickup Monday, but not sure if it's worth the trouble to go back and get it.

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Originally Posted by dukedishin View Post

Thrift fit:

Boglioli K Jacket - thrift
Eton shirt - either from @Nataku
 or @ATLjon
, I forget
The Tie Rack - thrift, usually a pass but made in Italy and linen
PS - wife made and hand-rolled
Trafalgar - NWOT thrift
Incotex - e-thrift but paid up slightly
Loake for Tyrwhitt - thrift

So nice
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Can't believe I'm gonna say this but I would leave that desk

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I think I'm with you. Feels like it'll be a big headache and not worth it.
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A few things today and yesterday, but these were the highlights




Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



2nd ever tailored piece by them Ive found


W/ liner




Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Italy and USA
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One stop one grab. Maybe someday I'll find some in my size frown.gif

photo image_zpsude2227v.jpeg

photo image_zpsieswoqiu.jpeg

photo image_zpskknmeqxg.jpeg

photo image_zpsripvqse1.jpeg
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A couple cool things today but this is definitely the highlight.

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So I haven't been able to thrift much in the last year due mostly to life and my 9 month old daughter. As such not much posting in this thread. I've followed this thread regularly though and you guys kill it. Thank you for the hours of entertainment. Thank you for hustling and making me jealous and stoked at the same time. Great bunch of guys here. 


I haven't been to a legit thrift store in at least a month. North San Diego County isn't the greatest area for tailored clothing either. In my 3 years thrifting there has always been a white whale that's eluded capture for me. The height of Italian RTW... Kiton. I've pulled isaia, brioni, cuci, etc etc. But never kiton. Today that changed 





To make it even better... My size (the elusive 38R drop 7). One glen plaid suit and one navy blazer. N/A


In the pocket. Dat retail doe


Sleeveless cash cardi to up my layering game :

Crewneck sweater for the portly fellas

Plum 1/4 zip pure cash


Thanks again dudes. And to the noobs who think you'll never taste teh kittenz 


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Hey. Not sure if the best place to post this, but this seems more active than other threads where I think I could get some help.

Anyone familiar with Alfred Dunhill? Do/did they do diffusion? Basically, I found this jacket in a 48R US at an SFA05 for an obscenely cheap price, and it's available if anyone wants. Mismatched suit jacket so I can try to find pants.
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@330CK trade you for the glass items I found today.


Hit two estate sales but got nothing...one house was filled with some real spendy stuff but the clothes were absolute shite - Chaps, Merona and Chico's.  Might go back tomorrow if they have 75% off in the afternoon, at which point the prices on other stuff might be justified.  Other house was basically empty save for bare mattresses and grubby toys - why bother?


One thrift stop - not much:


These are vintage glass urinals / bed pans.  Not worth much - maybe $15 to $30 each - but interesting display pieces.  Maybe gifts for my sister, who is a nurse.








Not sure what to make of these 4 Ole Miss hoodies / jackets:




NWT from Champion:



...but they all have these dated tags saying "Fall 2016"...  Maybe pre-production examples / prototypes?


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I had a brief moment of surprise that someone found the exact same coat as I did. I am not a smart man.
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Much available.






Discount Ike Behar:




Zegna and Zegna Couture:


True thrift:


Pop!  Though pretty ugly and missing sleeve buttons!


Vintage Bean duffle w/ 2x heavy leather luggage tags:



Pretty thrashed 'gamo chelseas, but 1/2 off of already cheap:





RL Duffel

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Thrift fit, going to dinner tonight.


Deetz (Click to show)




Blazer: Kiton thrifted this morning

Shirt: thrifted Vince

Square: B&S Hober

Trousers: thrifted Hiltl

Shoes: e-thrifted Carmina (apologies for the dog hair in the shoe pic)

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That looks great!

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Restored my faith.
Plus some other good stuff
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