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The official thrift/discount store bragging thread - Part II (Return to the Thunderdome) - Page 2010

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Originally Posted by Alex Hayes View Post

I will recommend ThinkSound for in-ear-monitors if that's what you're looking for. I have one of the mid-tier models and they sound very nice. They are reasonably priced and got a favorable review from Sterophile as well. I generally stay away from Bose as they are known for "coloring" the sound. That's not to say all their products are that way. I hope you find what you're looking for!

Just checked on those thinksound, and I am surprised at how cheap they are. As for Bose, they were on sale at costco tbh. So I gave the pair I grabbed a listen, and will be returning them shortly. The QC15s are on sale for like 130 I think.

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So the shitty ice storm kept me couped up yesterday. So I hit a few stores today. All available, per usual.


2 x TNF full zips. Size men's L.




2 x NAU technical jackets. These are cool as fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Size SMALL or I'd be keeping.




Synchilla vest. Size L.



BBBF cotton cardigan. Can't find size. Probably closest to a BBBF1



St John Collection. Medium.



Couple of Southern Marsh shirts. Mediums.



New tag PRL p-wing tee.


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Originally Posted by Nataku View Post

These were a bitter-sweet acquisition. My last surviving uncle on my father's side is in very poor health. His life was motorcycles, his Corvette, photography and computers (he worked at Intel in the late 70's, etc). He wanted to keep this stuff in the family and wanted us to come pick them while he was still somewhat able to tell us the stories behind them. This would also be the last time we would see him, so my father and I flew down to Santa Barbera this past weekend. Spent as much time with him as possible (he sleeps a lot and speaking takes a lot of energy so it was pretty much limited to questions/answers. It was an emotional trip.

We had the Vette shipped home to Minnesota, the motorcycles prepped for pickup/transport and paperwork/titles sorted out. Ended up with an SUV full of family photos/heirlooms, cameras and photography stuff and other miscellaneous (he was a pack rat and kept everything).

The Vette is a 1972 Stingray with the deluxe dark saddle interior. 350 base with a 3 spd auto. He bought it from the original owner in 1977 when he moved out to California. I asked if he thought it was "all original" and he said the original owner used to race it at various tracks in SoCal, so there was definitely some modifications under the hood. Will be interesting to take a closer look once it gets here. Spent a couple hours last night looking through all the paperwork he has on it.

The Norton is a 1975 Commando 850 MkIII. He purchased it new from the last Norton dealer in Minnesota. Was originally a Roadster with a white tank. My aunt purchased a "Interstate" seat and gas tank for the trip out to California and the bike was turned into an "Interstate". They kept the original gas tank and seat, so those came home with us. Also got a few boxes of spare parts, many NOS.

The red bike is a 1987 Kawasaki Concurs 1000. My father wanted that one. Just had the engine rebuilt.

Fantastic all around
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I'm gearing up for a mini thrifting trip. If anyone wants me to look for anything specific from Patagonia, let me know what you're after.

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@takai my monoprice over ear headphones go everywhere with me. $20, pretty great audio quality, and detachable cable. I love them because I don't give a shit if I break them or lose them. Check them out on headfi, they are pretty well liked. I've had all sorts of headphones from sennnheiser HD 598s to shure iem's to ATH, and I find the monoprice cans to be damn good for $20.

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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Thank you all, for the many likes!

Window #2, everything thrifted, thrift traded, thrift tipped, or eThrifted.
Lots of stuff in here but some:

Goyard trunk (traded)


Wait.....did I make the front window?!?

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The long weekend.

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Ferragamo question for the guru's.. Doubt it, but anyone happen to know if these Tramezza's Special Editions?! Don't think they are because they lack the "Special Edition" embossing on the sole, but I could not find a single pair with this style naming/label on the inner sole, besides the one pair of special edition Tramezza's listed on that other site.

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Found a couple more tags in the pocket of my leather barnstormer. I'm awful at these; can anyone help place a date on this based on the union label?

Originally Posted by the2ndhandman View Post


The easiest way to tell is look at a worn area. Horsehide will have a brownish or grey color when the dye wears off. Steer hide will be white or a creamy color. It's really easy on black jackets but brown will still show the creamy white easily.

Hmmm, this looks reddish-brown where it's worn. Not sure if this is what you mean?

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Nataku - 1939 - 1949!
Originally Posted by AlexJ1100 View Post

Wait.....did I make the front window?!?

sure as shit did (NFS for sure though) wink.gif
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@Nataku, I think the union tag is 1939-1949...

Damn, Spoo beat me to it...
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Awesome, thanks guys!
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Would anyone be willing to give me thrift suggestions in the Sarasota, Florida, area? (This is for my wife, not me, so she won't be cleaning out your spots.)
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brag for me too!

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