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Not thrift but discount. Comfiest boots I've ever worn.
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Originally Posted by ChetB View Post

Send the scarf to Rave Fabricare. Or repurpose it as a lining or something.

lining is a good idea , i wish there was a rave fabricare over here. Thank you.

Originally Posted by double00 View Post

for the ladeez. bolero jacket. 

Excellent, thank you.

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Ralph Lauren black label cropped Haori Yukata Japanese Jacket gray sparkle (size) (bust width across back, PTP)"

Love it, thank you sparkle.

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Originally Posted by Nobleprofessor View Post

Really?  There is a small thrift store I visit occasionally and they have two Shearling coats.  One has no tag and the other has a brand name I googled and found ZERO.  The no tag coat was  LONG, mens, and was $50.  The other was a woman's, long and I think it was about the same price. 

Should I go back? 

I'm 60 something pages behind on this thread (was in Court a lot the last week and half) and I am still trying to catch up, so I apologize in advance for replying to week old posts. 

I wouldn't Kop at 50, but 20-30 i buy all day.
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SWB, those boots...... Drool
330, congrats, that's fucking awesome!

Question for the thread. Has anybody ever thrifted "good" halston?
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One of my first windows at the LuxeShop, everything eThrifted or 90% rule.

Vintage Versace silk shirt
LV trunk, 1910's
Berk velvet slipers
Vintage Versace silk jacket
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Originally Posted by Reosymes View Post


Not sure this analogy would hold. You're free to do whatever you want with your personal property, but a corporation cannot operate on that principle.


Now we need @GMMcL to explain this better!


I'm not @GMMcL but I am a lawyer.   I think this would depend on state law where the store is located.  A company as large as Goodwill will obviously be subject to state laws in all 50 states, but whether it could a violation of a given state's consumer protection acts would depend on the state.  Whether there is an applicable Consumer Protection Act is unknown (at least by me), but I am 100% certain it would violate the Thrift Store's own policies.  Most larger chains (e.g. Goodwill) won't let the employees shop at the store they work at on days that they work and they cannot go into "the back" on days they do not work.   I can see how this would be a violation of fundamental fairness to allow an employee to do this for customers.  But, I am not naive enough to know it doesn't happen.   


In terms of customers developing relationships with customers and giving the customer a heads up about specific items, I think that would be permissible although a given store might prohibit it. I can't imagine how much stuff is found at thrifts and the employee calls his friend, neighbor, cousin, roommate, etc. to tell them to come in and buy something.  


But, considering some of the jaw dropping posts on this site and others, there are a lot of items that go unnoticed by the employees.   Goodwill has their e-commerce website and they do pretty well, but a lot still shows up in the stores.  Unfortunately for all us, it does look like some of the thrifts are getting better and better at finding the gems. 

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Originally Posted by BakerStreet View Post

A heartfelt thanks to the folks of this thread, especially Brianpore. Several years ago, I went through a rough patch personally and financially. When it seemed I was out of options, I discovered thrifting and subsequently, this thread.  I learned  a lot by lurking and just reading the original thread.  Re-selling stuff, some through Brianpore, helped me make ends meet.  I haven’t posted here in a while, but continue to sell and lurk every now and again. Decided this year to step it up a little as I need to pay for kid’s college.  Anyway, thought I would start poasting more of my finds.  Here are things from the last couple of weekends.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



Patagonia Better Sweater


Sawyer of Napa Shearling



Edward Green



Older EZ cashmere lined-leather coat



Couple of RLBL Striped suits




Crockett and Jones loafers



Trailwise Berkeley puffer



Class - 5 puffer



Anyone recognize this maker?  It's on an awesome reversible trench.  Couldn't find anything on Google.



:cheers: I don't post in here much anymore either but always here to help. Glad things are looking a little better these days.

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Some highlights from today.
I need to thank the thread for these mabitex. Never would have known the brand. Cashmere/wool blend.

Next some nice guy approximately my size was nice enough to donate these three slightly used t&a. Thank you Mr donate. First one is sea island.

And finally I picked up this cool avirex. Want to thrift an original someday but this has so many cool details. Could not say no for under $10.

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Originally Posted by Nobleprofessor View Post


Is Oxxford Cashmere always labeled/tagged as Cashmere.   I have an Oxxford SC that could be Camelhair or Cashmere.  But, I also have an Oxxford Cashmere coat that feels similar and it is labeled as Cashmere.  In fact, every cashmere Oxxford I have found has been labeled that way.  So, I think I may have answered my own question. 


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Another Question

This is a brag and its also a quandary. 

I can't figure out what to do with Oxxford Cashmere coat

Its not my size so the obvious thing to do is sell this bad boy and sell it fast! But, here is the problem: 

Two very small nibbles.  They are not holes.  AND they look worse in the pics than in person.  Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I don't think this can be repaired with reweaving. 

The quandary is spend the money to repair it (if it can be repaired) or sell it like it is?  

Obviously these coats sell for big money, so I don't want to give it away for cheap.  But, how bad is it with the small half nibbles. 

I'm far from a pro, so grain of salt. BUT I did find several bespoke SCs a year ago from the same donor. 2 in particular had the exact same date, pattern, lining, etc. Only difference was color and one had a cashmere tag and one did not. Take it for what it's worth.
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That's what I'm talmbout

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A stranger reunited an orphan for me today. Had two Oxxford jackets in my hand and it was clear by the way I was holding them that I was trying to match the pants. Finally found one pair and he must have seen what I was doing because he walked over and immediately grabbed the other pants out of rack and said, "now you've got the full suit!" "Two full suits actually!" I said and showed him the other pair. Ended up talking about the local thrift scene for about 15 minutes as we browsed the rest of the racks together. Was a good time. 

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