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Remarkably, I'm not sore today.


Could have been the abnormally high, yet perfect, levels of Bloody Marys, Hot Buttered Rum and Jack Daniels in my system yesterday.


Or maybe, as the pictures indicate, the apparent fact that Mahatma Holly did all the work while I made/ate food.








Lessons to take home....

By a damn snowblower!




There is still another few hours of digging to get the mailbox cleared. Ugh.

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Whats a snow blower got to do with home cooking?
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Originally Posted by richnet12 View Post

Whats a snow blower got to do with home cooking?

So she can finish up faster next time, then take me out to eat.

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On my way to pick up a personal Grail item.


Deets later tonight 

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Originally Posted by impuntura View Post

On my way to pick up a personal Grail item.


Deets later tonight 


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Seasonal beard
St James (thrift)
Hackett moleskin (thrift)
Viberg (sample sale)
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Coin dudes I have another question for you: how do you authenticate something like this?
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Report on Thrifting the Mississippi Gulf Coast: 


Detailed reviews spoilered for those interested.  


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I had to fly to Mississippi last week because my father was having surgery on his Achilles. (He tore it playing Pickleball - which is apparently a sport that old people play on a court 1/3 the size of a tennis court using large paddles and a ball that is supposed to travel 1/3 the speed of a tennis ball.)   Based on the description of his recovery, I believed we would have time to go to a few thrift stores while there.   Unfortunately, his mobility was a little undersold to us and him.  He wasn't allowed to do anything.   The surgeon was adamant about it.  I won't bore you with the details, but I definitely was not able to get away much.  I am not complaining, I was glad to be there to help.  


Based on my LIMITED thrifting, I would say to avoid Biloxi, D'Iberville, Gulfport, and Ocean Springs.   Total bust.   Many of the stores close at 5 pm.  A few of the Goodwill stores close at 6.  The first day we went to Hudson's Treasure hunt.  It is not technically a thrift store it is like an insurance salvage/outlet type store.  I did find a few very nice Saks Loro Piana Overcoats, but even with all the discounts they were $90.  Did not kop


I also went to the Goodwill in Biloxi (that had the best ratings on various online sites like Yelp) and it was clean and organized, but had typical meh finds.  I was excited to find a pair of Florsheim shell Longwings, but they had holes in the leather sole.   There was also a vintage Hickey Freeman custom suit, but it wasn't very special and not worth kopping.   


I went to a place called ReThreads that was HUGE.  Three warehouses.  It had LOTS of furniture.  But, I wasn't buying furniture because I flew to Mississippi.   The clothing was ridiculously priced, for example boring used RL Polo shirts $15, average department store shoes $29-39, Ties (department store brands) $8, suits $80, etc.  I'm sure I let out a few shouts on finding these prices and they told me everything was 25% off. They said this like they were doing me a favor.  


I also went to America's Thrift in Ocean Springs.  The place was huge and well organized.   But, despite the size, it was finds we all would pass on.   The only thing I bought the whole time was at this store and it was a pair of nearly new Madras RL shoes for $9.  I probably wouldn't have bought anything, but they were nearly new and I also wanted a receipt for some thrift store so I could deduct the trip (or at least part of it) on my taxes.  


One day we got my father all settled in his recliner with his leg propped on pillows after lunch and with the remote and cell phone in easy reach.   My wife had grown weary of the thrift stores, so I dropped her off at the mall and I tried to locate two stores I had previously researched.   I had gotten the addresses from online and also read reviews of these two stores.  The first was a Salvation Army.   The "Store" was damaged in Katrina and moved.   The address where I arrived was now the Salvation Army offices and did not have a store.  So, I drove on to my second choice located another 15 min away.  This was a St. Vincent DePaul thrift store.  Again, I read reviews online about it and it sounded decent.   I had very good luck at a St. Vincent DePaul store in Houston a couple years ago, so I thought it was worth a shot.    When I arrived at the address, it was the St. Vincent DePaul Church and school.   As I drove around the complex hoping there was a store there, someone flagged me down and asked I needed help.   They told me the store was located in Pascagoula Mississippi which was about another 30 minutes away and in the wrong direction of where I needed to be.  


I was running out of time and needed to pick up my wife, get my father's RX filled and get back to his house.   On my way back to the mall, I passed a Goodwill that I had not seen on any of the maps of the locations.   I decided to take 5 minutes to check it out.   I realized why it wasn't on the locations and I didn't need the full 5 minutes to eliminate it.  It was tiny, had very little in it and what was in it was worthless.  It took me 4 minutes to go through it.   


There was a thrift store run by the local Humane Society and I liked the idea of checking it out.   I wonder if there are other Humane Society thrift stores around.  Seems like a good idea and a good way to support the HS mission.  I never got to check it out as I ran out of time on the last day.   I was trying to arrange the care my dad needed for the next week.


UnSpoilered Thirfting Conclusion: 


Don't bother thrifting the Mississippi Gulf Coast.   The next time I am there I am focusing my efforts on New Orleans (I think it could be great!) and then into Alabama like Mobile and other areas.  Of course, in Alabama, I would be thrifting in the wake of @drlivingston so it might be dry as a bone too!  



Total Trip Conclusion: 


I was glad to spend time with my father. I was very glad to be there to take care of him.  He would have had to go to a Rehab facility if I wasn't there. I was also reacquianted with some of his neighbors.   People in the south really are very kind and take care of their neighbors.  My stepmother died 3 years ago, and I was worried my father had just isolated himself in the house. And he is a little bit of a loner.  But, a lot of folks from his church stopped by and several neighbors brought food over to the house.  


I did get some great food while there.  I do love a real Po Boy and the seafood there was caught the same day and within about 5 miles of where you eat it.  By the way, I lost count of all the Waffle Houses.     One sad thing was to see how much devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina has STILL not been repaired.  New Orleans got a lot of the news stories, but Gulfport and Biloxi were MUCH more damaged than N.O.  


One other positive was that the day I left Kansas, Wichita got snow and ice and Mississippi was 65 and sunny.   By the time I got back to Kansas the ice and snow had melted and I didn't have to scrape it off my car at the airport.  


I also drove my dad's fairly new Toyota Highlander.  I didn't think I liked them, I thought they were old people SUVs.   But, it was really nice!  AND that is good because whenever he gets a new car, he always offers it to me for a much lower price than its worth.  So, in a few years I may be buying a Highlander.  

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Originally Posted by My Main Man View Post

Here are some more pics of that loud tiny 3 piece from the other day. 

Ah. Size and button color had me hoping it was real old, like 20s-30s, but that is definitely 70s. Still cool fabric, though!
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Re: coin - I would bite it, like they do in the old Western movies. But that's just me - there's probably a better way.
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Originally Posted by silverwarebandit View Post

Coin dudes I have another question for you: how do you authenticate something like this?

I would take a chance on that even at$200
Thats pure gold right
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Yeah it's supposed to be 24k. They didn't even price it at face value haha
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While I was traveling this past week I did discover a few things.  


I found out where all the ugliest Robert Graham shirts come from.  They are in Texas at the Dallas Airport.   I guess when they say everything is bigger in Texas they are even including ugly! 


The Dallas Airport had a huge selection on them.  I never find these new with tags, so I surprised about how pricey they are and just how tacky they can make a store that sells them.  





They even had this in the store: 



I also found this shirt that totally fooled me at first. 




Take a closer look at the crest: 


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)





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Pretty proud day for me today, the coat I made last semester is being displayed on Michigan Ave. Kind of a shitty pic, what with the reflection and all, but you get the idea.
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Awesome dude! Congrats!
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