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The official thrift/discount store bragging thread - Part II (Return to the Thunderdome) - Page 1711

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Last one is fakkeeeeeee
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Originally Posted by GM-H View Post

Last one is fakkeeeeeee


Shieeet. You learn something new everyday! Nice catch. :fonz:

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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Nobleprofessor i am very sorry to hear that. Some people suck. Any leads on suspects?

Thanks, Spoo. You are right. It does suck. BUT, when something like happens, it helps to count my blessings and consider how lucky I am. It could have been so much worse.

A little history:

My office is in an area of town that changed over the years. The building was originally a residential duplex that was built in the 1950's. Over the years all of the duplexes were turned into commercial office space for several blocks. It's a decent area and there are quite a few professional offices. There's a real estate company, several therapist, insurance agents, doctors' offices, accountants, etc. my building is divided into two multi office suites with a shared common lobby. When I moved in, I had the south half of the building and an artist lived in the north half. She had a studio and a gallery. She also had a bedroom. She traveled between Santa Fe and Wichita and when she was in Wichita, she would have her shows and spend a few days in town. When she decided to move, I was able to move into the North half. It is larger and has a kitchen, larger office for me, and a larger bathroom.

My office is her former bedroom. So, if this had happened when she was still here, they would have busted into her bedroom. She also had a significant and expensive art collection.

In addition, the took my wife's laptop that was fairly new, but it did not have any client files. Plus there were many more expensive things in the office that are worth more than her laptop. NOW, all of these things have been removed.

Things like this happen and they suck and it has freaked me out a little. But, in the big picture, it was a pretty minor loss (Don't get me wrong, I'm pissed and the laptop was new, but I still feel pretty lucky).

The worst part was trying to sleep last night. I kept wanting to get up and get my shotgun and go to the office in the middle of the night. I probably will one night just to ease my mind and let any observers know that they might never know what's waiting behind that door.
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Originally Posted by jumpman1231 View Post

So asking a favor from the group. If you don't want to post it on the forum just pm me. We are in process of drawing up the plans for building a house right now and am looking for ideas on organizing the master closet. If anyone has ideas or pics of their closet or a closet they really like to ahead and shoot that over. Really unsure of the route I want to go with my ties being displayed but also accessible for everyday use. Also proper shoe displaying in the closet would be great. Thanks again for the ideas!!


Woops..failed to read that sentence.  Deleted & sent as PM.  For anyone else [cuz its still kinda a good idea imo just wrong thread], build / design closets to utilize IKEA PAX organizers [or organizers from another company].

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Originally Posted by Purplelabel View Post


That's my waist. :lol:


those are your hips amigo. i agree with @Takai need to bring the trousers up. seeing stuff like this makes me miss pleats.

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Goddamit. :lol: 


They're jeans, but I suppose that doesn't matter ;)


But, is the waistcoat too small? I don't wear them, so I'm not sure.

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Few recent things, Dege is NA

This is an e-thrift that didn't work out, size S

Oh yeah, These are NA as well:

Drakes for Paul Stuart

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Originally Posted by Jompso View Post

Know you will not start off well, you will fail and you will lose money, then learn from your mistakes and grow. Read the thread. Don't make those same mistakes. Grow. Read thread, do own research, thrift more, become familiar with resale values, become familiar with manufacturers tags, fail less. Grow. Read thread, do own research, learn from mistakes. Lose less money. Grow.....eventually you will get an idea of what your doing and then realize how little you know. Never stop learning, researching, reading, etc.. never stop... There, I just told you how it's gonna start for you and what you need to do, take it from there.


AND sometimes (after you have learned more), its okay to go with your gut.  All of us occasionally find something that we have never seen before and sometimes its worth a small risk.  While this forum is mostly about clothing, don't be afraid to venture all over a thrift store  or estate sale.  Some of my most profitable/valuable finds have been something other than clothing.  

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MD for PS



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Originally Posted by drlivingston View Post

I was thinking the same thing. They just took some obvious items to make it appear to be petty theft. While the real item of interest to them was a certain file or document.

This was my first thought. I think we watch too many movies.


Sorry this happened to you tho :(

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Originally Posted by refinery View Post

How many of you thrift for yourself to wear or sell/flip or both?



As others have said most thrift for both and your wishes, grails, and purchases will evolve as you learn more. 


My story Spoilered: 

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I got into thrifting as an accident and then later out of necessity.  I was at a goodwill looking for something as a decoration for a party.   As I walked past the shoe rack, I saw a pair of like new Allen Edmonds.  They were exceptionally nice.  But, they were a 10B and they were 14.99.   During lawschool I had purchased a few pair of shoes at a goodwill because I was interviewing with law firms and I was a poor student.   So, thrifting for myself was rare, but not completely new.   I started thinking about how much Allen Edmonds shoes cost the last time I had looked and I wondered whether there were other people selling used shoes on ebay.   I looked and, of course, there are TONS.   I started looking at the other shoes and actually found a nice pair of Allen Edmonds loafers that were sort of summery and beachy.  They were only 1.99.   So, I bought them because it was going to warm and they were nice.  


I did some research that night realized that lots of people sold shoes on ebay.  In fact, I bought a pair that night.  I decided that I could buy shoes for $10 and sell them for $40 then it could be a great hobby.    So, I started selling just for fun.   I started only with shoes.    When I had 10 pair listed and they started selling, I was really excited!   The first time I bought a pair of old Florsheim Wingtips for 99 cents and sold them for $75, I knew I was hooked.  


After a few months of this, I had built up a little savings of $1500 or so and thought this was the most fun thing!   After a few months, there were a lot of changes in my law practice and I decided to leave the firm that I was at (and where I had spent 10 years including 5 years as a partner) and to start my own firm.  


That first year was VERY LEAN.  It is not cheap to go out on your own and I started ramping up the Ebay sales because I needed the cash flow.   One time when I was done looking at shoes, my wife was looking through the women's stuff and I thought I would check out the suits.  I found 8-10 fairly new Jos A. Bank suits.  I had purchased Jos. A. Bank suits in the past for myself (new at the store not for thrift prices) and I started thinking that suits might sell on ebay.  So, I bought one or two of them.  


When I started expanding my search to estate sales, things really started opening up.  I went to a sale where the man had 10-15 Oxxford suits and I was not familiar with the brand, so I looked it up.   You can imagine my shock about how much they sell for new.   Well that opened my eyes.   From there it expanded just like all of us on here.  


As you get more interested in all this.  You will likely buy more for yourself.  Then, at some point you will realize you have too much and you will realize your tastes have changed.  When I first started I was excited to see a pair of Cole Haan shoes to sell or to keep.   Now, they just get in the way (with some exceptions) of the search for much better shoes.   When I first started, I was excited to find Jos. A. Bank suit,  now when the racks are full of them they just annoy me.   The things I buy for myself have changed, too and my wardrobe is so much nicer.    I think back on some of my prior purchases and laugh -- just as well all do.   You can learn lots of invaluable lessons by reading on here and studying.   But, some of the best lessons are those in which you learn it yourself from personal experience.  


If you utilize the knowledge contained in these pages and do your own research and just give it a try, you will learn and some of it will be hard.  You end up with 25 of something that you thought was going to be great and you'll think why the fuck did I buy these.   It happens.  

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Hey all.  What's the consensus definition of an e-thrift?  I was shopping for a shell cordovan watch strap and read that some retail >$400.  I bought a Fluco Horween strap on ebay for $38 and found the same listed on "retail" sites for $68 and $85 respectively.  I probably wouldn't call this "true thrift" but where does this group draw that line?

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Not as awesome as most things posted here. However, it is very rare to thrift them in their original box (especially NWT).



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Originally Posted by Purplelabel View Post


That's my waist. :lol:

As someone who wears waistcoats probably 3/5 or 4/5 days a week, there should not be a break between the waistcoat and trousers. I have a couple that are long just so I can wear jeans, and lower rise pants. 

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