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Shout out to whomever posted the red wing x j crew 8.5 boots a week or so ago. Grabbed them and they should work out. I always forget they fit big and I'm supposed to order a half size smaller. 



Originally Posted by Shoeluv View Post

I am 45, I am a little old to be wearing trendy selvedge. I have 3 sons one older than a lot of posters so I am allowed to wear dad jeans. Although they are Levi's so not horrible. You think I need to up my denim game?

Also I waited a year on the boots and they never went on sale, most of their other stuff did but not their 1000 miler.


Eh not really. They just look better. They don't have to be trendy.Try red wing boots as well. I think you'd like something by then.

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Originally Posted by ridethecliche View Post

Dibs on the boots if they don't work out for you.
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Originally Posted by HansderHund View Post

Huge shoutout to @rhz5001 for these shoes! I only ask about 1-2 things/year on this board, and I was quick to the draw on these. Incredibly fast shipping and he cut me a great deal, including a couple of bonus ties. Thanks again!


Thank you for organizing the Thriftmas Exchange and all you do. I'm glad they made it to you ok, and you like them. I wish my pictures looked half as good as yours. 

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Unknown maker? Made in Italy, no markings for size on inside, just bottom of sole.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Thrift/discount Boxing Day fit.

potato quality full length shot (Click to show)

NMLC final sale 100% cash
Cremieux thrift
Old cords from Marshall's (love the fit, hate the quality)
1st quality Red Wing Beckmans, price matched to 2nds.
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Favorite Paul Shark shirt ever!
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^ love it!
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Sammy super 110's flannel



AE Jackson

VV, holland & sherry


Southern proper

AE belt

BB down puffer



Burgundy leather? Sure why not
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Originally Posted by the2ndhandman View Post

Yes this is true the next couple days are always good. I'm already out waiting in the car for my first spot to open and drinking my eggnog latte. My company gives us paid time off as holiday until January fourth and I spent most of it thrifting cause it is always really good.

@klay49 Thank you for the gift everything will fit perfect. The suit fits spot on just need the sleeves down about a inch .

Good news...glad to hear it works and it made it
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St. Andrew

One stop for fodders!
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Thrifting was nice today.  I think I saw maybe 5 people in each store total.


Anyways, I actually found some stuff.


Boring sweaters for me.




This made in the USA Alpine Crafts Company sweater that I have no idea about (Nataku?)




And finally something actually good.


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Originally Posted by eazye View Post

Got recognized by a lurker today. I feel like a minor celebrity.

laugh.gif Was this like a thrift store or a grocery store encounter? You may have just reached ultimate baller status.
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Haven't posted an e-thrift in a while...but i hung around the house with my son putting toys together but managed to thrift these...

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Happy holidays everyone!!

We're headed up to Boston for a couple days, and wouldn't mind hitting a couple thrift stores while we're there! Hoping we had some people from Boston who wouldn't mind pointing us in the right direction? Happy to return the favor whenever you're in NY!
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hey everybody. I've been lurking here for a bit, and figured it'd be a good time to introduce myself. I'm Alex. I'm 30 years old. I'm a capricorn. I run an ebay store called Get Blatzed Vintage. My first love is vintage T-shirts, and vintage wool shirts, but  I'll sell pretty much anything i can make a profit on haha. I've been slowly expanding my knowledge of designer stuff, largely thanks to this thread haha. anyway, enough about me... Here's my modest haul from the few stores i hit today. everything is available. my apologies for the lack of a spoiler.


Gap Jeans japanese selvedge. paid $7






NWT Spiewak & Sons parka. paid $5






coogi classics faux french cuff. paid $4





Burberrys silk, PRL silk made in USA. $1.50 each



Gemelli. paid $4




Bertigo. paid $4




anyone familiar with this brand? Circle of Gentlemen. weren't many on ebay, but they looked like they sell ok. paid $4




Eton. paid $4




Robert Graham. paid $4




Charles Tyrwhitt. paid $4



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