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The official thrift/discount store bragging thread - Part II (Return to the Thunderdome) - Page 1471

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Originally Posted by Fueco View Post

Nice haul at the Rack. Schott pea coat, Jack Spade selvedge jacket, Tori for myself, Schott down

What size and how much? Been looking for a nice peacoat. Can you proxy?
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Originally Posted by winny94 View Post

Odd question: I bought a set vintage (1940s) Woolrich red & black buffalo plaid hunting gear (jacket & pants). Was there anything harmful used during the manufacturing, dyeing, or composition in that time period that should dissuade me from wearing them?

Wash and wear with pride.

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Mainly plutonium from the flux-capacitors.

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Originally Posted by TheNeedMachine View Post



I will donate $1 for every thumb, up to $200 for 200 thumbs, to the ASPCA.  Starting with THIS post / reply, which has zero to start with.  Thumb now through 23:59 ET 30 Nov 2015.


Won't you please thumb?





Because I'm not staying up until midnight, and we got 181 thumbs so that's close enough, done and done.  Thanks for your support! 




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Been a while.  Time has been split between being a new homeowner and family stuff for the holidays.  I still try and stop here and there when I can.  Some of the highlights:


Pop on Loro.

My attempt at a mannequin.

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It's just a Nordstrom, so nothing too special.  But I couldn't pass up that Loro tag, and I want Camel.  Unfortunately, it's too big on me. Tagged 42.  Available.








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Legit, it seems?

Really interesting fabric.  Kind of slubby.  65/35 silk/linen

BB is untipped, the Paul Frederick is six-fold.



This wrinkled mess came from an estate sale, $1.  Medium-weight, feels like wool.  Look like it's been worn in the rain and put away wet, as it's got some stains here and there.  Not sure what to do with it, but I got it for practically nothing.  A little too big for me, but probably fine over a suit.  

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These are the only two tags on the thing.  No idea who or what this is.  Eddie Jacobs seems to be a shop in Baltimore.  


But it's old:


This is likely the same vintage.  Also a dollar. Why not.

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Toggles are plastic and metal.

Has some rust stains, probably from an old hanger.  Advice on how to get that out?  Safe to machine wash these things?  Spot-clean?



Fades are good on denim...  how about jackets? :confused:


Two tees:

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In these cases, I assume the personalization decreases value?  I had to buy it though, signed by Norm Abram.


Got these two guys, same store one week apart.  Not sure if same donor, but I'd guess so.  Personal use for now.  Sweater weather, ftw.



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The blue seems pretty old, no idea how old though.  Poly blend in the patches.  But USAF!  So that's cool.

Green can't be that old, due to the URL.  But I like the style.  


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These are the Tom Fords. Appear to be store samples. 9.5 US, available. 




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Fishy, sorry to hear about your loss, putting down a best friend is one of the hardest things a man has to do.

I also aplogize again to my SS, life is always crazy this time of year for me and I haven't been able to thrift at all lately. Hopefully soon! I hope everybody had a good thanksgiving. MyMainMan, that book is tits. Very nice job! 👌🏻
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Not thrifting a city that no one is from and was absolutely desolate this past weekend was pretty stupid. I made it out for a couple stops though.


current Zegna, Zileri, Dunhill, Stefano Ricci

Some AEs, first pair of chukka boots I've picked up, and the Fifth Avenues have been worn once at most.


Zegna FF in a color I've never seen and recent.



One of the biggest FU Blazers I've come across. 100% Silk from Carroll & Co


Probably woulda passed on this but it was like half off and cheap already. Patch pockets.


Vtg Gianni Versace Wool/Cash shawl collar dinner jacket


Older Zegna Super 100s




Solid Charcoal Brioni Pure Escorial suit



I can't imagine what the retail was on this thing. It must weigh ten pounds. Bijan heavy leather jacket.




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Originally Posted by SomethingsFishy View Post

These are the Tom Fords. Appear to be store samples. 9.5 US, available. 






Dem boots be @SpooPoker size...

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Sorry for your loss, @SomethingsFishy. frown.gif
Originally Posted by Fueco View Post

@Nataku, these two are wimnenz, but I thought you'd enjoy seeing the labels.

That's awesome! Shame they're women's. That's an ooollld Gerry Label. I found a jacket with that label once, probably mid 60's. Had a weird belt around the middle with a steel buckle. Passed on it as I wasn't feeling the styling.
Originally Posted by Principle View Post

I noticed some members picking up records in this thread. I rarely come across interesting thrift store records, but make a habit of visiting weirdos in NJ through Craigslist and the occasional flea-market. Is anyone here after Blue Note or Prestige? I'm always interested in trading!

Edit: Also the odd DIY emo or Pitchfork fodder.

Not sure about Prestige but I know Blue Note has a huge following and some can be worth a boatload. If you ever see any obscure 60's-early 70's psychedelic/acid/prog rock stuff, let me know.
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Request but if anyone comes across a Burberry(or Burberry London, Brit, whatever) women's quilted jacket in L or XL let me know please. Looking for a gift for the gf.
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Can anyone put a date to this?

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Picked these up based on the MMM... is "MM6" a legit pickup or some kind of mall-store imprint trash?

Womens, I think. Really nice leather, regardless.

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Womens but still dope
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