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The official thrift/discount store bragging thread - Part II (Return to the Thunderdome) - Page 1318

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Edited: not worth getting into it with trolls.
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long past due but shout-out to @SpooPoker for an amazing trade!  a pair of C&Js that fit oh so perfectly and a pair of shell BB penny loafers by alden.  a smidge too big unfortunately, so they're going up on the bay unless someone here is interested (9.5D).


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Originally Posted by Principle View Post

Secret Santa, get yourself ready for the grails.

Yes...that IS authentic!
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Some brushed flannel supers

Man I wish this was a size or two smaller, super comfy and thick

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Originally Posted by Fueco View Post


who's that clip-clopping on my bridge?

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Didn't expect to see this at goodwill.

Better photos when I get home.

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Dear Secret Santa (Click to show)
Waistcoats. I only have two, and I need more. It's too hot for most of the year for me to wear a jacket, so a tie and waistcoat works so much better. Usually 38-40, unless it's japanese, or fits super super slim, then a 42.
A new pair of Roper boots in somewhere around am 8.5-9US
Flat caps in lightweight materials. I wear a 7 3/8-7 1/2 hat, usually an L
Leather braces
Vintage workwear and denim in any state
I generally wear a little bit of everything. So whatever I wind up with will be great. Please no pocket squares. 
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Brooks brothers lambskin safari

Mister Rogers neighborhood pringle.

I've never herd of it but it's Japanese selvedge denim with a thermal lining. Perfect for winter

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Fruited lots of trees today! Still trying to organize all dem ties! These are a few of my favorites.


Vtg Fila Made in the USA "Pro Beach" Warmup suit (Freaking MINT condition) $4.99

NWOB Fred Perry suede sneakers

NWOB All Day I Dream About Sex Stan Smith sneakers (paid up for both pair of shoes~$9.99 ea.)


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Not much recently. 

Trio of RLPL cords



Anyone have info on this G-1? Company went out of business in 1983 after the owner was killed in a plane crash. Couldn't figure out how long they had been around.

Scovill zipper


Tough to see but has USN punched into the leather along the flap.

Is this the Caraceni I'm looking for? 50/50 wool/alpaca


Burberry. Feels, at the very least, like a cash blend, but no content tag.


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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Good luck whoever got me.

This man speaks the truth.

But as someone who HAS had him, I can tell you he's on of the most genuinely gracious folks around. Intimidating as it is, I guarantee it'll end well if you give it some though and effort.

Thriftmas: For me! (Click to show)
For me, Thriftmas is about celebrating each other, our community and what we do. I'm less wrapped up in what I get, as I'm sure a lot of heart will go into it either way. But the more heart that shows through (look through my Tumblr/Instagram to see what I'm into, or what I don't have; or send share something YOU'RE into that's not clothing related), whether they nail it or not, that thought is really touching.

But I'm also a realist: None of us have that kind of time. We barely do that for family. Plus, where we shop, we rarely get much choice.

So I'll say this: In a pinch, set clothes aside (if you haven't noticed, I have a lot) and maybe grab me some cool books or music or something you maybe are into that I don't know much about. Or do something that would drop some knowledge on me about something outside of clothing -- I could stand to diversify. Or Books about clothing. If clothing it must be, then I'm short on chambray and linen shirts. And I pretty near have a fetish for wool and other soft hand ties and pocket squares. Shawl neck sweaters and cardigans would be cool too.

Have fun out there!
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
My sizes have been updated. I'm sure I'll be thrilled with whatever comes but I'm always looking for accessories. Sunglasses, wallets, gloves, etc. been getting into some streetwear a little but always love CM too. I rock a pretty broad range, so I should be easy! Thank you!!!
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Originally Posted by hooker4186 View Post

Dude loves his shoes man.

That isn't funny man
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Thriftmas: For Me :-) (Click to show)
Trust me, I am a very easy person to please. Like Spoo, any attempt will be met with the utmost gratitude. All of my sizes are updated on my bio. Hmmmm... As far as things that I might need. That's a tough one. My wife says that I need a "new" wallet. However, those are difficult to thrift in my area (and I refuse to pay retail for anything). :-) I lounge around in big ass t-shirts and am always looking for them (nothing custom-fit or eBay fodder is always nice. Driving shoes are always welcome if they can be thrifted. When all else fails, I love to write. So, anything along the lines of pens and paper are solid scores. I hope that any part of this random list helps.
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