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Originally Posted by suited View Post

That collar looks like it was soaked in urine for 3 days. Can't imagine picking up something like that to resell or for personal use. What am I missing here?

Oh yes..the photo is dark at top. The shirt doesn't have a dark stain on the collar at all.
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Originally Posted by TheNeedMachine View Post

Isn't that where the biker gang shootout was?

Yes! Now a tourist attraction!
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Originally Posted by Deedz View Post

Yeah, the guy must have been pretty baller to get all of that stuff custom made.  I always wonder if any more good stuff will show up from that donor or if that's it.

Well...I intend to find out!
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Today, I popped tbat coochie
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Originally Posted by Koala-T View Post

Today, I popped tbat coochie

Alrighty there K T!! great find!
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Originally Posted by Koala-T View Post

Today, I popped tbat coochie

Popped that coochie! I hope it was not a tight fit or worse, too loose!
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Originally Posted by Odradek View Post

2 e-thrifts.
New & Lingwood grenadine tie, and a Vineyard Vines one from The Meadow Club of Southampton, Long Island.
  Pure Sex (Click to show)

Vineyard Vines seem pretty unknown here in England.

Then, this morning I went to the Sue Ryder sale in Nettlebed, and came home with some great ties.

And in a further stroke of good luck, I spotted these old Church shoe trees when heading out the door.
The woman hadn't got change to break a 20 so just let me have them for nothing.

Envious of you. I actually made a post of ties ihad thrifted here and there from the past 5 months or so that were strictly English, which is pretty much all im on the looout for. But sometimes theres the brands like New and Lingwood or Roderick Charles and such that you have to concede aalso, eventhoug stateside they might as well be nautica ties, but maineJohn Comfort is fucking pure gold when I find that shit, I mean they contract a lot but when yo uget the actual makers mark its amazzing. Do you come across New and Lingwood often? If you do please PM me it will result in the best decision you will have made in the las 2 weeks minimum.


Originally Posted by double00 View Post

i've got a feeling it's easier to true thrift Row tailoring in certain areas in the US than in UK charity shops

I've talked to two thrifter in England, they are avid or very dedicated in their standards, but to some of us, myself included, I would place them in the category of a hobby/something fun to do on everyotherr Saturday because I get the farmers market on that every other sunday too....type of approach...however there was longevity to teir hustle, I orgot the time frame of one but it was respeictable, the other had 5 years oslidunder his belt, and what I found out was essentially the shit just isn't found and if it is its nearly never purcchased because its almost diposed entirely because of irreapurable defects, nothing else, but to biggest factor too, is that those things are never just openily thrifted in hopes just finding one to flip. They are desperately searched for in hopes that one day they will come across a suit made from a tiailor on a streett they have been learning about, known about, the history of and its importance and influence when it comes to every article of clothing worn in world. They put jackets back sometims sometimes not but they will pay thousands if necessary to have the entire upper bloc disected from the inside out just for starters, and go frthere, with mee dreams tha magiic cane be done and then can by an English man with a bespoke Savile Row Suit which I stronctly have conluded speaks for you at in audible levels as far as you being a baller low key. End of the day, I have thrifted only 4 pieces In my la year...well 5, the first a suit, , and these guys had seen it two or three tiree times  tops.

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Originally Posted by HansderHund View Post

Last call for the thrift thread gift exchange! Names will be drawn tomorrow, so let me know ASAP if you would like to be involved! PLEASE CHECK THE LIST BELOW ONE LAST TIME!

I still need an address from the people below. Most of these guys have done this before and I have an address saved, but please let me know if it's still your current address. For those that are relatively new here, I need your address in order to keep you on the list. I apologize if I missed your address in your PM.

Address needed:

I haven't cross-checked the donations, but you know better than I whether you've sent your $5 donation. Again, that will be going towards StyleForum's charity drive in December that benefits The Ronald McDonald House.

If you'd like to be a part of it this year, there's still time! Get in touch with me via PM!
  1. 330CK
  2. 6up
  3. aging in rhythm
  4. AlexJ1100
  5. ATLjon
  6. barrelntrigger
  7. borbor
  8. bpk1
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  11. Cj52racers
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@1ofTheCoolKids was interested in this again. I will see if I can get him to message you.

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Whats better than popping a coochie anyway?
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Originally Posted by richnet12 View Post

Texas is a big state...have you checked the distance on the map? You can stop at Twin Peaks in Waco on the way. Its about 3 hours between Dallas and Austin.

Yea, it's right at 3 hours for us. We have 5 days in the area, and only 3 days of stuff planned, so trying to find a few more things to do.
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Carrera glasses for cycling. those are heat bro.
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hang ten sweetness. the color work isn't a print - it's knitted in. long sleeve to boot.

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Lol Halloween

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