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Um, is that loro deerskin?
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Alden find. Any idea on age?
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if those aldens are a 9.5 and that loro deerskin is a L….
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Originally Posted by the2ndhandman View Post


Why are you so casual about dropping loro leather and cuci boots :worship:

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Originally Posted by Nobleprofessor View Post


WOWSERS! That is a throne!   I want one of those.  


In terms of dating it, that's going to be hard to do unless you can find some sort of markings.  Is there nothing?  That style of chair and in that quality was made by a lot of manufacturers over decades.  So, without a real expert who can identify specific shapes in the lathed wood, I think you might have a hard time nailing down (pun intended) a date.  



Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

aw hell, i was going to post all my finds today but ill get to that later. This puppy is fantastic. @impuntura @330CK @ChetB i know (think) its a chesterfield but any thoughts on date or any other things? Its a keeper, not a flipper. No markings that I can see. The bottom feels like metal springs under a canvas sheet that is hand nailed to the frame.

The fact that you got a piece of vintage tufted leather furniture when everyone and their fucking mothers is trying to get on a chseterfeld right now, for 59 goddman dollars, is insane....meanwhile I'm out checkin out replica Courbousier lounges for my living room for 4 bills.... I need to hit the fucking furniture parts of these places...


PM me some detailed shots, constructional stuff, makers mark if you can spot one, etc..whatever you think may loo like it's important...I'll be able to get a real good ballpark for you at leastt, more specific details even maybe


Edit: I mean I can tell flat out that that fucking thing was handmade entirel, that wood is probably walnut with cherry lacquer finishing which is probably fairly recent, zero shot that''s leather cover, those brass pieces are constructional and keeping that shit pulled tight as fuck, and thats all hand.... the thing is epic quality no fucking doubt, the leather grade A no doubt, but if you have an original piece you maybe sitting litterally on some fucking gold.....obvious restoration has been done but that doesn't in any way affect value or anything, only if pieces have been replaced, damages been repaired poorly and stuff like that

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Very nice pop for me today. This is N/A.

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All available biggrin.gif

Gieves & Hawkes XL 16.5/42
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Varvatos USA, was cheap

eBay money

BB tie. I thought it was Black Fleece when I picked it up. Still not sure what line it is
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Marc Jacobs, size 10. Looks like raw silk?
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Our Legacy, size 10
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Bally Rogers, size 12. A couple scratches and they hit the donation pile.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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That Billy Reid is awesome
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If anybody is interested in this pm me.
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BEEARE the croc shoes are 9
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Originally Posted by TexJake View Post

Thrift fit w/an overdue shout out & thank you from the skeet field this eve. Got a package in the mail, and had to go have fun

Browning Highlander - @SpooPoker
Cinch Green Label - Thrift
Orange Italian flannel - Thrift
Lucchese Classic Ostrich - Gift
Tony Lama Ostrich Belt - Spoo again
Caesar Guerini Summit Ltd - competition winnings funded.

Umm......WHAT?! That's a beaut!

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Pop on the Inis

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WOW! Innis mean?


What sniping service do you use? I have a question from friend. Please to PM me.

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@impuntura What's the size on those gray leather Dior's?

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^^yak biom looks sweet
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