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The official thrift/discount store bragging thread - Part II (Return to the Thunderdome) - Page 1117

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Sorry for the crappy phone photos, I think one of the cats decided my camera cable was a new toy

@SpooPoker or any one that is good with leather; is the leather on these anything special? I need to clean these guys up a little bit

Small guys Zegnatex 30

Big guys PRL corn linen 48L

Big guys Oxxford Crest 46L

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I admit I have too much footwear, but if I had to trim to just two it might be the gems acquired yesterday. Thrifted vintage Tigers and thrift funded Vibergs
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Those vibergs inlove.gifinlove.gif

My thrift funded pair are going strong at two and a half years.
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Jesus, read that as thrifted vibergs.
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Originally Posted by impuntura View Post

I don't think that's fake at all.do the ping test.when you flip it open it has a very distinctive sound.I had the same one ,silver plate diamond .got 300 on craigslist in 24 hours 


I've handled a fake one and, though not as clean sounding as the real deal, they have a distinct ping as well.


Best way to tell is definitely via the serial numbers being too perfectly lined up/engraved.


Unfortunately, I'd have to agree in thinking that one one is fake as well @freehand  



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I made it onto the put this on eBay roundup! I was wondering why the listing shot up to 10 watchers all of a sudden. Pretty cool!
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Is this a thing...riri zip leather vest

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Breaking the law...breaking the law
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riri zips are nice enough but they're like european ykk. i've seen many a facconable windbreaker with riri's that are an instapass for me.


i recently saw a quicksilver reversible jacket with a riri zip, made in china. who cares?


what's funny is that leather vest has a liner that looks like it's supposed to be next-to-skin. if it's a thing, it's def niche. breakin the law indeed.

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Originally Posted by freehand View Post

Anyone know anything about Dupont lighters?  Picked this up today - I've tried googling the product number (4FK12A8) which brings up a few results but none that look exactly like this particular model.


I'm not sure whether I have something really desirable or just a bog standard model.  Does the little hallmark on the bottom indicate that it's a precious metal (I really am clueless)?  The instruction book suggests this is late 80s.


EDIT: A bit more research suggests this is a fake. Here's a useful link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/gds/ST-Dupont-Fake-Lighter-Guide-Line-2-/10000000177716840/g.html
I wish I could say that this was a cheap mistake, but it fucking wasn't.  Fuck it.  I think I'll know a real one when I see it now though.

This is 100% Fake. Laque de chine "Chinese Lacquer" looks completely different, yours is their "Diamond Head" pattern. The stamp on the bottom is the autentication mark for the Lacquer see below.


 That is a Ligne 1, but the stamp is the same.

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Originally Posted by HansderHund View Post

I'm behind on posts and still getting caught up on life in fact, but wanted to remind everyone that it is the last day to vote for your favorite fit pic!

Go vote!


Furthermore, anyone here familiar with Dublin's thrift/charity shops? If you are, I'm interested in finding a couple of spots!


My friend in Dublin says:


"Harlequin, through (and out) the St George's Arcade on St George's Street."

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Originally Posted by Takai View Post

Thrifted a rolex today and a bunch of other stuff

DAY 18 and counting.
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Some of you might have seen this: guy paid $2 for boxes of old photos in Fresno. Turns out that one of the boxes contained only the second ever authenticated photo of Billy the Kid. Estimated value is $5 million.

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