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ITEM! Pop pop, we don't stop: A very Spoo Poker-ish afternoon today as the tides roll in, and with them, some sunglasses: aviators by Mustang and Randolph Engineering, as well as some Luxottica Wilmas I'm 99% sure made an appearance on LA Law Season 2.

And speaking of LA Law, your latest in attic thrifting news: I just recovered the same painting that hung in Anne Markowitz's office way back in season one.

Stay tuned for hot pics, deets, and shout-outs when my camera returns...
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Post my ok stuff before noob drops his.

Found these in close proximity to the earlier two loros. One is moskin. The other is cords.

It's official, pleats are back. These are pretty heavy.

Is it usual for Pringle not to have additional tags?

On the hunt for pants.
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Lori Piana *and* Unis, both in your size? cry.gif

Craziness. (I'd sell the LP and keep the slim pair, though...)
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I'm going to shorten the first shirt a bit, it's very long but cool texture.

Anyone know anything about Lothar's Paris down jackets? Have left two, seemed well made...


Also I think our new secret password to identify yourself as a thrift threader in the field should be Mother Dick




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So several months ago I posted some A/V stuff, and had this to say about my audio gear knowledge:



Originally Posted by Letric View Post


my audio gear knowledge at that point was "If its vintage Japanese made, higher end Pioneer, Klipsch Reference, or its really heavy... buy it."



Used that knowledge today. Spotted this Technics SL-1700 Turntable at a thrift:




It was vintage Japanese made. It was heavy as fuck. I bought it for $13. I don't know why the store didn't price this higher... Normally they price any old electronics crap at $25-30+. Market price is in the multiple hundreds for these in good shape. It's got a couple issues... Needs a few replacement feet, needs a circular rubber "pad" for the playing surface and the cartridge is needle-less.


I was looking at sold listings for parts for these... and I could actually part the fucker out for like $250, but I want to fix it up and make it my main table. It works fine, but was really grimey with nicotine or something. That all cleaned off well with rubbing alcohol + paper towels. The existing cartridge is a SHURE M91ED, which is a fairly good / expensive cartridge from what I'm seeing... However the needle / stylus is gone. I'm reading that I may be able to just replace the stylus for about $30 instead of buying a whole new cart for $90+. So I should be able to get this baby up and running for maybe $75-90 + the original $13 I spent lol.


These are apparently really great turntables. When I have this running I will have a pretty goddamn good stereo system with my 1970's Kenwood Amp / Tuner and my Thiel towers. Man I love stacking high-grade audio gear!


:slayer::slayer: :slayer:



Speaking of audio... here are a couple recent vinyl pickups:



Grabbed this tonight for $3. Original 1977 pressing. Some cool pictures inside. Vinyl is in great shape.



Had to grab this. Love the album, and the album artwork. First time seeing it at a thrift. Might stick this in a record frame. Vinyl is playable.



Pretty plain-ish outer album artwork...




So much detail.... Joint Teepees lol.


Crazy witch woman and turtle / tree hybrid creature with feet for arms harvesting mushrooms. WTF


The inner artwork is super fucking mint condition. Not faded out or stained... not bad for a 43 year old album. Going to have this framed at some point. Vinyl is mint too!



Clothing-y stuffs from tonight:


Nice Merino / Cashmere blend Johnstons scarf in a great plaid.



Knew this was Croc from about 10 ft away lol. Nice Cognac-y color, and in great shape.


Saltwater Eh?


Never heard of this brand... But I figured it was worth it for a few bucks... Maybe send to Spoo for his floor... Got home and checked sold listings for them...


Err... on second thought maybe I should hang onto it. :laugh: 

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We need a new request to see the Box! Time to move it on to someone else. Anyone know a member
who might be interested tell them to PM me or, Turkey Sandwich, the current possessor of the Box.
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Originally Posted by AHS View Post

Anyone recognize this tag? Attached to an otherwise unmarked, but luxurious and heavy houndstooth 7-fold tie.


I don't think this ever got answered... This fabric and tag are reminiscent of Kiton. I've seen several Kitons that had the same style of fabric tag. Black with silver text like that. They were sorta up inside the thin ends of the tie. Kiton also frequently uses that silk with a horizontal ribbed sort of weave. Check the reverse of the large blade, right side for remnants of stitching or stitch marks from a small label.

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Any chance of some help with the following ties? I got them as I liked the patterns and they felt great, but there's no labels.


Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2

Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2

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^ Hmm those look almost Marinella-esque... with that vertical woven fabric. But I don't recall if they have that fabric content tag or construction style... If they're made in England I would assume they're from some random tailor. Pretty nice ties though.

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Ooh, you may be right! This tag looks the same... I did briefly think about Marinella when I first saw them.


Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2

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I like ties. :bigstar:

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Originally Posted by Nataku View Post



There's a cream with real diamonds in it...I can actually smear diamonds on my face, and it's only $400 a tub! That's like, what? A million diamonds for $400? A million f*cking diamonds!

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Originally Posted by Nataku View Post


Your find took me to the Scabal website where I looked under all of their "Special Editions."  My god, the fabrics they are making now are unbelievable.  Gold, Diamonds, vicuna, the prices on these things must be astronomical.

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Originally Posted by sashae View Post

...and a giant f u to goodwill of Connecticut and their pricing.

$450 is a Canali Proposta overcoat, $250 for a Brooks Brothers camel hair.

Take a sharpie with you, add a decimal, problem solved. wink.gif
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Originally Posted by Orgetorix View Post

Take a sharpie with you, add a decimal, problem solved. wink.gif

...does that work? haha

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