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Originally Posted by il_colonnello View Post


I do find it amusing (and also a little disconcerting) when Hedi admirers in the SLP thread say things like "Nah, it's perfectly fine that SLP is prohibitively expensive but questionable quality, anybody who spends $$$ on designer fashion knows it's not meant to last long"...

It's not strictly false though.  SLP has never sold the quality proposition particularly hard.  Or really, at all.  It's sold on image alone.

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Polarized sunglasses worth the extra $$$?
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Everyone who works, plays or just hangs out outside should wear sunglasses with 100% UV protection. You are significantly more likely to develop cataracts, and are at higher risk for other eye diseases as well, if you do not use sunglasses on a regular basis. Traditional sunglasses offer protection from the sun as a whole but may not shield your eyes from the glare of reflected light.

Light rays that are reflected off of large, flat surfaces such as water, snow fields and the hoods of cars travel to the eyes in a more aligned pattern than usual, which results in blinding glare that can make outdoor activities uncomfortable or even dangerous. Polarized sunglasses filter incoming light rays and block this glare, making your time outside safer and more comfortable. They are even available as photochromic (transitions) lenses, for those who like their lenses to darken automatically.

Who would benefit most from polarized sunglasses?
If you enjoy outdoor sports and hobbies such as boating, fishing, biking, and hiking polarized sunglasses may be a great option for you. Drivers will likely appreciate polarized lenses, especially on long road trips, as they can block glare from the road and car, making it easier to see. They can also be beneficial when worn indoors by those with increased sensitivity to light, such as from cataract surgery, other eye surgeries and eye conditions or as a side effect of medication.

When polarized glasses might be more con than pro
While polarized sunglasses offer many great benefits, they can cause problems during certain activities. Downhill skiers, for instance, might actually need some of the reflected glare to spot hazards like ice patches in their path.
In addition, polarized sunglasses might interfere with seeing the LCD displays on the dashboards of some cars, the screens of ATMs, your cell phone or your GPS navigation unit. Fishermen might have issues with seeing their fish finder display or other equipment as well. In these cases, the polarized sunglasses might actually be a nuisance or a danger rather than a benefit and should be carefully considered with all pros and cons weighed before making a decision. One possible solution could be the flip-up polarized shades that attach to the frames of regular glasses, dropping down when needed for glare protection and then flipping up and out of the way when they are not needed or when they could be hampering the vision.

Consider all options
No matter what outdoor activities you enjoy, you want to do so with good eye health and safety in mind. You certainly don't want to have to fumble around with a whole suitcase of different types of eyewear to put on for different situations. Your eye care professional can help you find the most convenient and cost effective solution for the widest variety of situations. He or she can also help you weigh the options, including polarized lenses, and explain their benefits and drawbacks. Whenever possible, experiment with different solutions before you make your final selection and purchase, so that you know that you will be happy with your decision.
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I've read all the marketing material. I'm looking for practical experience, if it really helps for everyday activities, driving, etc.
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i have em, driving is nice, used them in mexico, sun was blocked well, don't know what else to say.
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Originally Posted by Van Veen View Post

I've read all the marketing material. I'm looking for practical experience, if it really helps for everyday activities, driving, etc.

I think so - but reading your computer/devices will be harder. If you do anything near water (for me it's fishing), etc, they're hugely necessary. Source: lives in colorado, wears sunglasses 12h a day.

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+1 for wearing polarized sunglasses while driving.
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All right, I won't be cheap and I'll spend the extra money for polarized lenses.
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I know. I also know - from own experience - that (as @tgaith77 put it in the wardrobe-building thread) "garbage exists at all price points". With the exception maaaaybe of Dior and Brioni, every designer label I have ever bought/sampled/worn has included crap quality items. I have a pair of Lanvin sweatpants that retailed for >400 euros; it literally took less than two weeks' wear before they looked worse than the mall crap I wore as a teenager.

Nevertheless, I still think that quality (in fabrics, but especially in workmanship) shouldn't be considered a "bonus" when you buy a product from the highest, most exclusive price segment - it ought to be a given, actually, and talented design should come on top of it. SLP - or should I say Yves Saint Laurent - is historically one of the most highly regarded names in the fashion industry and I think it's kind of sad actually that that their customers have been weaned off the quality they traditionally associated with that name.
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Pretty amazing light activated coats.

Sound activated clothing:

Gaze activated clothing (linked to eye tracking sensors)

More info:

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polarized lenses are harder to clean/show smudges more to me

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Be forewarned: Once you go quality polarized, there'll be no turning back.
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Does anyone use those yellow lenses for computers? do they work??
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Originally Posted by Bussit View Post

+1 for wearing polarized sunglasses while driving.

Only problem is that some cars have dot matrix displays, that are setup so you can't read them while wearing polarized lenses. facepalm.gif

Besides that polarized all the way.
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I just use f.lux but I know people who use Gunnar glasses.
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