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Reflections on my Asia trip:


Hong Kong:

- I love this city. Sadly I was only there for 2.5 days; I wish I had a couple extra days to explore the city more.

@Find Finn: You were right, I wasn't really affected by jetlag. Being able to feign sleep until the right time helped.

- Spent one day with a university friend that moved to Hong Kong to find work; noticed that her style is a lot better than when we went to school together. We went to Tim Ho Wan to eat, then explored Mongkok, Kowloon and Wan Chai. We stumbled into this little area near/in Wan Chai that was full of boutiques. I couldn't find much info on HK boutiques beforehand so this was great. 

- The street food is pretty good. I didn't think I'd like eating animal liver and intestines.

- I went to Ink. Cool little store. The manbags and their Greg Lauren selection caught my eye but opted not to jump on it. The female SA was wearing this really awesome mid-length skirt that was cut in this asymmetrically jagged pattern. I regret not asking her where she got it. 

- Also went to some of the I.Ts around Hong Kong. Different stores had different stuff, which was neat. I bought some Journal Standard socks made by Anonymous Ism for a decent price. 

- Filet-O-Fish being a part of the Value Menu at McDonald's = me buying two. I miss cheap Filet-O-Fish.

- Tights with runners seems to be a thing that girls do there. Not sure how I feel about that, asides from it feeling a little "off".

- The younger men like their suit jackets really short.



- Met my (soon-to-be at the time) brother-in-law and his parents for the first time. He's like a big, boastful kid but he does take good care of my sister, so that's cool.

- I was assaulted by mosquitoes in Chiang Mai. By the time I left I must've been bitten 12-14 times.

- Burger King had this burger called the Ninja Burger. It was okay, I guess.

- Air quality wasn't too great due to all the scooters flying through the streets. 

- Sister got married in Phuket. It's been a while since I've seen her that happy.

- With all the wedding stuff going on, we didn't get to see Phuket much, if at all.


Kyoto, Japan:

- Went to most of the tourist traps in Kyoto: Kiyomizu-dera, Fushimi-Inari Taisha, Ginkaku-ji and Kinkaku-ji. I liked Fushimi-Inari and the Silver Pavilion the most. No Kyoto castles, however. 

- We spent a lot of time in Gion. Actually did see a couple of geisha in the area.

- Kyoto-style sushi was awesome. We also did shabu shabu, ramen and street food in Kyoto. Sadly, no kaiseki. I couldn't convince my family to try it.

- I soon discovered that the area where Vektor is located is where most of the boutiques are. Exploring this area was fun. I also visited F.I.L. 

- Stayed in a capsule hotel for one night. Interesting experience and surprisingly comfortable. I don't think the wake up lighting system worked though.

- Spent a good 1.5 hours in Mindtrive. I considered getting either the Shuffle or Memory coat from Stephan Schneider as the parents were willing to chuck in some money as part of my birthday present. Ultimately, I bought neither as even at 40% off, I'd be paying over $1100 CDN after tax and conversion. (Imports cost more MSRP-wise, after all.)


I got this jacket/coat(?) from ts(s) instead. Only paid 27600 yen (over 60% off!), which converted to $340 CDN. It's more of a Fall/Spring layering piece methinks, given its thinness. I layered it with my Stephan Schneider Match jacket for the rest of my Japan trip and that combination did a good job of combating the windy cold.


I took a quick look at a brand called Kuro. I really like its aesthetic but I spent too much time with Schneider stuff that I didn't have time to try anything on before the store closed. Attachment also had its own special section but I had no time for that either.


Osaka, Japan:

- There was this girl who was smoking outside this little bar near our Airbnb apartment. Black ankle books, black pants that showed some ankle, black and white top, black fur boa that wrapped around her neck and a black sun hat, with her light brown hair in braids. Definitely not something I'm used to seeing, but she rocked that look. She looked good.

- We stayed near Nipponbashi, which had Kuromon Shopping Arcade nearby. Lots of different fresh food everywhere. We cooked half of our meals during this leg of the trip.

- Went to the Osaka Aquarium. It was kinda fun, but not that special to me overall. The nearby shopping mall had some good okonomiyaki.

- A nearby clothing store was having a sale on Anonymous Ism socks: three pairs for 1068 yen. I bought six pairs.

- Went to Universal Studios with my sister. I participated in the Resident Evil room escape game, which was pretty entertaining. I didn't do the rest of the Cool Japan section; I wanted to check out the Evangelion portion but couldn't dedicate the time for it as my sister wanted to go to Harry Potter world.

- Explored DenDen town for a little bit, but by the time I got there most of the shops closed.

- Went to Silver and Gold, which had a cool selection of stuff. That area was full of boutiques, which I sadly didn't have much time to explore around. 



- May edit this in later, too tired at the moment. If anything, the smokers and drivers drove me insane.



Originally Posted by Brian SD View Post

In Japan I see a lot of bombers over athletic knits, wide pants hemmed above the ankle and black ankle boots with spike heels or loafers with socks. Auburn bob cut, thick eyeliner wings. Walk around Harajuku/Omotesando and you'll see about 100 black sun hats too.


Originally Posted by nicelynice View Post

There's two schools of women's fashion this winter:
- moncler down jacket and goyard tote (ok, this isn't new)
- long coat, wide pants, Stan smiths

Sick of both of them. Bring on spring


From my six days in Kyoto in Osaka last month, I saw a lot of duffle coats, especially on junior high+high school girls. I did notice a lot of longer coats, ankle boots and wide flow-y pants on women as well.


Out of the four countries+regions I went to last month - Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan and mainland China - I feel that the Japanese have a better sense of personal style. Lots of variety out on the streets - at least more than I've seen in Canada - although my views may be skewed given where I live and frequent + which areas I frequented in Japan. It was cool seeing Japanese women wearing all sorts of different styles of clothes. (Kudos to those who brave the cold wearing short skirts. I can imagine how cold they may be!)

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Anyone got recommendations for stores in Belgium? Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent in particular. Especially interested in second hand/consignment stores.


@sipang @Syeknom ??? Pls help!

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I asked the same question about 6 months ago so if you search the thread for my posts you will find a discussion about it. I cancelled the trip so can't offer any help.
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Originally Posted by LonerMatt View Post

Anyone got recommendations for stores in Belgium? Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent in particular. Especially interested in second hand/consignment stores.


2nd hand/consignment in Antwerp: and

Let me know if you need other Bxl/Antwerp suggestions

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Stijl in Brussels is pretty cool

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Originally Posted by kmert View Post


2nd hand/consignment in Antwerp: and

Let me know if you need other Bxl/Antwerp suggestions


Up for any - I'll just be in each for a day or so. Very interested in cheap but good food and snacks, interesting places to wander around and beautiful things to see.


Thanks :)

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But I don't have a sister, MrP

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Net-a-porter newsletters to Mr P's subscribers?
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anyone else seeing this?
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You're on styleinshade again aren't you.
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it's double the seolhyun.... can't resist....
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The renvention narrative isn't new but feels like there's interest on SF in Abasi, yet it never quite materializes into a sustianable discussion

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Easier to have a discussion if the clothes were more broadly distributed/accessible. As it is A/R looks really cool but is hard to find and in a price range beyond what most SF people spend, especially on a less established line.
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Originally Posted by Find Finn View Post

Net-a-porter newsletters to Mr P's subscribers?

Shouldn't be possible with the way it's setup. At least not in an accidental way.
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You probably know more about that than I do. It was just my first thought. smile.gif
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