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Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post

I know a fair number of roofers, and I think that every single one of them would kill to make $50K, much less $100K.  Go socialism?

I think most trades make between 50-150k here in BC as well.
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This is beginning to become a dumb argument. 

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Originally Posted by shoreman1782 View Post

This is beginning to become a dumb argument. 

Agreed, read your PMs!
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you can't post anecdotal evidence of personal friend with a craft-oriented hobby and how they happen to have the tools to do it, and ignore the masses of dreamers that want to have a craft-oriented hobby but spend their time shopping for the tools to do it instead

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I thought Home Depot is the place to go for cheap labor, not power tools.
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Originally Posted by Parker View Post

lol. I don't think they actually did a catlaog.  It was basically a trad men's shop catering to dudes on the coast. so sailing, beach, etc. I think they had a shop in LA (westwood?) and in Newport. They kinda captured a certain time period though. 60s-80s button-down style.

Another fashion memory from that era is going to the Van's store in Corona del Mar and ordering custom sneakers. You could specify the color of any canvas panel.
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I probably ran into you because I lived around the corner from there. 


Dark blue with light blue middle panels. 


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Blue front, white middle and red back. thumbs-up.gif
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Back to fashion - I just got in and tried on the latest version of the Luxire x Styleforum double rider, and it fits really well.  As ti turns out, the last jacket I tried on before this was the CCP Scarstitch in a size 50, and they fit pretty much the same, with the CCP being very slightly slimmer through the chest and around the shoulders, and with shorter arms, since CCP arms are deliberately just a littel long.
1) Can I say "Fits like the scarstitch in the equivalent size" as shorthand?
2) Can I buy a scarstitch in CORs and write it off as a legitimate business expense?
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Hm. More research needed.


(from 1994 issue of Orange Coast mag)

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Originally Posted by Parker View Post

I don't think it was always this way though. I remember the older guys in So Cal were well-dressed until about the end of the 80s. The wave of preppy kept a bunch of people looking pretty sharp. Then it all seemed to go downhill. Around the same time, many of the "classic" mens shops closed up.  Maybe it was the influence of designer or branded clothes or just cheaper production or the rise of discounters.  Whatever happened, I agree Americans got used to thinking about clothes as disposable cheap stuff you only buy on sale.

It's pretty much the same in the UK. Canterbury once had a tailors, but that closed down years ago. There's a small countrywear shop (think Barbour, red cords and moderately priced Irish tweed jackets) but it's basically a desert for decent clothes - Polo and Gant are considered high end and available in one department store. You have to go to the really big cities to find anything half decent. There are a few older guys about - typically late 60's and older who dress reasonably well, but cheap jeans and 'sportswear' dominate.

Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post

Maybe, but I've spent a lot of time throughout Europe, and not just with fashion people, and not just in major metropolitan areas.  You said you've never been to the US.  ime, the concept of "self reliance" is much stronger here than in Europe.  I mean, one of the growing religions in the US, Mormonism, even has that in their core belief systems.  Do you know of anyone in Europe who has stockpiled 6 months of rations and other survival gear?  I know a lot of "normal" American who have that in their basement, plus some weapons and ammmunition, in the event of civilization's downfall.  These are not crazies, either, though I suppos that crazy is a relative term here.

I think that it is a very similar shop, but there are over 2200 Home depot stores, an order of magnitude more than there are of Bauhaus stores.  And they are all uniformly gigantic.  And that is just the biggest chain,.  There are numerous other stores with similar things.  Put it this way.  In central san Francisco, I have found a handful of hardware stores with power tools, etc...  In my town alone, apart from the Home Depot, there are at least half a dozen stores like it, independent and from smaller chains.

We do have a growing 'prepper' movement although largely without the guns... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-34637377
Mormonism had a brief period of strong growth in the 70's (I think The Osmonds were probably behind it), some of my older cousins joined. I don't think it's declining, although the UK is a much more secular society than the US. I don't think power tools have taken off that much though...
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Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post

I'll report it to tech, but it could also be malware on your computer - there have been a bunch that wait and pop up ads to your computer when you go to frequently visited sites, particularly forums and news sites - so you may also want to check that.  


Could you please tell me your browser and OS?


Also, what is Izuzu Yukon?






Firefox on Mac (osx 10.11). Entirely probable its malware on my computer.


And some kind of SUV, the brand of which I failed to spell :confused: 

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Originally Posted by shoreman1782 View Post

This is beginning to become a dumb argument. 

Beginning? Did you forget which website you had open?

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Originally Posted by Find Finn View Post

I don't know if it's a US thing, but €600-900 for a coat and €150-200 seems fairly normal to me. When you look at Frans Boone, End, Norse, Gitman, OL etc. etc. they retail in that area.

Scandi is the land of everything contemporary designer for everyone (along with COS), very special case IMHO. Even most of the interior design companies/furniture are in that range and people buy from scandi brands (not necessarily from their own country though).
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