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As someone who loves newsletters, there's got to be a better way.
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I tried keeping up with the NMWA thread, really I did. But I only really care about Geller and Schneider with the occasional Niche and Inis piece and most of the thread discussion is CM based anyway.
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Yo @LA Guy @Synthese you guys see this? http://nyti.ms/1JVa1IQ

Always a fan of Ai Wei Wei, and usually only one of his pieces makes it into a museum at a time.

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@t3hg0suazn How you liking the Layer-0 coat you picked up??
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FINALLY getting Ziggy Chen stockist here, anyone checked out the stuff in person? Looks awesome online.
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Still really loving it, and finally putting it to good use now that winter is settling in. It is long, might chop off an inch or two later but it probably won't make a difference. I don't reach for it just to run to the grocery store, but I wear it a lot for pretty much everything else. I was actually thinking of taking a pic for the challenge this weekend, fingers crossed.


I've tried on a very small amount of ziggy, and it fit kind of baggy in ways the pictures don't convey. Probably need a whole wrinkley, voluminous wardrobe to make it work. 

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Excellent, one of the coolest pieces this season. If I wasn't swimming in coats (and still looking for a PH long Mac) I woulda picked one up
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Originally Posted by fistinyoface View Post

Are there any services (or SF members) in Japan that can accept a parcel from a Japanese store and forward it on to me? I'm not looking for a shopping service; the items are already paid for. Finally got stung by import fees and it burns.

Send me a PM.
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Thinking about going to atlanta soon (inman park), bad idea or nah?

Got a buddy out there working on a movie and I might visit.
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Met a pretty awesome dude at Pitti Uomo - Kervin Marc.  We'll probably offer some custom bags (leather and/or canvas) and also leather jackets with them. Washed fullgrain lambskin that looks a lot like Bison, and.  Got my wife a full shearling (as in, the entire hide, dyed really well) scarf/stole.  Thinking about a military canvas bag with a vintage military handle for myself.  Met him purely serenpitiously, walking around Pitti while he was chilling with T. Michael, of Norwegian Rain.  Incidentally, found out that most awesome stuff is not the stuff that makes it to the US market, but like, the poncho-parka parka he was wearing.  If you guys are interested in a small preorder and if he is down...  


Anyway, Dervin is pretty cool.  ex cricketeer.  Used to do a label called "No label" for Maxfield, PNP Firenze, etc... about 10 years ago, and now does mostly a small collection with some sizing/.color customization out of his Market Stall in London.


One thing about our customization/preorder programs, though.  We won't compete with our affililate vendors (though we are happy to work WITH them.)  So, we won't be doing like, the same thing as our affiliate vendors for 10% lower or some bs.  Stupid business for everyone, all around.  And I ain't smart, but I aint stupid.

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Met with the entire Stephan Schneider team today, and came up with a few (possibly unique) preorder possibilities, just for Styleforum.  Some awesome outerwear (we found 2 jackets and one coat that are really on point), and several really incredible fabric options for you to choose from. Oh, and one pair of pants that @Synthese will probably work in all day,and that I might too.  Drawstring waist, baby's bottom soft, with a nice taper.  Also fairly thick and warm.  Really nice pattern on the front panels.  @oisin shot what is essentially a little Styleforum Stephan Schneider lookbook.  I am back at the hotel doing some maintenance, and frankly, getting a bit of rest after a few days of continuous running around (and 2 more after this).  


"Team" dinner tonight, and maybe I'll sleep a bit tonight.  Tranoi (which is all about that Fashion) tomorrow.





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Originally Posted by troika View Post


Are you by chance thinking of heschung?


I have the sand ones from Nomanwalksalone and they are frickin awesome.  Looks great with anyy number of things, and comfiest shoes I own.

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Are the Heschungs resoleable?
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Hi NaTionS, Yeah Joyce is a good store!



faearch for fashion

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Originally Posted by bows1 View Post

Just got some IS pants in the mail. Jesus the inseam is like 38 or 40

Actually these pants are trash. They are so low-rise its absurd. Only covers half my butt! Going back
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