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If a seller suddenly gets a number of poor feedbacks they'll sometimes put a request block on (if they're very bad they'll completely stop you bidding). Items that might not ship overseas can have request blocks too - I came across a Paraffin waxed jacket, presumably blocked for 'Paraffin'.

If you want the experience of wearing a Paraffin coated jacket without actually owning one, just wrap yourself in Saran wrap. I had one and it was absolutely awful.
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Any leads on some nice, cozy flannel pajama bottoms? It's time for an upgrade...

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Hi, I don't post on SF much but I've lurked for quite a while...


Does anyone have any insight into transitioning quite suddenly to a new aesthetic? I'm at an age where I don't think it is too ridiculous to completely change ones style. I think this is a good time if I will ever do it as I'm pretty sure it's high time I took a step out of a very different closet. 

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My advice is: DON'T.

Build your wardrobe piece by piece as you define your own aesthetic, which will invariably change as you age. You're probably at the age where you think you need a dramatic transformation (because you're going to college, moving to a new city, etc. and want to reinvent yourself) but the reality is, you (probably) really don't. Buy a FEW pieces that match the new aesthetic you're aiming for (and I'm going to STRONGLY suggest that you go for the safer and cheaper options here) and see if you really like it or if it's just an impulse. If (and REALLY put a lot of thought into this. I'm serious. A LOT) ultimately, you think this is the direction you want to go, SLOWLY build it up, piece by piece (because like I said earlier, your tastes will change as you age). Otherwise, a few years down the line, you'll be stuck with a wardrobe you hate and out of a lot of money as well (sadface). The secondary market isn't what it used to be.
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Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it. 


I did say a 'sudden' change, although you could see it that way I am actually only going to buy one thing atm that I have earmarked. I'm sorry if I mislead you.  I tried it on today but didn't buy it because honestly the thought of buying something like that came to me at the time and I wanted to let the idea stew. The piece I want is at a massive discount (£400>>£60) and I have a few ideas floating around about creating outfits out of stuff I already own. 


With this in mind, would you say it is sensible to take the plunge? My main worry really is how people around me will react because this piece is waaay out there compared to what I usually wear. 

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post it here or in the should i or shouldn't i thread. how different is it from your current aesthetic? i think you should care more about how it looks with regards to your current wardrobe than what other people think about it as an individual piece.
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@nahneun being friendly to newcomers 🤔
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40% of the time, i'm nice 100% of the time.
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Have you told him to call you uncle yet?
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the true uncle nephew relationship only exists within the confines of the artisanal clothing and footwear threads. everything else is superficial.
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Didn't think I would be getting this much attention..:embar:


These are similar, except the ones I tried on had a lower rise, were a lighter shade of charcoal and had a conventional double pleat instead of whatever is going on there. 


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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As for my aesthetic.. I basically bought things that took my fancy that weren't too out there for fear of not 'fitting in'. However, I do have a fair few ideas of ways I could incorporate them into my wardrobe. 
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go for it then. they're nowhere nearly as out there as you think they are. they're actually pretty tame lol
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Haha thanks,


Also wow you respond really quickly.

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things get really boring when you're alternating between reddit, fb, and sf while waiting for 6 PM to hit so you can clock out....
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those are pretty crazy bro, tread cautiously
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