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Originally Posted by Bortelli View Post

If you had to choose only one brand for your entire wardrobe, what would it be and why.

It would be tricky as I frequently wear suits at work - there aren't many brands that stretch far enough into the formal and casual. At a pinch I suppose Engineered Garments would do.
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that's a tough one, and an interesting question. It may be Dries or Yohji for me. It would have to be a brand that had the full spectrum of clothes, accessories and footwear. maybe gym stuff too, like Y-3. and also have casual and formal options. 

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Yohji or Engineered Garments for me as well. Although honestly Uniqlo would work if I was poor and Ervell if I was taller and skinny
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I wouldn't do it. I guess MMM or Dries would do in a pinch but that'd annoy me.
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

I'm going to London in January and from what it seems it's going to be raining and cold there. I don't have any rain jacket, would this apolis transit issue field jacket do me well? Or should I look for something warmer?


Probably fine. Most of the time it's raining here, you'll get more of a perpetual mist than a downpour. But it has been quite mild. Just pack a good sweater, an umbrella and a technical base layer or two.
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Probably geller for me.

I find it's easy to get drawn in by a single designer or brand if it works for you. I've recently sold a lot of stuff as I was building a huge collection.

I've been down the path of wearing all one designer before, it was ultimately pretty boring.
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layer-0. Footwear is decent enough, the clothes are the perfect essentials of a men's wardrobe - jeans, pants, blazers, leather jackets, coats, all of it very well made and quite tough.

geller would be a close second
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"Right now the hipster industrial complex is in its infancy, the distribution of power is still being established. But what happens when brands really start exercising their power? The reality is that we're not far from brands telling artists what to do, how to cater to their interests, how to make them look better and, most worryingly, what they can't do. We're staring down the barrel of an era of corporate censorship—an unprecedented new nightmare, the ripples of which will be felt for decades to come."

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Probably KK Attachment, Individual Sentiments or Layer 0

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What kept me up ALL NIGHT was wondering what Regis would do in such a situation.
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Originally Posted by cocostella View Post

What kept me up ALL NIGHT was wondering what Regis would do in such a situation.

I'd probably pick Margiela as well, though worn completely differently. It would annoy me though.
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I couldn't do a single brand. But if I absolutely had to it would probably be W+H to be honest. I could do work fits from that and they fit me well in general and they make things that are warm enough for these winters.
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Ralph Lauren. Could do tailored minimalist with Black Label / Purple Label, MC with PRL suits, workwear with RRL/Polo, workout clothes with RLX, etc. Not super exciting but doable.
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speaking of RRL, I just bought some shit on their website 30% off already on sale. None of it will probably fit because their sizing is all over the place, but at least they have decent returns.
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I'd probably choose Cabourn, but eventually be annoyed that the trousers all fit so loosely.
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