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Random fashion thoughts - Part II (A New Hope) - Page 340

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Passed the bar biggrin.gif

Fighting urge to impulse buy Geller Richard jacket.
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Use lawyer skills and convince yourself it's a good idea.
More Geller = more happiness
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Just put a deposit down to get a sleeve done in late December, eep.
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Pretty cool how Pigalle has changed/progressed/evolved from this

to this

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appriciating the "English leather" fabric
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Get a pair of APC's and you will have a scarecrow.
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sharing this from @Rais tumblr, because damn!!! Miyake



@kindofyoung i dunno if it's really progression in design. There collections have more or less always looked like that and on the side they have also always had the box logo. It's just smart marketing, especially during the box logo craze of 2012. They still make variations of the box logo it's just not hyped as much any more.

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Pigalle is okay. I wanted to like it, but when I saw the stuff in person, I wasn't really digging it, aside from a few pieces. And the couple things I tried on fit weird, so I dunno. All I wanted was a hat and all they had left was royal purple, so I even failed there.


Stephane Ashpool seems like a really cool guy though. Super into the community and does a lot for kids. Has a basketball team and got them a court in an empty lot right in the middle of the neighbourhood, which I thought was neat. 

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I believe the court was featured on dezeen a couple weeks back
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Yeah, it was. It was purple and white when I lived there, and they've changed it to Mondrian colours now I guess. 

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Oni "secret denim" 20 oz raw denim jacket.




To soak, or not to soak...

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Just had the fabled "someone won't quit touching my TOJ lamb" problem

The person was my mom
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Originally Posted by skitlets View Post

Passed the bar biggrin.gif


Congrats, man. And you did it right before they switch from 3 days to 2.

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does anyone know if its possible to get kind to group multiple items in one shipment?
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That feeling when Black Friday is rolling around and there's absolutely nothing that I have my eye on.
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