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The idea of paying someone else to do menial household tasks feels uncomfortably bougie to me.
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Do we have a SWD jewelry thread? Feel like there should be one.


Edit: There is one but it was hirsched, I don't wanna bump it out of respect.

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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Very interesting

Are there stories told several months or years later from inception of idea to execution and management? Would be interesting to see what comes about Alfred.

I do not think the idea is anything new. Presented in the right way it can sure grab a lot of attention. It is certainly refreshing and brings a different view to such services like in-home care.

And if you think about other parts of the world, such services are quite normal like in Macau. (This comment was suppose to piggyback to nicelynice's like this is like everyday life in other countries with the pricing being more competitive.)

I remember I was looking at Hello Alfred a few years ago. From my understanding, what they're offering is no different than a Seamless or Uber - they're presenting goods/services to a generation who are used to convenience. and are comfortable with and prefer to do things online.

Similar to Uber and a lot of these online startups that are offering traditional goods/services, they put an emphasis on customer service.

The cleaners, shoppers, and handy people that work "for" Hello Alfred are legally independent contractors, just like the Uber drivers in the US. So Hello Alfred does not need to cover any employee benefits or health insurance to its independent contractors.

An online platform that schedules home health aides is interesting. Home health aides in the US need certification, and a lot of these aides are employed by elderly care agencies. As our tech savvy populations grow older, I think it's only natural that services like elderly care will be available for online scheduling.
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So, this are a possibility for me. They're by Paul Smith (Red Ear)


But the thing is, I'm used to chelsea boots, and not military style. How would you style these for a complete novice with this style? I'm thinking some slim denim jeans in either black or dark grey.


Help me out! :cheers:


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Has Dries ever made shirts listed in chest size?
There's a shirt on grailed listed as "oversized XL" but the tag says 46, which would obv be a small but I messaged the seller and he says he thinks its chest size.
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I would be highly skeptical of that.
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I am, that's why I'm asking. I have a feeling the guys a smaller size and the measurements are just bigger than he's used to.
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I can't understand the #menswear dress-down-a-CM-coat-and-tie-with-jeans thing. Same thing with pairing slick dress shoes and denim. I know people say, "Andy Warhol did it," but it's such a jarring incongruity. 


(Not to pick on one poster, but this is the latest example I've noticed)



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I agree ^. Hate the sport coat, tie with jeans look. I don't really like the tailored sport coat with jeans look either unless it is an ultra casual coat like the Engineered Garments Bedford for example.
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Sport coat and jeans can sometimes work with a sweater and no tie (acts as outerwear rather than sport coat), but the shoes are a problem.    


Turtleneck sweater, tweed jacket and jeans, for example, can be a good winter look

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You don't like "business up top, party down below"?

p.s. I'm guilty of blazer and jeans a la Warhol but I think it's okay if it's a bit more fucked up, less clean and bizness-y
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Blazer and jeans is fine, blazer + dress shirt + tie and jeans is ehh
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EG blazer + knit tie + APC jeans gets me the most IRL thumbs. Hard to ignore.
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who cares what people outside the internet think!!
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@hennree @notwithit @iamacyborg thanks for the tips guys!  gonna check it out.


Slack seems cool for isolated discussion/projects but i'm looking for having multiple discussions/threads over a time of maybe years (if it's sustained) so.  

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