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Also recommend Tainan. Very different feel from Taipei, and less tourists. Food is great (if a little sweet).

Also Hualien if you like riding bikes!
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Random: To prove how consistent @Francks is I made a gif of his fits 

Lame size limit so full original quality gif here

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That's awesome

Only thing more consistent is Synth hair
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Originally Posted by msg View Post

Only thing more consistent is Synth hair

The man, the mystery, the legend.

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Tainan is boss - some excellent experiences were had.

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Need a rec for US/UK to Canada proxy. I've used Borderlinx in the past but the costs are outrageous - am I just out of luck and this is the case across the board?

Are there any proxy services that use national post services as opposed to DHL/UPS? "Predetermined" duties make up a big chunk of the cost.

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Originally Posted by nicelynice View Post

Cheers, I've been there once as a tourist a couple years ago... mainly hung out in Taipei, visited Jiufen, super touristy stuff. I think I have like two full free days, might wanna take an overnight trip somewhere less touristy since I'll be in Taipei otherwise.
This was my general impression after going and why I'm excited to go back haha


I've been to Jiufen, liked it a lot.  I've been to Tainan, Kaohsiung, Kenting, back up the east coast to Toroko Gorge.  Saw Chiang Kai Shek's summer home at Sun-Moon Lake.  Tried to find the secret Starbucks at the top of the 101 but that shit really is hidden.  All kinds of cool stuff to see and do.


Liked Taiwan so much it inspired me to learn Chinese.  If I was younger and didn't have a life and established career in America I'd pick up, move to Taiwan on a language student visa and just chill.

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I don't feel like this should be hard, but somehow it is. I can't find short sleeve t-shirts with slightly longer arms (not kimono sleeves), relaxed fit and not too tight in the neck. At normal t-shirt prices, 25-50 usd. H&M, Zara, COS got nothing.


Something like this.. Any suggestions?


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@jet tee!

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COS do this one (in a few colours), if it fits the bill?


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Almost, but wrong colours. Just looking for black and white really, maybe ivory, charcoal. 

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Originally Posted by Benjaminba View Post

Almost, but wrong colours. Just looking for black and white really, maybe ivory, charcoal. 

Ah ok, I have the one they call 'dark grey' and it's pretty much charcoal (swear I'm not getting commission on this...)

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Something something upcycle something. I guess he's done collaborations with Off White, Yohji, and FoG? Stockists don't list anything online... Joyce, Maxfields, Hirshleifers, etc. Anyone feel like taking a look?
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Americans have such huge portions it is no joke.
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Rick Owens interviews Eugene Rabkin, not the other way around:



RO: The whole fashion thing is so oversaturated. I would really think twice about being a fashion designer if I was young right now, especially being an independent fashion designer the way I started it.


I mean nowadays, who could possibly do that? And it’s the same with magazines. Unless you have major backing and connections there’s just too much competition out there. It’s an oversaturated field. But what you guys are doing with the forum; that is pretty unique. I mean there are other forums out there, but of all of the forums out there of that level, there’s maybe three total.


RO: I had a lot of classical influences. I had classical music and opera and literature, but I also liked sleaze. And putting it together, sleaze and glamour, it just made sense to me. Speaking of sleaze, I’m kind of excited because there’s a new element of sleaze in fashion with Gosha Rubchinskiy and Demna Gvasalia, which I appreciate a lot.


There’s something a little new and fresh, and it’s a little bit indefinable, but that’s why it’s disturbing us and offending us. But there’s something engaging about it. I feel like we went through this period, and I’m not talking about our kind of fashion but fashion in general, that it was very much about the teenage girl’s bedroom. And I’m glad to see it going into a little bit of a sleaze direction.


Sure, they’re referencing their elders, that generation of Helmut Lang and Martin Margiela that they were too young to experience. But, they’re going in a direction that’s the right for fashion. So you can’t plainly dismiss them. You know in five years they are going move it forward in their own way.

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