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Yeah, still looking for an(other) deadstock pair or three. I think they're plenty comfortable, but no one on the forum is selling them anymore? what to do

Have you tried searching around for the term "bundeswehr sportschuhe?" Usually stuff on eBay, Amazon, or just other sites. Some that I found:

You can also search for “bundeswehr turnschuhe” or “bundeswehr hallenschuhe.”
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User kidcoin on grilled usually has some pairs up for good prices and reasonably fast ship from Germany.
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Last night, after overeating at a Korean restaurant, my date and I decided to for a quick walk to help with digestion. It was around 11PM and the harbourside park near the restaurant, which is typically deserted after 6PM, was teeming with people aimlessly shuffling around. I figured an event had just gotten out but we noticed everyone was glued to their phones and walking in strange patterns across the grass and through playgrounds where people would not normally walk. I went up and asked a couple in their late 30's what was going on and they unashamedly told me that the park was a "Pokemon hot spot" and they were catching "heaps of rares" tonight. The couple explained this as if it was common knowledge and seemed bemused that I was clueless to this practice. It was really bizarre and reminded me of a scene out of Stephen King's novel Cell. At least people are getting out of their houses I guess, although no one was socialising; just staring at their phone screens and awkwardly lurching around.


I drove by the park at 5AM this morning after dropping her back home and could see from the road that there were still a handful of people shuffling around the area transfixed to their little game. I must be getting old.

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The game got released around 10am Japan time on Friday afternoon - no work work got done until about 3pm. Everyone was running around the neighborhood catching Pokemon between meetings. Our office is a Pokestop and a lot of senior management actually used to work for Pokemon or Nintendo so it was alright, I guess
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I see that shit every day walking my dog.

I was sitting in a local park yesterday with the dog, enjoying a little shade as its 25+°. In the 40 minutes was sat there 5 people returned at least twice never taking their eyes of their phones roaming aimlessly. All of them looked like they were 25 or older.
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Kids these days have MUCH better things to do than play a half-baked Pokemon game for the phone, it's definitely for millennials and up
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I do see some young teens and down, who are in on it as well. Its always funny to see the blank expression in the parents faces while getting dragged round town looking for pokemons.
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I spent the better part of a day playing with a group of friends. Pretty fun/relaxing tbh. And we ended up walking almost 30k steps. Also yeah everyone has their phone out but seems like it actually causes more social interaction. We talked with tons of people throughout the day (also playing) we wouldn't normally talk to.

edit: To make it fashion related/relevant to recent topics here: was wearing EVA Birks the whole time and no complaints about comfort.
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Great, really authentic twee millennial feel to the anecdote. Now can you add something about the sharing economy?
[just giving you a hard time]
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Pokemon Go also encourages sicker raw denim fades.
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Found one on my 5 zip. What's the best way to protect suede?



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Proxy for us next time there's ridiculous furniture sales redface.gif
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Originally Posted by ChetB View Post

Found one of my 5 zip. What's the best way to protect suede?


5 zip and pookeymon....the irony
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Where do you think the leather is from? Clearly a Tauros

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Some cool shit from a new brand called Nine Lives. Pattern maker is a some dude who used to make patterns for Yohji Yamamoto. Stuff looks really good.

Text from Heddels
If there was a show stealer, Nine Lives would be it. Nine Lives quite literally made me question whether or not I’d been wearing real clothes my whole life or just sad shortcomings of threads aspiring toward clothes.

Okay, yes, indigo-dyed sashiko fabric has been done before. But not like this. Most sashiko fabric does have a heft to it, but I’m not sure there are any quite as beefy nor substantial as the one Nine Lives has. They’ve turned it into a duster coat (bless them) and have also incorporated it with such taste into their buttery leather jackets. And, while corozo buttons on their duster would have been expected – even indigo dyed ones – they opted for brass buttons instead. Crocking and oxidation make for a lovely combo.

They’ve managed to grab the attention of industry folk before this trade show season like Giles Padmore from Iron Heart as well as Dave Himel of Himel Bros. fame. It’s easy to see why.

Their pattern maker was the same guy who made patterns for some dude named Yohji Yamamoto or some shit like that. No big deal, I think. But whoever he is, the fits and patterning are incredible. Look at all the shoulder details! They also told us about how they had to refine details like the placement of the inside breast pocket. They took into account its position in relation to a person’s ribcage while allowing for easy access.

When it came to the denim, they told us that they weren’t trying to fix something that’s not broken. Then, they showed us their jeans. Have I been wearing broken jeans this whole time? I didn’t realize it, but the coin pocket is outdated. So, with their clever updates, the coin pocket is set lower and at an angle, making it more comfortable and easier to access when you sit down. When you have a coin pocket sit that low though, the rivet tends to disappear into the hand pocket. To remedy this, they made the angle of the coin pocket not-quite-90 degrees. Look closely. Closer. Closer. Yes. Now you see it?

Their knits are also, needless to say, fantastic. Wakayama loopwheel fabric and all, they’re not afraid to cut it up and get the right fit. Because at the end of the day, who’s body fits like a straight tube?

There was much more to see, but covering it all is like trying to spend an entire day at MoMA using all of your mental acuity to analyze everything. It’s a lot of stimulation to take in and your brain will hurt afterward. For Nine Lives, what began as a drunken joke has turned into something entirely serious. Will all that being said, this is only their first season.

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