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Originally Posted by the shah View Post

My buddy shorted the hell out of this...wanted to stop at 1.38 but it was illiquid everyone kept thinking it's gonna go farther but looks like a little rebound. Still a massive, unprecedented drop. Those arrogant island-dwelling savages deserve this! Scotland may try to break off now lol

This entire election has been trying to get in statistically non politics interested english population fear mongered into their side of the polls. It seems like most of the world thinks the markets are idiots and think they will have a firesale because of the result, which won't happen. The UK banking sector is way yoo big and too powerful for them to give a shit about this election, which by the way is GUIDING and not binding. If they wanted to start a fire they should just put residency requirements on London residential real estate. (If that happens I'm going to take a picnic basket and find a good place in the city).

It also seems like most people aren't aware of that the UK will probably end up with a deal like Norway, Switzerland etc.(which could end up being a giant bonus for them) or will be able to use this election like a massive bargaining chip. My money is on the later.
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You're talking on a longer term , I was referring to the last few hours where some people have made a ton of money because of over reaction. Of course the bank of England is gonna take action and prevent any real damage. That said, futures are still down so I guess today may still present a good buying opportunity.
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Yeah I got that. Most of the big media outlets have talked about it like it would be a new crisis and really just blowing shit way out of proportion.
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Well they need viewership for ratings and revenue so that's not surprising.

Only thing is if this triggers a wave of other potential exists -- now it's just Germany propping up the rest of failing western European economies -- but how likely is that, realistically ? Can't even get rid of Greece
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The scary part is that it works and people are eating it up.

Failing economies? Pretty much all of the economies besides Greece have positive growth rates, some of them are 0.x%, but still. We are at 07 levels or higher in pretty much all fields.


Pending on what actions the brits take, if they get their way together with Netherlands, Denmark etc. and the EU starts moving away from the united nations of Europe and back towards the original thought of EU, I would say not existing. If they choose to actually leave and be like Norway and Switzerland I would say very high, but in the end it all depends and the deal they negotiate.
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France Italy Portugal all at 10-13% unemployment Spain is at 23% these don't sound healthy (failing=exaggeration but that's par for course today)

Geert Wilders has praised the Brexit (as has Le Pen, says a lot about ideological backbone of such a move) and potentially wants a referendum in the Netherlands

The age distribution of voting patterns was interesting. 64% of 18-24 wanted from remain and 58% of 65+ wanted to leave
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Without this turning into CE. They have very high youth unemployment rates, which is working against them. I believe Greece has 50% youth unemployment, but the really intersting number is the Labor Force Participation Rate.
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Schwittenberg is owned by a user here, right?
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Originally Posted by Auximenes View Post

A couple of friends recently moved from London to tokyo. She got a local contract with square enix,  but he got an expat contract with a brit company, hence he is paid in GBP. His FB page just turned into the Wailing Wall.

I have a friend who was working as a contractor for a UK company, and started a full-time job in the states 2 weeks ago. Talk about good timing.
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Originally Posted by OccultaVexillum View Post

Schwittenberg is owned by a user here, right?

Are you thinking of Trueffelschwein (owned by @berlin report ) ?

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Ah yes, that's what I was thinking of. Good call.
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^ Rick Owens x Wang
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Originally Posted by accordion View Post

When you guys say "shit pay," how much are we talking about exactly? Enough to live in the city on? What's the upward mobility?


The other industry that I am associated with is Tech, where the median (MEDIAN) salary in Silicon Valley right now is over $100K, and the difference is day and night.  A starting salary in fashion, in NYC, is anywhere between $35-45K, and that is after years of unpaid or super low paid internships.  There is not that much upside either.  It's been a while since I've checked, but head designer jobs for pretty decent outfits were in the $125K range.  I have seen some corporate production manager jobs at about $150K, but that is for a highly experienced person with serious connects and can get things working in overseas factories.


I had a bunch of friends at Ralph Lauren, and they spend about 30% of their gross on clothes, so they looked the part, but were living like sweatshop workers abpve a curry restaurant. 


Incidentally, marketing and PR doesn't pay well at all, which accounts for the truly poorly written PR releases that I get day in and day out.


Edit, just to fact check, I looked at the careers section of BoF.  Most salaries are not posted, but those that are confirm that not much has changed.  Roalnd Mouret has a pattern cutter position for 30-40K GBP, in LONDON, so, starvation wages.  A press assistant position, (so, PR), entry level, is paying less than 20K GBP, in London.  A Product Developer at the Manager level, 30-40K GBP, again in London.  And the work is not easy.  Here is what is expected for that last job:


 Project management of the collection development across 4 Women's and 2 Menswear RTW Collections. 

- Work closely between the design, sampling and production teams to develop and improve the seasonal and trans seasonal products and trims across the collection.

- Lead fittings,and prepare technical drawings and packs for all RTW products

- Main point of communication between factories and trim/fabric suppliers, ordering fabrics and sampling trims. 

- Attend tradefairs to source and develop new products and options for finishings, linings,facings, trims and further contacts with factories and suppliers

- Oversee the sampling plan and development process in-house 

- Seasonal handovers to Production team

-Work between Design and Production teams to help improve costing and quality


Like @ClambakeSkate has already stated, fashion customers have money.  The people on the other side of the counter do not, as a general rule.  And they work like dogs.

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^ That doesn't seem like a comment about the fashion industry's wages being "shit" though. It seems more like a comment about the outlier that is the tech industry. Substitute the term "fashion industry" here for almost any industry and wages will look terrible when compared to Silicon Valley engineering jobs.

For creative or creative-related fields, fashion doesn't seem that far off. Neither does it seem that far off from the median income for people who live in New York City (or the surrounding areas). Which is probably where you'd live if you were working in the American fashion industry.

The salaries cited on that Fashionista survey seem to bounce around 50-75k on average, which is what most people make in other fields.
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