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Originally Posted by Ragechester View Post

Yeah motorcycles are cool and all, but I have zero desire to ride one and I'll definitely never buy one. Russian roulette on two wheels imo.
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You can lanesplit in Cali. redface.gif
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lane splitting in the Bay Area seems like a terrifying prospect
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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

Stores are cheap and don't want to get the hardware to read chips. They're also afraid of confusing customers (I'm serious).

Gas in California urban areas is some of the most expensive in the country, but still cheaper than Europe.

There are a lot of homeless people in SF and many other states and cities ship their homeless people over here because we have "better" support systems for homeless and mental health.


It's funny because in 2 or 3 of the self-service gas stations I couldn't use my european debit card (due to using swipe + post code verification, it seems it expects US post codes only so as soon as I entered my local postcode the machine said "see cashier") and the first time it happened I went to talk to the cashier and she told me how much I wanted to take from my card so since I wanted a full tank I did a quick calculation: here the most I have paid for a refill was around 70 euro (I think my car has a 55 litre tank, 14 gallons according to Google) so I thought "well that's about $80" so I said $80. She looked over my shoulder and said "is that Toyota (a Corolla) your car?". I said yes and she laughed, saying that something like $30 or $40 would be more than enough, and it definitely was.


Originally Posted by Van Veen View Post

People are ignorant, stubborn, and/or selfish. There are some people who believe that no one should be driving above the speed limit, so they refuse to move over in order to teach all those evil speeders a lesson.


Yes I've seen some of those, it's a stupid reasoning. A rule is that you must use the rightmost lane if available. So yeah, in order to try to "enforce" a rule upon you they're breaking another rule (for which you can get a ticket). Makes a lot of sense.


In any case I hardly saw any speeding at all, and when I saw it it was not really serious. And I did lots of miles on those 11 days.


Originally Posted by ghdvfddzgzdzg View Post

mickey, where are you from? funny to hear your appreciation for american fire trucks.


I'm from Spain. Here we have this:



The US has this (or at least San Francisco):



It's not fair.


Same goes for regular trucks. The american ones with their elongated "noses" (don't know the right term in English) are beautiful, especially if they have those exhaust "horns".



Most of the european trucks have flat noses and the cabin looks like a cube, basically.


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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

You can lanesplit in Cali. redface.gif

You actually can't anymore - I think they changed the rule last year. (You were never really allowed to, but there was an ambiguity that allowed the option to motorcycles)

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Originally Posted by Ragechester View Post

Lol says the dude who made a y!jp auctions tee shirt. Sifting through his stuff is the best part! Most of it would never work for me but its so interesting to see all the different details and references in his work.

I meant moreso in the sense of finding something that's 'right' for you.  I put in the time to search but others might get tired of looking at x0000 listings of black garments lol

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please tell me more about this mythical y!jp tee.

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Originally Posted by MickeyPunch View Post

yep that's a standard american firetruck
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Originally Posted by MickeyPunch View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Just came back from my first trip to the US. In 11 days I visited Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Sequoia National Park, Yosemite and San Francisco, all by car, so pretty hectic.

Few thoughts:

- The beauty of the three national parks I visited is astonishing. Paying $30 to access each one is well worth it and I hope the money goes mainly to preserve them. Unfortunately we didn't have time to visit Death Valley.

- Didn't care much for the cities (but this was even before going, I wanted to see mainly the national parks). I did like SF much better than LA, though (sorry LA people), but in 2 or 3 days at most it's hard to tell. Tons of homeless people in both cities, in every corner, I was shocked. Las Vegas represents everything I don't like (night life, gambling, etc.) but it's bizarre so definitely an experience. Palm Springs is quite photogenic but I wonder why anyone would want to live there, especially considering that it must be quite expensive. My phone said it was 45ºC when I was there (113ºF), by the way.

- Despite the intimidating size of most cars (America really loves its huge pick ups), drivers are way more respectful than what I'm used to (try driving in southern Europe, especially Italy...). No tailgatting, racing (except for a couple of assholes near Yosemite), attention whores revving up (god, so many of those over here with their shitty cars, it's always shitty cars...), hands on the horn all the time... The only thing that struck me as wrong was people constantly overtaking on the right lanes due to other drivers refusing to move to the right, is that allowed there? It does happen in larger cities here as well, though. Also, I had to Google how to deal with 4 way stops as we don't have those over here (it's all roundabouts). Ah, american lorries are beautiful in general, firefighter ones in particular. Loved the cheap gas prices too, especially since I had to fill the tank multiple times.

- Tips are a nightmare for someone not used to them. I knew I was supposed to tip between 15 and 20% but I had no idea how to do it when paying by card, and I actually had to ask (you know, they bring you the bill, you give them your card, they swipe it, then you get a receipt where you specify the tip and total and then sign it). And BTW, what's up with still using magnetic band + signature everywhere instead of the chip + pincode? Also I kept forgetting the sales tax. I don't know why it's not included in the prices at the stores, like VAT here.

- Didn't really went to clothing shops or anything, and wasn't looking for great food experiences either.

All in all, a wonderful experience.

Damn wish i knew you were in Sf, i'd grab a drink...

Also tipping is even more of a pain after many drinks.
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Originally Posted by dieworkwear View Post

To understand America, you should have attended a Trump rally.


holy sh!t. I try not to read Trump related articles more than a couple times a week (not easy with a NYT subscription) but that series of tweets was something else

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The "Hillary sucks, but not like Monica" Tee is crude, but funny.
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if that's all you got out of those tweets then that's cool (I know, I know, take it to the CEsspool)

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The american election and two party system is a joke, so I couldn't be bothered reading the rest.
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Lucio Vanotti at Pitti Uomo

The colors and shapes look so good. The crowd looks so bored.
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Originally Posted by flowcharts View Post

please tell me more about this mythical y!jp tee.

hahaha mythical or whatever its on @Eddiee 's ig page, maybe he'll make some more to sell

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