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Random fashion thoughts - Part II (A New Hope)

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Originally Posted by g transistor View Post

A while back I got a pair of Vis boots in 9.5, my left foot was a bit squished in the left boot. So I thought my left foot was about a half a size larger than my right foot. Right foot fit perfect.

Just got another pair of Vis boots in 9.5, now my right foot is squished but my left foot is perfect.


The obvious answer is to mix and match the boots, which seems like a very Needles thing, but which I can see being a Visvim thing as well.

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aitor throup profile
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I just challenged @conceptual 4est to a "style down", and he said he'd do it as long as other people also participated.  Here is the new thread:


Gotta be that SWD thing.





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this is kinda funny. kanye as final fantasy characters
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Guys, I have about an hour and a half in NYC (near Port Authority) and I want to pick up some stuff for family (grandparents, etc.) back home in Asia. Bit last minute, I know. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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That area is a wasteland. You want to take something back home tho? I would imagine food won't last long.

Oh wait the nepenthes shop is close by. Like a street or two over.

Also if you still want food of some kind I would buy a bunch of bombolini from Sullivan Street Bakery on 47th street. Also a sour cream Apple pie from the little pie company.

Oh. I have a better idea. The Maison du chocolat in Rockefeller center is a few avenues over and a little north. I would get some chocolates and macarons.

I would go to shake shack for you tho
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Levi's, chocolate truffles, almonds, multi-vitamins


I'm not kidding, Asian people value the weirdest things

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@willy cheesesteak I actually considered it LOL... if only it would survive the 14 hour plane trip

@indesertum & @t3hg0suazn chocolate sounds like a great idea, thanks for the recs! My initial plan was to hit up Mast Bros. in Brooklyn, but they'll be closed by the time I get there frown.gif
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man I'm so tired of seeing the phrase "has a lot of life left," a hoodie isn't a car where it'll just stop working one day. And I assume the worst that can happen to a sneaker is the sole wearing out. If something actually falls apart then it probably wasn't well constructed in the first place and not due to extended wear.

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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post

RIP Cabu 

I loved Ulysse 31, les Cites d'Or and Albator (so weird)

Oh yeah those three were great. Albator wasn't very age-appropriate though, although we didn't really care.

As for Cabu, RIP grand Duduche.
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Someone know what the Joyce tag is about?

I've seen other pics that have a Made in Italy tag there.
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perhaps it has something to do with this?
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That's got to be a really old cardigan. Jil was guest designed by James Joyce back in the 30s.
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B!CD coming through as always. Haha well... FW'07
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