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Clothing organization for those in the 212...

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garde robe looks like a neat service, judging from their website. they take photos of all your clothes, and store all the stuff you wear infrequently or are out of season. climate controlled, etc. you can view a 'menu' of your clothes online, and when you need something you call or email them and it's delivered to you within 90 minutes. also good for the frequent visitor to NYC...they'll deliver stuff to your hotel, and take it away when you're done. /andrew <- is sometimes curt, but never s{c}hilling.
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I like it. Hunt for bargains in thrift shops and on eBay and then use their (obviously expensive) services to get to grip with your acquisitions.
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It looks like they wait until you can't afford your payments, and then sell your clothes for profit. -Tom
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Maybe one can have too much clothes. I already took over two closets in my house (so now a whole wing is mine) and that's about as much as I'm going to buy / have at once. If the closets start to overflow, I start donating older, less wanted items to Goodwill (or similar service, Salvation Army, etc...). Paying at around $3000 per year just to store my clothes and wait 90 minutes for their arrival is a ridiculous concept at best. I rather spend the $3000 on two or three sets of wooden chests to store the extra clothes. Jon.
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Hmmm... $3000 per year? Seems like I would rather pull ahome equity loan and add an additional room onto the house, lined in the finest cedar and laid out where I can see everything. We have one 12x12 converted bedroom that easily holds 200 pairs of pants and 300 suits/sportcoats in a climate controlled setting with 4 air filters running (that much wool & cashmere is a dust nightmare) for all of our inventory. If I laid it out to be pretty instead of functional I could easily have half as much stuff nicely laid out. ..of course I am in the 214, a 4000 square foot brick home with pool and fenced yard here is $350-400K... which is roughly the cost of an extra closet in the 212 area code. That is why Texan's are so concerned with illegal immigration - not the folks coming across from Mexico, we are terrified that the east coast folks will see Dallas housing costs and Dallas women... A yankee with a Uhaul is far more terrifying than an F5 tornado here. Tongue firmly lodged in cheek
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indeed this kind of service really only makes sense in high-density urban areas with tight real estate markets. i could see this happening in san francisco, maybe.
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Well, out of sight out of mind, I say. You're better off calling in a closet consultant to optimize your own space. Sell or give away whatever items of clothing don't make the cut to remain in the space you have. Montecristo
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