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Unionmade's site are probably for the previous cut. 

You're probably right, but why would they all of a sudden add an entire 1" to the thigh? Kind of odd and a pretty big change to the fit considering that's adding 2" to the entire thigh...

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How do the gios stretch in the waist? In between sizes and don't know what to do.
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I haven't found them to stretch very much. If in between sizes I would suggest sizing up
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We just received our Spring/Summer shipment.


And for all our American customers you get a nice little break on the exchange!
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Anyone having discomfort from the rise? 


I noticed inside the pants, there's another 1/4" or so seam that sticks up along the crotch. This means the rise measurement, as typically taken from the outside, isn't totally accurate since there's more fabric sticking up inside, resulting in less room in the crotch. 


I sized the waist so it's comfortable standing up, but is snug when sitting down (even more so in the crotch). Should I size up in the waist and wear them lower? Or are these not for me?

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Does anyone have experience with Unis outerwear? Specifically the M65? If anyone owns that piece, mind posting a fit pic?
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Hello, i have the http://unisnewyork.com/ 300$ gift certificate. Don't need it actually. Will get it away for 120. Pm me if you interested. 

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