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down for that! 

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Hi all,


I'm gathering interest for this Carmina model for a possible GMTO:


Last: Rain

Material: Polo / Tobacco Suede?

Sole: leather


I like G&G's Barclays, but it is currently out of my price range



We Have 2 participants so far!

Thanks all!

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Hi guys,

Am trying to gauge interest in the following makeup. 


Carmina tanker boot (pictured here)


Soller last

Victory or Dainite soles


Brown chromexcel (pictured here)


Anyone interested?

There are 2 interests thus far.

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My GMTO from Carmina for Uetam full strap brown loafer shipped two days ago
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Thread Starter 

Here is a link to an ongoing double monk strap GMTO in brown museum calf with skoaktiebolaget (colour on the picture is not the colour chosen).

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Anyone interested in this double monk on the Inca last, but with a captoe?


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I would but with a cap toe

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Originally Posted by Genludd View Post

New GMTO from Carmina Website

Polo Suede with Tomir sole in Soller Last
Worth considering that GMTO if we don't have enough interest from this thread.
hello ä, is this closed for gmto? I am intressted.
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Is this still availible?
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