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loving the insta feed so far!
thanks for keeping us up to date icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Here's some more updates:
Nicelynice is on the train
The train is hot
The lady next to me keeps shoving me with her bag

More exciting parts of Japan coming up!!
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Shorts+long coat for dat lebowski steeze
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@Synthese, how was the steamed Okinawan brown sugar bun?

Three things from day one:

1.) After running around all day getting some AWESOME CONTENT that I'm SUPER EXCITED about, we ran into Spacepope + Rosenrot at the food section of the department store. I was a bit tired from interpreting fashion chat all day, but we had one more task - find a bottle of sake. At the liquor department, we had the most talkative and helpful little lady cater to us for about 15 minutes, running all around the store making sure we left with the absolute best of the best and that we knew how to drink it (refrigerate it, guys!!).

2.) I'm not big into #menswear. Well, I'm not big into wear that isn't $20 t-shirts and $2000 boots. But I'll be damned, seeing the cool dudes at Ring Jacket made me reconsider my stance on all things Italian and suits. They look like they popped out of a cool magazine shoot or some dream I had where I imagined I was really popular in real life, as opposed to just mildly popular on the internet. 10 minutes later out into the humidity, I reconsidered that stance, but if I ever live in a climate controlled bubble, I will abandon SW&D in a flash.

3.) After the Jun Hashimoto interview, we doubled back in front of his showroom to go check out Lewis Leathers (which was closed today, had an important delivery of leather jackets and succulent plants). ANYWAYS, as we walked past again we saw Jun and another staff member closing up shop with what must have been about $25,000 of M_moria product tucked under their arms. Took all my willpower not to dive into the boots, Scrooge McDuck style

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best photoshop ever
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It did not take long for the bun to disappear. 

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The Ring Jacket crew looks great. Never heard of them so I'm looking forward to that.
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Here's a link to a handful of photos from day 1 - more to come as fast as my 4g pocket wifi can handle.

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The official baller boot thread now has an official header in that pic.

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Originally Posted by Caveat View Post

The Ring Jacket crew looks great. Never heard of them so I'm looking forward to that.

The guy on the right is a mad dog. I forget his name but he always helps me out when I'm in town...
Originally Posted by sebastian mcfox View Post

Any advice on where to stay? A lot of conflicting opinions out there

I love Millenium Mitsui in Ginza, across the road from Mitsukoshi department store and roughly equidistant from Tsukiji (fish market + the only early-morning coffee shop I have found in Tokyo) and Yurakucho (Hankyu Mens, many food and drink places).
Originally Posted by Sihsih View Post

Speaking of shoeshop in Tokyo, any recommendation for a good place to do dyeing/patinas ?

Brift H in Aoyama by a country mile. Hasegawa-san is pretty chill and they do great work...
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Japandogs look outstanding. Gonna stop by the asian market tonight.
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Well, it turns out there's not much to say here - the gods of aviation smiled upon me yesterday, and I arrived in Tokyo without issue. Except for the NEX to Shibuya, when they separated the cars in the opposite manner than they announced and sent me on to Shinagawa. Thankfully, there was a man from BOULDER FUCKING COLORADO on board, and he offered to help me find me way. And no, it wasn't @spacepope
, who I met for shabu-shabu later - along with @Rosenrot
 and a couple of other friends. After that we went to karaoke, and I have video footage of Gracia soloing "Fear of the Dar," by Iron Maiden, which is fairly priceless. 

Other than that, I only have a couple of notes that I've taken upon arrival:

1) People here look so cool it's absurd. And wonderful.

2) I'm not THAT tall, which makes the tiny fixtures in my apartment even more absurd. Unless the original inhabitants of Tokyo were mole-people.

3) WOW it is humid. 

It's morning here, so I'm of to meet @nicelynice
 for coffee, after which we'll head on over to Ring Jacket and try not to embarrass ourselves. Petrosaulam will come after that, followed by the wonderful Jun Hashimoto. 

I hope you guys are following the @styleforum instagram account, because a lot more pictures are ending up there. Here's the one clothing shot we managed to take yesterday, though:

oh, when i saw this pic i thought you guys were just in front of a uniqlo, not in japan
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Wow those aizome indigo shots are amazing!
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Originally Posted by Emixam View Post

do not miss this Gyoza joint while in Omotesando nearby Cat street (nearby the newly opened Luke's lobster)

and of course, go to Shimokitazawa to shop at great 2nd hand stores

can you elaborate about the 2nd hand stores??
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