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Actually, France is celebrating "Festival de Cannes"




And the award for the best costumes goes to.... Mister Badr Lidrest!!

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New sketch !


These Krades ties are indeed wonderful, but at that price it's a rip off ... And I should know: I got ripped off last month, in the beginning of the week again, and there's a high chance I come back there this weekend !

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A devil on the right shoulders and an angel on the left one :devil: i know who'll win.

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Hi all,

In France, Mother's Day will be next Sunday

So, what do you think of a tie for Mother's Day ? I know Mummy doesn't wear ties, but it would still make her happy, don't you think? And, at the very worst, if she doesn't use it, I'm pretty sure we'll find some utility to it ...
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Hi all,


let's think about how horribles our lives will be when we'll be dead and we'll see our spouses selling our wonderful stuffs at miserable prices;


The harsh part is not leaving your loved ones behind. After all, it's in the course of things
No, what I really can't stand, is seeing, 2 days after your passing, your cunt of a wife sell your Tikon suits for 15 $ on Ebay!
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Lmao. Hilarious

You see a lot of expensive wardrobes sold on ebay for cheap after the guy is gone
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These make me laugh every time. Keep up the good work!

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Thx all for your support. The next sketch is relatied to french history, and to french political news.

During french revolution, in the night of August, 4th, 1789, all the privileges of nobility were suspended so that all men shall be equal. This day is still celebrated in France, while many new privileges did appear since. And we sometime discover people making abusive uses of their privileges.


A vacation request for August ? That's not convenient for me, at all, Gérard !! As you may know, the minister is hosting a reception on August 4th, to commemorate the suspension of privileges ...

Who will drive me there ?

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Next weekend, @Zampa Di Gallina will be hosting a trunk show in Paris with Sartoria Formosa and Calabrese 1924. I'll have the pleasure to exhibit some of my sketches about Napoli.


(the man is a parisian trying to speak italian while he's obviously french, and the text says: no need to try to look like a neapolitan when napoli comes to you.

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Hi all,


this is the centenary of the great war, a sketch for remembrance


Well, actually the trick is to use red cream once in 3 or 4 shoe polish. Guinard, from the 5th company can have you some for 3 packs of cigaret, pretty good deal IMHO, and it help you having this wonderful cherry patina on your boots, I must say I really like !

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Each time i said : "this one is my favorite !"


But this time, it's definetely my favorite :D

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Hi all,



next weekend in Paris will happen the "prix de Diane", a horserace, which is more famous for the amazing hats ladies will be wearing than for the race by it self.



What do you mean you can’t see anything? Are you kidding? You’re probably in the best spot of the racecourse to admire this subtile mix of ostrich feathers and organza , the balance of which on my head defies all the laws of gravity

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Hold on! We can still make another attempt, we haven’t used the Charvet ties yet.


Enough! We’re not going to be able to save this one. His acute ‘trainers-and-flipflops-itis’ was diagnosed too late, aggravating into a severe case of ‘capripants-and-crocs’ disease. We’ll have to pull the plug on sartorial life-support.

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So many tattoos... That is just not my style, too busy...
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Hi all,


next sunday it will be Fathers Day in France. Tell your wives !




This ? Oh, every year it's the same trick: Edward leaves his magazines "innocently" with bookmarks on ads he likes when Fathers Day approaches

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